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Public debt of France during the economic crisis in the period of 2008 – 2012
Štefan, Vojtěch ; Karpová, Eva (advisor) ; Řehořová, Veronika (referee)
The objective of the thesis is to analyze the accumulated public debt of France including its structure during the financial and economic crisis between 2008 and 2012 with possible short-term and medium-term scenarios for the future. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter describes the development of the French economy and the main macroeconomic indicators from 1991 until 2012. The second chapter deals with the accumulated public debt of France, its development in the past, structure of the debt and debt of French municipalities. The last chapter is dedicated to the possible scenarios for the development of French public debt and public debt problems with specific options for their removal. The next section describes the attitude of the French government toward the debt crisis in the eurozone.
Croatia and the impact of the global economic crisis, with emphasis on the tertiary sector
Chroustovská, Lenka ; Řehořová, Veronika (advisor) ; Janković, Vukica (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to describe the effects of the global economic crisis on the development of the Croatian economy from 2008 to the present. The first chapter deals mainly with economic and political characteristics, briefly mentions the geographic characteristics and historical development since the establishment of the Republic of Croatia. The second chapter analyzes the economic development in 2007-2013, mainly using macroeconomic indicators (GDP, trade balance, foreign direct investment, inflation rate, unemployment rate). This chapter is also the development of the tertiary sector in the "crisis years". The last chapter contains a description of the current economic situation. It also includes a prediction of the probable development of the above-mentioned five macroeconomic indicators and the tertiary sector.
Foreign Direct Investment in Western Balkans
Odstrčilíková, Linda ; Řehořová, Veronika (advisor) ; Vošta, Milan (referee)
This paper deals with FDI in the Western Balkan countries with an emphasis on the determinants that influence FDI inflow. First, the conditions for investing in the region are examined, and then specific variables are chosen to be analyzed in the second part of the thesis. In the empirical part of the paper, the statistical significance of institutional and macroeconomic variables on the FDI inflow is researched. The concluding chapter evaluates the relationship between the accession process and FDI volume, and potential areas for FDI placement are recommended. As overall follow up to the preceding deductions, the investment outlook is finally presented.
The accession process of Croatia to the European Union
Lošťák, Jan ; Karpová, Eva (advisor) ; Řehořová, Veronika (referee)
The presented master thesis focuses on the topical issue of Croatian Accession to the European Union that took a place on July 1, 2013. Croatia became the twenty-eighth member in the time of adverse economic situation in the old continent, especially in the monetary union -- Eurozone, which problems spread all over the Union. The aim of this thesis is to describe the course of the process and evaluate and analyze possible impacts and benefits for both parties. The thesis is divided into three main chapters. The first chapter informs about political background of the state and economical development. The second chapter describes the process itself and its aspects, whereas in the third chapter the author evaluates possible impacts and benefits of the accession.
Regional integration in Asia-Pacific region
Kreuzerová, Iveta ; Cihelková, Eva (advisor) ; Řehořová, Veronika (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on fast growing Asia-Pacific region, which is believed to become an important centre of the world economy in future. Thesis focuses on position of China in the region and dedicates to possibility of creation of common market. Thesis defines the region, describes the main regional groupings and analyses trade flows, capital flows, migration of labour force and science and technology cooperation in the region.
Integration processes of the Balkan countries into the EU and NATO
Deskoska, Elena ; Tunkrová, Věra (advisor) ; Řehořová, Veronika (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to estimate the level of preparedness of the Western Balkans regarding their accession into the EU. Simultaneously, it describes the barriers that prolonged these processes. The first charter examines the compliance of these countries with the political conditionality set by the Union. The second chapter concentrates on the general economic situation of this region. And finally the third chapter deals with the disputes between the Balkan states that are greatly complicating their process of integration within the EU.
Impact of the EU and CEFTA on business and investment environment of the Western Balkans
Šmoková, Barbora ; Hnát, Pavel (advisor) ; Řehořová, Veronika (referee)
This Bachelor thesis evaluates and compares the impact of EU and CEFTA on the refinement of business and investment environment of the Western Balkans. The first chapter examines the impact of EU in terms of trade ties, financial help and adoption of EU standards. The second chapter describes the role of CEFTA and deals with the relations within the region itself. The Western Balkans countries are assessed in terms of competitiveness and investment environment.
Development of the economy of Norway during economic recession between 2007 and 2012
Blumtritt, Jakub ; Karpová, Eva (advisor) ; Řehořová, Veronika (referee)
The main purpose of this bachelor thesis is to analyse the development of the economy of Norway during the economic recession after 2008 and evaluate its impact on the Norwegian economy. The first chapter deals with basic geographical and political characteristics of Norway, its history after 1945 and economic development during the period 1945-2007. The second chapter focuses on the analysis of basic macroeconomic indicators (GDP, unemployment, inflation, public debt) between 2007 and 2012. The last chapter includes a summary of the main impacts of the economic recession on the economy of Norway, outlook on the future of the Norwegian economy and a description of the relationship between Norway and EU.
Analysis of economic situation of former Yugoslav countries
Šnobr, Michal ; Tunkrová, Věra (advisor) ; Řehořová, Veronika (referee)
Within this bachelor is analyzed the economic situation of former Yugoslav countries. The first part summarizes the current economic situation using macroeconomic indicators, the second one focuses on the history of Yugoslavia in the second half of 20th century and the third one analyzes the most significant problems and opportunities in all states.
Ekonomické vztahy České republiky a Běloruské republiky
Halavach, Yuliya ; Žamberský, Pavel (advisor) ; Řehořová, Veronika (referee)
Analýza stávající stupně spolupráce mezi dvěma zeměmi, Českou republikou a Běloruskou republikou, a analýza možnosti dalšího rozvoje vzájemných vztahů (ekonomických, kulturních, mezivládních).

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