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Supported Employment as an Instrument of Social Inclusion
Makrlíková, Petra ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Vojtíšek, Petr (referee)
The aim of my bachelor thesis ,,Supported Employment as an Instrument of Social Inclusion" is analyzing the service for people who want to search and keep a paid job in the open labour market. The target group of the service needs a professional support to find a job because of their disability or their social situation. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with principles, establishment and representation of the service Supported Employment in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part of the thesis also deals with issues of disability, mechanisms of integration into society, the right to work and be employed, issues of unemployment and tools of active labour market policy. The practical part is based on results by the author. The situation of people who use the service of Supported Employment and people who do not have experience with this service is compared.
Adaptations of orchid roots to epiphytism
Ungrová, Anna ; Ponert, Jan (advisor) ; Soukup, Aleš (referee)
The evolutionary success of orchids is to a large extent driven by the ability to colonize epiphytic habitats. This ability is based on a number of adaptations at different levels, and the adaptive features of aerial roots can play a key role because the roots are practically the only organ providing water and nutrient uptake. The main aim of this work is to review available information about roots of epiphytic orchids (Orchidaceae), especially their adaptations to the epiphytic way of life. The roots of epiphytes must deal with a periodic lack of water and nutrients, often in conjunction with high irradiation. The roots of epiphytic orchids adapt to these conditions on many levels. Rhizodermis forms a velamen capable to retain water and nutrients and protecting roots against environmental conditions including UV radiation. Root cortex contains chloroplasts, which can perform photosynthesis at least in some orchid species. Exodermis is well differentiated with thick secondary cell walls and acts as a selective barrier for the transport of substances with the use of passage and aeration cells. The function of some adaptive structures is still unclear, for example, tilosomes could regulate transpiration. Epiphytism evolved multiple times in orchids, and some root adaptations therefore originated...
Optimization of separation and quantification of prospective products of big bang
Smitka, Jaroslav ; Tesařová, Eva (advisor) ; Kalíková, Květa (referee)
The thesis is a contribution to research aimed at modeling the conditions of the Big Bang and monitoring possible reaction products. As the starting compounds were selected 2- amino-1-butanol, 3-methoxy-1-propanol, 2-methyl-1-butanol, formamide, some of which were subsequently bombarded by PALS at J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences. Gas chromatography hyphenated with mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography with UV detection were used for analysis. In GC-MS, calibration of 3- methoxy-1-propanol and 2-methyl-1-butanol was carried out and LOD and LOQ were calculated. Comparison of 3-methoxy-1-propanol and bombarded 3-methoxy-1-propanol did not show the emergence of new products since 3-methoxy-1-propanol was in excess. The found compounds can be more likely identified as impurities present in a solvent or in the individual standards. The optimized HPLC system has managed to separate the three standards. Formamide, which is unsuitable for analysis by gas chromatography, due to its high polarity, however, eluted in all tested systems with system peak (the dead time marker). Nevertheless, the bombarded sample was analyzed for comparison with the original standard. Comparison, however, showed no reaction products in the bombarded sample. Key words: big bang laser sparks formamide...
Current diagnostic possibilities of allergies.
Babjáková, Ladislava ; Jílek, Petr (advisor) ; Krčmová, Irena (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA V PRAZE FARMACEUTICKÁ FAKULTA V HRADCI KRÁLOVÉ Katedra biologických a lékařských věd MOŢNOSTI SOUČASNÉ DIAGNOSTIKY ALERGIÍ (REŠERŠE) Bakalářská práce Vedoucí bakalářské práce: PharmDr. Petr Jílek, CSc. Plzeň, 2011 Ladislava Babjáková Prohlašuji, že tato práce je mým původním autorským dílem. Veškerá literatura a další zdroje, z nichž jsem při zpracování čerpala, jsou uvedeny v seznamu použité literatury a v práci řádně citovány. Práce nebyla využita k získání jiného nebo stejného titulu. V Plzni, dne ....................... podpis................................... Děkuji PharmDr. Petru Jílkovi, CSc. a MUDr. Václavě Gutové za odborné vedení, poskytnuté informace a rady. ABSTRAKT Univerzita Karlova v Praze Farmaceutická fakulta v Hradci Králové Katedra biologických a lékařských věd Kandidát: Ladislava Babjáková Školitel: MUDr. Václava Gutová Název bakalářské práce: Možnosti současné diagnostiky alergií Cílem této práce bylo vytvořit přehled možností diagnostiky alergií, která je v současné době prováděna v ambulantních ordinacích na odděleních alergologie a imunologie. Vytvořit přehled metod, které jsou standardně používané při laboratorní diagnostice alergií a dále metod užívaných pro výzkumné účely. V této práci jsou použity především informace, které byly publikovány v posledních letech...
On the limits and possibilities of the stature estimating from hand and foot measurements (hand stencils and foot impressions).
Havránková, Jiřina ; Brůžek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Dobisíková, Miluše (referee)
This bachelor essay explains view of methods for stature estimation based on hand and foot dimensions. It appears from this view that regression functions are population specific. I have assessed this fact on the collection of 100 French students and I have applicated specific chosen regression equations on the exact group. For stature estimation the most suitable regression equation was the one created by Agnihotri and col. (2008). It provides the best results in an interval 11 up to 12 cms regarding the actual height. For one of the equations, which is using the length of the left hand and the breadth of the right hand of men, the results of the estimation is even 6 cms regarding the actual height. At the end, I tried to calculate my own equations, which offers the estimation results between 6 - 7 cms for the formulas working with the hand length, the estimation results is between 12 - 13 cms for the formulas using the breadth of the arm.
Separation of some tryptophan derivatives using cyclofructan based chiral stationary phase
Martínková, Monika ; Tesařová, Eva (advisor) ; Vozka, Jiří (referee)
Chiral stationary phase based on R-naphtylethyl derivatized cyclofructan was used for separation of tryptophan derivatives. In normal mode were tested different compositions of mobile phase and minorite modifiers. The aim of this work was to find suitable separation conditions.
The role of miRNA in injury and regeneration of spinal cord tissue
Šprincl, Vojtěch ; Romanyuk, Natalyia (advisor) ; Mrózková, Petra (referee)
MicroRNAs are small non-coding RNA molecules of a length about 20-24 nucleotides, that regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally. They interfere mRNA molecules via base- pairing with complementary sequences. Recently it was shown that they play an important role in injury and regeneration of nervous tissue. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe possible role of miRNAs in central nervous system injury with focus on spinal cord injury.

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