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The effect of long-term morphine and its withdrawal on selected signaling proteins in rat heart
Ilková, Karolina ; Novotný, Jiří (advisor) ; Černá, Věra (referee)
Morphine is considered the gold standard among analgesics in the treatment of severe pain due to its effects mediated by μ-opioid receptors. However, it also produces various side effects and poses a high risk of developing tolerance and dependence. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to contribute to the elucidation of the action of morphine at the molecular level in cardiac muscle. Changes of protein levels in key signaling molecules in the signaling cascade induced by morphine administration with increasing doses and subsequent abstinence for 24 hours, 1 month and 3 months were investigated. Specifically, these were adenosine A2b receptor, β2-adrenergic receptor, κ-opioid receptor, G protein subunits, GRK5 kinase, and β-arrestin 2. Data of changes in expression were obtained from cardiac tissue homogenates (left ventricle) by Western blot followed by immunodetection, captured on light-sensitive photofilms, and statistically evaluated by ANOVA. Morphine administration did not lead to statistically significant changes in G protein subunits, β- arrestin 2, GRK5 kinase, adenosine A2b receptor, β2-adrenergic receptor, or κ-opioid receptor in rat heart. Therefore in order to develop better and safer analgesics, there is a high necessity of understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms of morphine...
Induction of beta-cell proliferation by synthetic modified mRNAs encoding cell cycle regulators
Ivanovská, Dana ; Koblas, Tomáš (advisor) ; Černá, Věra (referee)
Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease associated with a high blood glucose level over a prolonged period of time. Hyperglycemia is caused by the loss of pancreatic insulin producing beta cells. Diabetes mellitus II is linked with insulin resistence, which can indirectly lead to beta cell deficiency. It logically follows that the replacement or regeneration of beta cells could lead to a successful remission of diabetes. D type cyclins (D1, D2, D3) and cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdk) 4/6 appear to have the potential to induce beta cell proliferation. These proteins are responsible for driving cell mitotic entry. The aim of this bachelor thesis was to verify the possibility of inducing beta cell proliferation via D type and Cdk4/6 synthetic mRNA transfection. In vitro-synthesized mRNA induces short-therm protein overexpression. Cyclins harboring mutations are characterized by a higher protein stability and an increased half-life. The presence of D type cyclins and Cdk4/6 after cell transfection was detected using indirect immunofluorescence. Also a Western blot analysis with subsequent immunodetection was performed. Transfecting rat islet cells with various D type cyclins and Cdk4/6 mRNA combinations has shown to lead to a significant induction of beta cell proliferation. The levels of beta cell...
Production of a novel type of recombinant IL-2 immunocytokine
Bednaříková, Kristýna ; Vaněk, Ondřej (advisor) ; Černá, Věra (referee)
Interleukin 2 is a glycoprotein that in humans consists of 133 amino acids and is produced by helper T cells to amplify immune responses. IL-2 has many immunostimulatory and immunoregulatory functions and has been shown to activate the cytotoxic function of natural killer cells, T lymphocytes and monocytes, and to promote cytotoxicity of these effector cells. In therapy, when given in higher doses, IL-2 stimulates effector lymphocytes and defends the body against pathogens and cancer cells. When IL-2 is administered in lower doses, it stimulates T regulatory cells that inhibit the immune response, thus maintaining autotolerance. While studies to date have shown that IL-2 is effective in the treatment of malignancies, considerable toxicity has also been observed. In recent years, studies have been published showing that when IL-2 is covalently bound through an oligopeptide linker to antiIL-2 monoclonal antibodies, there is an increase in its biological activity in vivo. Also, this antibody may sterically hinder binding to certain subunits of IL-2 receptor and thus contribute to the selective activation and expansion of natural killer cells and T effector cells, whereas regulatory T cells are not stimulated. The length of the peptide linker plays a key role in the association of the IL-2 with the anti-IL-2...
Minorities in France
The objective of this thesis is to outline the position of minorities in the French society. It presents fundamental documents of international organisations concerning the human rights and the minority protection likewise it resumes European Union´s attitudes. The thesis deals with immigrational policy development as well as immigrational influx since the end of the 19th century to the present. It explains the French attitude towards integration of the immigrants into the society by emphazising on constituent integration´s elements. Overall, the thesis aims to outline the French posture on minorities including public opinion of French majority society.
