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Institutionalized Free Schooling in the Czech Education System
Švábová, Kristina ; Mouralová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Černý, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to contribute to the understanding of the phenomenon of the so-called "free schools" in the Czech Republic. These schools practice the principles of free schooling which has a long tradition abroad in schools, such as Summerhill School or Sudbury Valley School. However, in the Czech Republic these schools have only now begun to emerge and as such have not been thoroughly studied, yet. This thesis is a case study of two Czech free schools. It describes how the schools' values manifest in the school documentation and, using the theory of accountability, it explores how the values are harmonized with the expectations of other actors, chiefly the Czech School Inspectorate. It is found that the Czech education system is open to many of these values. Nevertheless, in some areas disputes arise. The full realization of the values is hindered especially due to compulsory school attendance, statutory requirements in the curriculum and evaluation. In the thesis, the actors' attitudes towards the Czech education system are explored, as well. It is discovered that each school has developed its own approach. One of them takes a 'pessimistic' stand as the school employees do not believe a consensus with the state is possible, whereas the other one is more 'optimistic' and...
Counterparty Credit Risk and Interest Rate Derivatives Pricing
Černý, Jakub
Counterparty Credit Risk and Interest Rate Derivatives Pricing Jakub Černý Abstract: This thesis deals with the pricing of OTC financial derivatives including the coun- terparty credit risk (CCR). It focuses on the interest rate derivatives for which the interest rate must be modeled as random. This is where they differ from the pricing of other derivatives. The credit valuation adjustment (CVA) concept is used to calculate CCR which is in line with current banking regulation Basel III. When we assume the independence of the underlying asset and the credit quality of the counterparty, we obtain an analytical expression of CVA. However, if the independence is violated, the CVA calculation becomes quite complicated. Specifically, the CVA of the inter- est rate swap (IRS) is calculated mainly using the simulation approach which is time and computationally consuming. Therefore, we bring two new methods for IRS CVA calculation where the CVA is expressed in a semi-analytical form. These methods use copula functions, particularly the Gaussian copula and the upper Fréchet bound, and we compare them numerically with a complex simulation study. Furthermore, we pro- pose a method of calibration of the correlation coefficient and we determine the impact of changes in the intensity of default on the final CVA with four...
Principals as educational leaders
Černý, Jakub ; Veselý, Arnošt (advisor) ; Pýchová, Silvie (referee)
The Thesis focuses on opinions and attitudes of Czech primary and secondary school's headteachers and brings information about their perception of needs in fields of administrative and pedagogic matters. For this purpose, it was carried out a survey among 1 908 respondents. Theoretical part of Thesis finds content of the concept "pedagogical management" on the normative basis which assumes that headteacher is - firs of all - pedagogical leader. In accordance with the theoretical basis, the survey findings and practical knowledge there are headteacher support scenarios in the last part of the Thesis. The scenarios provide inspiration for the considered district support body competence and call for solutions outreach the educational policy framework.
LAI- kvantifikátor pěstebního zásahu =: LAI- quantifier of silvicultural treatment /
Černý, Jakub
The thesis divided into four research topics dealt with an issue of the relation between silvicultural treatments and an amount of the bearing photosynthetically active assimilation apparatus quantified by leaf area index (LAI) in forest stands of an economically important tree species in the Czech Republic. In pure Norway spruce pole stands at the middle altitudinal zone, an effect of silvicultural treatments on the LAI and an efficiency of the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR; 380-720 nm) by foliage within the photosynthetic uptake was evaluated through both canopy production index (CPI) and leaf area effectivity (LAE), and the highest value of the LAI was achieved in a plot with the highest stand density. However, the highest efficiency of the PAR utilisation (CPI, LAE) was noted in the stand, which was tended by thinning from above. Thus, it was proved that not only the total LAI value but especially an efficacy of the leaf area reflecting sun and shade foliage ratio is the more relevant parameter for an evaluation of the effectivity of the thinning treatment. In a forest regeneration, the LAI can also be used for quantification of the regeneration process stage related to a growth dynamic of the natural regeneration. Besides that the newly developed device LaiPen LP 100 (PSI, ČR) for indirect optical LAI estimation was tested within this study. LAI values measured by LaiPen LP 100 showed almost same accuracy of the measurement and identical trends as world standard (LAI-2200 PCA; LI-COR, NE, USA); both at the stand level and the particular measurement point level. Within the study of the efficacy of the PAR utilisation by foliage in photosynthetic uptake expressed by radiation use efficiency (RUE) in pure, fully-stocked and not defoliated Norway spruce mature stands, it was found that mean air temperature most significantly affect annual and monthly values of the RUE with the significant linear relationship (R2 = 0.19; p < 0.05). In the spruce stands, the significant linear relationship (R2 = 0.85; p < 0.001) between an amount of the sequestrated carbon in the form of atmospheric CO2 molecules and the RUE was also proved. The research topic dealt with a seasonal dynamic of the LAI in selected pure and even-aged European beech and sycamore maple stands revealed findings that a culmination of the LAI is achieved within summer months (DOY 120-140) in the investigated stands. The period is the most suitable for estimation and mutual comparison of the LAI due to the stability of its values in investigated (but also in another deciduous) stands. In studied beech and maple stands, maximum LAI values were noted in the second half of June (DOY 170). General findings of underestimation of LAI values estimated by indirect optical methods compared to direct methods were also confirmed. In the last research topic, an effect of the stand age on the leaf area development was studied in pure, even-aged, and fully-leaved (not defoliated) forest stands of an economically important tree species (Norway spruce, Scots pine, silver fir, Douglas fir, European beech, pedunculate oak, and black walnut). Except for black walnut stands, significant linear relationships proving a decrease of the leaf area with increasing age of the stand were found. The relation between the leaf area expressed by effective plant area index (PAIe) and the age of stands was studied for monitoring of the leaf area dynamic within forest stands with a different age.
