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Proposals to Improve Debt Collection in a Business Entity
Janečková, Pavla ; Dvořáčková, Zdeňka (referee) ; Musilová, Helena (advisor)
The presented bachelor thesis deals with the topic of securing and recovery of receivables. The thesis aims to evaluate the situation in the company and propose improvements to the debt recovery and security system. The theoretical part deals with receivables from a legal, accounting, tax, and economic point of view. The analytical part deals with the characteristics of Letoplast s. r. o. and analyzes the current state of securing and recovery of receivables. The third part sets out proposals to improve the debt recovery situation.
Possibilities of educational work with children in asylum homes
The thesis deals with social service of reception centres for mothers with children. The first part is focused on the upbringing of a child, especially the educational role of the family and the mother, and the needs of pre-defined groups of preschool and younger school children. The following chapter is devoted to the general description of the legislative definition and functioning of the social service of reception centres. Furthermore, due to the topic of the paper, attention is focused only on reception centres for mothers (fathers) with children. The beginning of the final chapter describes the adaptation phase of children in a reception centre and the changes in their mothers' educational activities. Afterwards, the thesis deals with the possibilities of support of parental competencies of a mother and a direct educational effect on children in the environment of a reception centre. The theoretical ground is then compared with practice and summarized at the end of the thesis.
Opening the Theme of Death in the Context of Kindergarten
The topic of the bachelor thesis is the notion of death in the context of a kindergarten. The paper maps ways in which this topic can be approached in a kindergarten, children's reactions to the theme of death, and the experience and attitudes of teachers to the raising and sharing of the theme of death in kindergarten environment. The theoretical part discusses the tabooing of death in contemporary society and the increasing need to speak about death; furthermore, it focuses on the specifics of child's perception of death, child's mourning and possible impacts on the child, and last but not least, on the role of a teacher and school in relation to these issues. In the empirical part, interviews with six kindergarten teachers are processed in detail, focusing in particular on their experience with the topic of death in this environment, children's reactions to an encounter with death and personal attitudes and life philosophies of the teachers.
The accounting of non-state medical device in conditions of the concrete company
Janečková, Pavla ; Janhubová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Roubíčková, Jaroslava (referee)
The goal of this diplom thesis is to analyze economic activities of genesis and existence of non-state medical device. The concrete company shows accounting advances of this special line of business in actual legislature in the Czech Republic
Fairytales and Stories in the Waldorf Kindergarten
The bachelor thesis shows how storytelling is treated in the Waldorf approach to pre-primary education. In the theoretical part, it examines the historical development of stories and tales, the value of their pictorial language and their interpretation. It also discusses the methodological principles used in the Waldorf approach and the guidelines for selecting particular stories. The empirical part focuses on the influence of storytelling on children, namely on the social climate of the classroom, the children?s relationship to nature, their imagination and creativity. Research is based on data consisting of video recordings, spontaneous reactions of children recorded in the teacher?s diary and parent reflections. The author?s own storytelling creative process is also illustrated and reflected.
Analysis of Dispatch and Courier Services in the Czech Republic
The subject-matter of the degree work is an analysis of forwarding and courier services in Czech Republic (the ``Analysis{\crqq}). The Analysis is prepared based on seven biggest forwarding companies in Czech Republic, i.e. Česká pošta, s.p. (Czech Postal Service, a State-owned Firm), DPD, s.r.o., DHL, s.r.o., PPL, s.r.o., TNT, s.r.o., FedEx, s.r.o. and UPS, s.r.o. The logistics are described as a whole in the first part of the degree work, all this upon findings obtained from special literature. The second part of the degree work includes a detailed description of the forwarding services as provided by selected forwarding companies doing business on the Czech Republic territory, an analysis of comparison, incl. The last part of the degree work is devoted to an assessment of data obtained from questionnaires submitted for answers to legal persons (entities) using the services of the forwarding companies subject to the Analysis.
Budget implementation in the specific conditions of the town Humpolec
Janečková, Pavla ; Nováková, Štěpánka (advisor)
This bachelor thesis provides the information about budgetary control of municipality which is controlled by the legislature of the Czech Republic. It explains the principles of the operation of the territorial autonomous units and it expresses their duties and authorities. It also looks into the system of the budget estimate. The information is compared with the real budgetary control of the town Humpolec which was chosen by the author. I have done an analysis how is the concrete budget in the town Humpolec fulfilled too.

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