Recombinant expression of rat NK cell receptor Clr-b in the presence of fluorinated analogues of monosaccharides
Urbanová, Zuzana ; Vaněk, Ondřej (advisor) ; Černá, Věra (referee)
NK cells are part of innate immunity that, besides eliminating damaged cells, also produce chemokines and cytokines, which affect the cells of adaptive immunity. NK cells express activating and inhibitory receptors on their surface. The balance between them keeps the NK cells inactive. When the balance is disrupted, the cytotoxic mechanisms of the cell are activated. Receptors NKR-P1B and NKR-P1D are two rat NK cell inhibitory receptors whose ligand is protein Clr-b, a receptor belonging to the C-type lectin-like receptor family. This work aimed to recombinantly produce Clr-b in the presence of seven fluorinated analogues of monosaccharides as potential inhibitors of N-glycosylation. The protein was successfully expressed in the HEK293T cell line as a construct containing the extracellular part of Clr-b, the Fc fragment of human IgG, and a histidine tag multiple times, each time in the presence of one of the compounds. As glycosylation plays a major role in the functionality of many proteins, inhibition of glycosylation appears to be a promising way of treatment of different diseases such as cancer or multiple sclerosis. The aim here was to assess the effect of fluorinated analogues of monosaccharides on the native N-glycosylation of the HEK293T cell line using the Clr-b construct as a model...
Characterization of pancreatic beta cells after their in vitro proliferation induced by synthetic modified mRNA
Veľasová, Adriana ; Koblas, Tomáš (advisor) ; Černá, Věra (referee)
The origin and development of type I. and II. diabetes mellitus is directly related to homeostasis of proliferation and apoptosis of pancreatic β-cells. Any imbalance that leads to a decrease in the number of β-cells consequently increases the pro- bability of developing this disease. Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus are de- pendent on partial or complete exogenous insulin replacement, as their pancreas is unable to meet the body's insulin needs. Therefore a need for restoration of normal β-cell mass in diabetic patients leads to the attempts to develop new therapeutic approaches that could expand remaining β-cells of the organism and restore phys- iological insulin production. A major obstacle in this regard is a low sensitivity of terminally differentiated β-cells to mitogenic stimuli that could induce the entry of β-cells into the cell cycle. Activation of β-cell proliferation is associated with the G0/G1/S cell cycle transi- tion, which is under the control of retinoblastoma protein (RB). In order to activate cell cycle entry RB must be phosphorylated. RB phosphorylation is provided by specific cell cycle regulators, particularly cyclin-dependent kinases 4 and 6, which associate with family D cyclins. In accordance with the aim of this Diploma thesis, the effect of these cell cycle...
Synthesis of the Var14 variant of 5'-UTR of GCPII gene as a standard for RT-PCR
Petrovová, Gabriela ; Ingr, Marek (advisor) ; Černá, Věra (referee)
The aim of this work was to prepare the synthetic 5'UTR sequence of splicing variant Var 14 of glutamate carboxypeptidase II (GCPII). A method of two-step PCA was used to this purpose. The sequence was divided into 8 overlapping oligonucleotides that were combined into a single dsDNA by two consecutive PCR. Product of the synthesis was cloned into the auxilliary cloning vector pUC19. After the sequencing analysis detected mutations were corrected. The product was subcloned into the target vector pcDNA4 His Var 14 which already contained the sequence GCPII gene. This construct was then used for the construction of the calibration curve, which will serve as a standard for RT-PCR for quantitative detection of this variant of GCP II in patients with prostate cancer. Construct will be further used as an expression vector to produce of the variants Var 14 GCPII in eucaryotic baculovirus expression system. Keywords: 5'UTR, two-step PCA, pUC19, RT-PCR, GCPII
Heterologous expression and purification of human cytochrome b5
Kostelanská, Marie ; Černá, Věra (advisor) ; Bořek Dohalská, Lucie (referee)
The metabolism of xenobiotics and endogenous substances is mediated by a mixed function oxidase system which includes cytochrome b5 participating in catalytic activities of CYP. The mechanism of action of the cytochrome b5 has not been fully elucidated yet. But it is assumed that cytochrome b5 is involved either in direct electron transfer within the mixed function oxidase system or in induction of conformational changes in CYPs. So it is important to gain the pure form of apo-cytochrome b5, devoid of heme, which is not capable of electron transfer and further study the effect of this form on CYP-catalyzed reactions. The obtained results can contribute to understanding the mechanism of cytochrome b5 effects. The transformation of bacterial cells of Escherichia coli BL-21 (DE3) Gold was performed by expression vector pET22b which contained genes for microsomal and erythrocyte cytochrome b5. In order to produce a high level of apoprotein form, the heterologous expression of cytochrome b5 was induced by addition of higher amount of IPTG. Expression was performed at 37řC. This bachelor thesis is primarily engaged in purification of both microsomal and erythrocyte form of cytotochrom b5, especially in its apo-form. However, the productions of holo-cytochrome b5 form always occur in a greater or lesser...

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