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First aid in a road accident
Vondrus, Marcel ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: First aid in a road accident Objectives: The aim of this work is to describe most common injuries caused by road accidents and the first aid that is provided afterthese accidents by civilians. Methods: Used method is analyse of all available sources. Results: Summary of most common injuries caused by road accidents and description of first aid. Keywords: first aid, wounded, injury, rescue
Common boxing injuries
Sedláček, Petr ; Stich, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zdobinský, Adam (referee)
Title: Common boxing injuries Objectives: To describe the causes of injuries and to summarize the most frequent injuries in training and matches of amateur and professional boxing. Methods: In this work the methods used were questionniare survey and subsequent evaluation of analytical data. The data analysis method was used in the theoretical part, which analysed the literature and in the empirical part where the individual points from the questionnaire were analyzed examined, based on the graphical representation. At the studied subjects there is evaluated frequency of injuries in boxing, the causes of injuries and recovery time. Results: Based on questionnaire survey it was found out that most frequently an injury takes place a injury comes about the facial part of a boxer's head. It was found out that 57% of all injuries in boxing are in the facial part and these are minor scrapes or bruises that do not affect the athlete's performance. Keywords: Box, injury, joint, contest
Analysis of the time evolution of selected parameters of fires for the period 1977-2016 on the territory of the present Czech Republic
HRNČÍŘ, Miroslav
The thesis deals with the fulfilment of the following objectives: Objective 1: System Analysis of emergency events associated with fire protection, the causes of fires and the link to the system environment. Objective 2: Examination of the homogeneity of the selected time period in terms of the survey of selected parameters (number of fires, damage, number of injured people, number of people killed). Objective 3: Examination of paired dependence of selected parameters (number of fires, damage, number of injured people, number of people killed). Objective 1 was fulfilled on the basis of the system analysis performed and evidenced on individual chapters of 1.1 to 1.7 of the theoretical part, which describe the examined problem as a system with structure and with links to the system surroundings and the system superior. Compliance with Objectives 2 and 3 was associated with the verification of the H1 hypothesis (and its sub-hypotheses H11, H12) and H2 hypothesis. The thesis explored the following hypotheses: Hypothesis H1: The selected fire parameters in the monitored period are statistically dependent. Due to the system analysis, this hypothesis was divided into two partial hypotheses: Hypothesis H11: Statistical dependence will be demonstrated for selected parameters in terms of time development. Hypothesis H12: Statistical dependence will be demonstrated for selected parameters from the viewpoint of paired bonds between the parameters. Hypothesis H2: The theoretical distribution of selected fire parameters is the normal distribution. The H11 hypothesis was accepted. In terms of time development, determination coefficients from 0.4234 to 0.8271 were found. Correlation coefficients from 0.65 to 0.91 corresponded to this. The values of all the examined parameters, i.e. "number of fires", "damage", "number of injured people", "number of people killed" increased with the time. The H12 hypothesis was accepted. The examined paired relationships correlated with values of 0.72, 0.80, 0.69 and 0.67. The global H1 hypothesis was adopted. Contrary to the H1 hypothesis, the H2 hypothesis was basically rejected - normality was proved only in one parameter ("number of people killed"), in the other three cases it would be necessary to look for another theoretical division. The rejection of the H2 hypothesis was supported by both acceptance of the H1 hypothesis and the detection of the inhomogeneity of the 1977-1991 period (some homogeneity emerged for the partial periods of 1977-1991 and 1992-2016). The benefits of the diploma thesis can be seen in theoretical part (justified application of mathematical statistics without scaling in time development, justified application of mathematical statistics with scaling in paired dependencies) as well as in the practical part (finding specific time and pair correlations). Based on the description of obtained results, the possible suggestions for follow-up work were described. To carry out partial investigation from the viewpoint of two identified partial periods with possible data homogeneity, to carry out an investigation with an extended number of parameters based on e.g. factor analysis.
The issue a knee injury in the athletics (case study)
Petrušová, Kateřina ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Komínková, Linda (referee)
Title: The overview of knee injury issue in athletics (case study) Student: Kateřina Petrušová Supervisor: PhDr. Aleš Kaplan, PhD. MBA Aims: The aim of this thesis was to analyze and go through different recondition program processes, set together for and apply recondition program on particular athlete, all this based on the study of literature directly related to knee injury in sports and athletics. Next to realize case study and thanks to different tests evaluate based on various indicators the efficiency of recondition program on selected indicators by athlete and student of UK FVS after injury and arthroscopy of a knee. Methodology: After initial literal research the recondition program was settled and was applied to the probant. During the recondition program were monitored parameters of body structure on Tanita BC 545, parameters of bottom limbs circumference and further the stability level, sensomotorics and symmetry using the MFT S3 Check device and finally the dynamic stability on Y Balance Test device. Results: I studied a lot of literature, which was directly related to knee injury. I read through 12 foreign and Czech titles. Especially abroad the knee injury problematics are often mentioned. Regarding the influence of athletic training on different parameters of the probant I indicated...
