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Software for control and evaluation of climatic and temperature tests
Malinka, Rostislav ; Pikula, Stanislav (referee) ; Šedivá, Soňa (advisor)
This thesis deals with design of software for control and evaluation of climatic and temperature test in accredited testing laboratory CVVOZE. It includes literar research in field of climatic and temperature tests, definition of software requirements and making of application flowchart diagram. The thesis also includes implementation description of proposed control software in terms of the program and also a documentation of the application, which focuses on explanation of all application functions to the user.
Chov a využití českých fousků v České republice
Filipi, Helena
In this bachelor thesis is described problematics of bohemian wire haired pointing griffons breeding. First part of work is based on history of breeds formativ, standard of breed and work standard focused to hunting fitness. Here is an overview of exams of work performance, its rating system and evaluation of trends in development of initial states of this breed in Czech Republic. Part of this work is also a brief overview about breeding and utilization of bohemian wire haired pointing griffon in foreign kynology and hunting. In conclusion are enclosed results from exams of work performance and memorial competition.
Mobilná aplikácia pre efektívnu prípravu na skúšky
Čanigová, Monika
The objective of this thesis is to create a mobile application for operating system Android, which main goal is to prepare students for exams more effectively through knowledge of time management and psychology field. This thesis deals with methods positively impacting students’ performance and concentration as well as methods focused on mental and physical strain elimination during exam preparation. This thesis describes individual parts of application development which consists of analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment.
Generation of Voltage Wave by Impulse Generator
Poloni, Miroslav ; Krbal, Michal (referee) ; Pelikán, Luděk (advisor)
The presented bachelor thesis deals with the problems and functions of impulse voltage generators. The theoretical part describes the functions and various connections of the impulse generator, types of impulse voltage, tests and test procedures. In the practical part of the work, theoretical knowledge in the form of simulations was verified. The simulations were performed in the LTspice program from Linear Technology, where the impulse generator model was made. Simulations were then performed on the given model of the shock generator, from simpler ones such as the dependence of the size of the load capacity to the inductance connected in parallel. The results of all simulations should bring benefits and ease in real shock generator tests
Timetable Planning Support Software
Tesařová, Alena ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design and implementation of a schedule planning software for lectures and exams at FIT VUT. The final result will provide support for input data preparation, completing teacher's requirements and allowing the planning and subsequent data export in formats suitable for importing into the FIT information system and into the previously used application. The theoretical part deals with general issues of schedule planning and specifics of planning at FIT. The implementation part contains the system design and application implementation description. The result of the work is a software that is currently used to support timetable scheduling at FIT VUT.
The Imperfect Heroes of J.K. Rowling
KRÁLOVÁ, Valentina
This diploma thesis deals with the heroes of J.K. Rowling´s novels, including her Harry Potter fantasy series, her Cormoran Strike detective series and her adult novel The Casual Vacancy. The aim of the thesis is to describe the archetypes of the heroes appearing in the stories and also to depict the types of the trials these heroes have to pass on their journey. In the following part the thesis observes the predominant type of the archetypes and the trials with respect to changing literary genres. The practical part points out the similarities between all Rowling´s novels with the main focus on mother and father figures and their repetitive characteristic features.
Sůsová, Kristýna ; Zemková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with canistherapy and its use in practise. Theoretical part describes the process of integration the dog into the therapy, methods and activities, which are use in canistherapy. Furthermore, there is explained the difference between canisterapeutic dog, guide dog, signal dog and assistance dog; description of associations and organisations and their exams, which are necessary for the practise. The work also includes comparison of canistherapy in the Czech Republic, the United States and the Great Britain. In the practical part there is description of our canistherapeutic exams. It is based on specific canistherapeutic practise and description of meetings and activities, which are focused on the positive influence of dog's presence. The method of investigation follows mainly from direct intervention and preparation of canisterapeutic meetings, as well as from the study of professional literature. The bachelor thesis shows that the dog's presence during the meetings has a positive influence on concentration, motivation and work.
Final exam by single assignment at school. School year 2017/2018
Kočková, Dana ; Jezberová, Romana ; Berný, Libor
Nová metodická publikace NÚV je určena všem pedagogům, kteří mají ve školách na starosti závěrečné zkoušky, a samozřejmě i všem dalším, kteří se o problematiku zajímají. Upozorňuje na změny, ke kterým dochází v tomto školním roce, a poskytuje podrobný návod, jak při přípravě závěrečných zkoušek postupovat.
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Testing and certification of windows: Has the window declared properties according to the certificate?
Nováček, Petr
What all you need to do for a properly built-in window, which will be serve without any complications.
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Welding technology of turbine rotors
Pivoňka, Vít ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (referee) ; Daněk, Ladislav (advisor)
The paper deals with all the possibilities which can be used to weld the rotors of turbines, both the root and the filler welding. All these methods are thoroughly analyzed and their properties are described, especially the size of the heat input by welding of rotors of turbines. Further in this work is described the organization of the structure by means of a metallographic survey and a test of welds and materials, which are performed to check whether the material and the welding method are suitable for welding of rotors of turbines. In the experimental part are described all welds made by different welding parameters, one of these welds is chosen to achieve the best welding of the weld root. This weld is further investigated for hardness and change of microstructure after welding.

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