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Comparison of load during diagonal striding and double poling on the roller ski during sprint
Čechová, Anna ; Suchý, Jiří (advisor) ; Gnad, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Comparison of internal loading on the organism by double poling and diagonal striding during the sprint on the roller ski Objectives: The aim of the diploma thesis is to compare the internal loading using the Cortex Metamax 3B and the SenzoStar GL devices in a two-hundred meters long section performed by the maximum effort between the double poling and diagonal striding about the 10.4% climb on roller skis. Methods: The diploma thesis is conceived as an empirical field research, the aim of which is to compare a double poling and diagonal striding in terms of internal loading on roller skis during sprint. The test subject will be a group of cross-country skiers and long-distance skiers. Results: Using the measured values of the internal loading and the measured time, we found differences during comparing the diagonal striding and double polling in specific values of SF, VO2 / kg, VE. the conclusion was that diagonal striding is faster than double poling to the uphill on roller skis. Keywords: XC-skiing, roller skis, Cortex MetaMax 3B, oxygen consumption, heart rate, lactate
Comparison of load during diagonal and striding double poling on the roller ski
Čechová, Anna ; Suchý, Jiří (advisor) ; Gnad, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Comparison of training impact of striding versus double poling for cross country skiing. Objectives: The goal of the research is to find out and compare the difference between striding and double poling from the point of view of internal body impact, or lactate acid, heart rate and measured time of the performance in two consecutive days, respectively. Methods: This research is conceived as an empiric field research, which considers a comparison of lactate acid (LA) levels during cool down and heart rate (SF). Compared values were measured on roller skis in two consecutive days. Results: With the help of lactate acid levels, heart rate and measured times we found the main differences between striding and double poling. To the conclusion, we found out that striding was faster from measured time perspective and also the lactate acid levels were lower than for double poling. Keywords: Cross-country skiing, roller skating, heart rate, lactate, diagonal striding, double poling.

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