Evaluation of the most frequent injuries of marathon runners
Junová, Hana ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Novotná, Irena (referee)
Title: Evaluation of the most frequent injuries of marathon runners Objectives: The main objective of this research is to evaluate the most common injuries in marathon runners. The research is focused on amateur long-distance runners of both sexes from 23 years of age. Another goal is to analyze the possible causes and factors that influence injuries. Methods: In the diploma thesis, the method of literary research and the method of questioning is used. Theoretical knowledge is drawn from both domestic and foreign literature. Data for analytical evaluation are obtained using a non-standardized questionnaire filled in running races - Libouchecky ultramaraton and Jirkovsky crossmaraton. Total of 156 questionnaires were obtained, 122, of which 61 % were included for analytical evaluation. The IBM SPSS analytics program and Microsoft Excel 2016 is used for data analysis. Results: Study showed that 61 out of the total 122 runners were injured, which is 50 % of respondents. Of these were 23 women and 38 men. Research confirmed two hypotheses out of five. The statistically significant relationship between the cause of the injury and the sex has been confirmed. It has also been confirmed that the distance runners of both sexes and age categories are most susceptible to knee injury injuries. The most common...
Incidence of injuries at top badminton players depending on physiotherapy and compensatory programmes
Havlová, Lucie ; Satrapová, Lenka (advisor) ; Maršáková, Kateřina (referee)
Title: Incidence of injuries at top badminton players depending on physiotherapy and compensatory programmes Objectives: The main aim of this study is to find out what are the most frequent injuries at top badminton players taking part in the Czech extra league and in the first league in the season 2017/2018. Besides, the aim is also to find out if physiotherapy and compensatory programmes influence the decrease of the incidence of these injuries. And then, if badminton players devote thein time to compensatory programmes and use the possibilities of physiotherapy. Methods: For finding out the most frequent injuries at top badminton players we used a non-standardised questionnaire. The research had the character of a correlative - predilective study which studied the relationship between the incidence of injuries in badminton depending on physiotherapy and compensatory programmes. Results: The most frequent injuries among the Czech badminton players occur in the area of an ankle (47%), knee (34%) and shoulder joint (22%). According to the results, physiotherapy and compensatory programs proved a positive effect on reducing the incidence of injury. 25% of players working with a physiotherapist since childhood have never suffered injury. 68% of players who started to cooperate with a physiotherapist...
The occurrence of injuries and its prevention in the elite series of women's 7s rugby in the Czech Republic
Exnerová, Kristýna ; Pravečková, Petra (advisor) ; Carboch, Jan (referee)
Title: The occurrence of injuries and its prevention in the elite series of women's 7s rugby in the Czech Republic Objective: Objective of my bachelor thesis is finding of frequency and possible kinds of injuries in elite series of women 7s rugby in Czech republic. It focus on types of injuries, its causes by individual posts, on mechanism of injuries and its prevention. Method: For research it was used expert findings through nonstandardized questionnaires with closed and semi-closed questions. Questionnaires were sent out in electronic form to all six teams playing elite series. Total was analyzed 63 questionnaires. For the analysis of the data obtained was used software Microsoft Excel 2013. Results: In elite series of rugby in Czech republic was the most fractures (28,7%), followed by ligament injuries (22,4%), dislocations (17,8%), injury lacerations (11,5%), other serious injuries (11,0%) and concussions of brain (8,6%). Of the total number of injuries (48,9%) fell on the players of scrum and (51,1%) on attackers. The overall average duration of treatment was 6.3 weeks. The most injuries occur during defensive tackling (40,0%) and attacking (26,4%). Injuries by individual parts of body were the most on upper limbs (37,4%). The following parts were lower limbs (33.3%), head (23.6%) and others...
Rehabilitation and prevention of the most common injuries of judoists
Judo, like other sports, brings the danger of all sorts of injuries, the more that it is a combat sport. The task of the trainer and the judoka himself should be prevention of injuries. If an accident occurs, it should be taken care of with proper and long-term rehabilitation. Judokas often encounter injuries of joints especially knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows or knuckle joints. We can also meet with fractures and muscle injuries, their bruising or tearing. These injuries can be caused by insufficient warm-up. They can be influenced by tiredness, dehydration and by overload of individual muscle groups. When preventing the injuries, we should put emphasis on the right technique of exercise, sufficient warm-up, regeneration and use of compensatory exercises. The aim of this work is to find out the most common causes of injuries of judokas, suggest the possibilities of rehabilitation and prevention of these injuries. The practical part is elaborated in the form of mixed research. It contains a questionnaire for judokas fifteen years old and older, case studies of two probes from the judo club TJ Sokol Tábor, their input and output kinesiological analyses, semi-structured interview and therapy procedure. The last part deals with the possibility of inclusion of balance exercises into judo training, which could have the preventive effect of some injuries. This work could be used by sport physiotherapists and judo trainers. It can also be used as an educative material for sportsmen.

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