Population Characteristics of Voters: Evidence from the Czech Parliamentary Election
Černý, Jakub ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Želinský, Tomáš (referee)
In 2017, nine political parties were elected into the Czech Parliament, which is the greatest number in the history of the country. This thesis analyses the voter turnout and results of particular parties, using aggregated data on the municipal level. The goal is to find a spectrum of variables that would un- cover connections between the population characteristics of voters and their decisions to vote and to choose a political party. The method of weighted least squares is used for estimation and the results are tested for the presence of spa- tial autocorrelation. Subsequently, a spatial error model is used for the same analysis in order to observe spatial effects in the voting results and provide a comparison between the methods. There is found a significant negative con- nection between the voter turnout and the share of people facing distraints, unemployment, and the share of people with no education. Concerning the election results, the parties ANO, SPD, and KSCM receive greater support in municipalities with greater unemployment and lower shares of businessmen and people with university education. On the other hand, the parties ODS, Pirati, and TOP 09 evince exactly the opposite trends in these explanatory variables. JEL Classification H70, I21, I30, J10, J11 Keywords voting behaviour, voter...
Academic Pastoral Care in Bohemia
Černý, Jakub ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Dřímal, Ludvík (referee)
The bachelor thesis titled "Academic Pastoral Care in Bohemia" provides a description of function and content of pastoral care in Christian community in each university city of Bohemian church region. In the first-place thesis concentrate on pastoral care of young people. The theoretical part deals with the essential themes of youth, students, pastoration and its content, after that are presented components of pastoral content. Principal is the question of community life and its programme. A special point of this topic presents preparation for christening. In the beginning of the practical part are presented communities. There are observed the size of group, content of pastoration. And there are also presented the pluses and minuses of the place and community. Then the parts of pastoration are together compared and evaluated. The conclusion summarizes and evaluates achieved finding. Keywords College students, pastoral care, evangelization, organization
Analysis of Documents on Czech Political System Education
Černý, Jakub ; Mouralová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Veselý, Arnošt (referee)
Analysis of Documents on Czech Political System Education (Bachelor thesis) Author: Jakub Černý Abstract: The bachelor thesis analyzes a Czech educational curriculum and text books on a Czech political system which are intended for secondary schools and grammar schools. The thesis wants to answer questions how these documents inform about the Czech political system and whether these documents keep a constitutional scheme and whether these documents can contribute to making misconceptions of the Czech political system.
Resort Sázava
Černý, Jakub ; Melcr, Petr (referee) ; Fišarová, Zuzana (advisor)
Subject of this diploma thesis is a design of a newly built accommodation and relaxation centre Resort Sázava. The structure is located on a sloping plot near town Sázava, in Kraj Vysočina. The locality is situated in preserved area Žďárské vrchy. The facility is divided into three buildings by their function. The buildings have rectangular shapes and have gabled roofing. The resort offers services of accomodation, boarding, conferences, relaxation and sports. The whole facility was designed in architectural study along with its functional linkups. Object SO 01 with restaurant and conference rooms was designed in detailed design documentation.
Computational Bounded Rationality
Černý, Jakub ; Loebl, Martin (advisor) ; Hladík, Milan (referee)
This thesis formalizes a model of bounded rationality in extensive-form games called game-playing schemata. In this model, the strategies are repre- sented by a structure consisting of a deterministic finite automaton and two computational functions. The automaton represents a structured memory of the player, while the functions represent the ability of the player to identify efficient abstractions of the game. Together, the schema is a realization of a pure strategy which can be implemented by a player in order to play a given game. The thesis shows how to construct correctly playing schema for every pure strategy in any multi-player extensive-form game with perfect recall and how to evaluate its complexity. It proves that equilibria in schemata strategies always exist and computing them is PPAD-hard. Moreover, for a class of efficiently representable strategies, computing MAXPAY-EFCE can be done in polynomial time. 1

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