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Trends and changes in the performance of working from home in recent years
Černohorská, Eliška ; Matějka Řehořová, Lucie (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
The diploma thesis is divided into two parts, the first part is conceived as theoretical, which deals with the trends in the development of the legislative regulation of work from home and the legislative process of the draft amendments to the Labor Code from 2016 and from 2022. For the context of the entire institute of work from home, in the first the historical development of working from home is also mentioned in the thesis. The 2022 amendment to the Labor Code is analyzed in more detail and its legislative process is also described. The aim of the thesis was to evaluate the original legislation on working from home and the proposed amendments. Act no. 262/2006 Coll., the Labor Code, which was void and effective until 30/09/2023. Within the framework of working from home, the diploma thesis deals in more detail with reimbursement of costs and safety, health and protection when working from home. Since working from home cannot be grasped separately from other issues, the diploma thesis marginally touches on institutes related to working from home, namely: taxes in connection with another place of work performance and working from home in relation to the environment. In the second part, the thesis is devoted to practical research on working from home from the period before the global Covid-19...
Preparation of radiopharmaceuticals at the department of nuclear medicine
The bachelor thesis deals with the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for the department of nuclear medicine. The theoretical part describes the basic terminology related to radiopharmaceuticals, their production, acquisition, methods of preparation or dosage forms in which they are applied. Part of the work is also devoted to no less important effects of ionizing radiation and protection against it, which is related to the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. The theoretical part is processed from professional publications, articles and websites in the form of literary review. The aim of this thesis was to describe the preparation of most used individual radiopharmaceuticals for certain examinations at the Department of Nuclear Medicine of the Hospital of České Budějovice, a.s. This aim was fulfilled in the practical part, where were described the individual radiopharmaceuticals, the detailed procedure of their preparation and the principles of their storage. The practical part also includes requirements for workplace equipment, cleanliness of the operational environment (clean room construction, cleanliness classes, air conditioning, requirements for workers and their work, which is based on aseptic work procedures and the principles of radiation protection. The work contributes to the knowledge of the operation and equipment of the workplace and the requirements placed on it, as well as to the understanding of the preparation of individual radiopharmaceuticals at the department of preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. The work is conceived as an educational text especially for students and staff of the field of radiology assistant. I also focused on outlining the operation and layout of the OPR, the requirements for work in this department, which is based on aseptic work and protection against ionizing radiation. Both research questions were fullfiled by this. This work can be, in my opinion, used as an educational text especially for students and staff of the field of radiology assistant.
Bird abundances and the height of vegetation
Černohorská, Eliška ; Hořák, David (advisor) ; Hanzelka, Jan (referee)
Bird abundance, it means the number of individuals at a specific site relates to the number of species in the area. It is common that species-richer habitats contain more individuals. Bird abundance which detected most frequently during the breeding period is influenced by the vertical structure of the vegetation so that habitats with low vegetation (e.g. grasslands) occupy smaller numbers of birds than the cover of higher vegetation (e.g. shrublands and forests). Most often total bird abundance positively correlates with increasing vegetation height determined by successional stages. Based at the stated studies, it is evident that bird species respond to vegetation height and its changes in a specific way, therefore it is difficult to make general conclusions. Negative correlation between vegetation height and bird abundance observed in some studies can be caused by various methods of data collection on vegetation height in different areas. In my opinion, bird abundance relates more to vegetation density and vegetation stratification than to vegetation height. The reason is that bird occurrence in forest habitats is impacted by well-developed undergrowth not just by forest canopy height. To further clarify how vegetation height affects bird abundance, we need more research that would compare bird...

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