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Kindergarten at the Obilní trh in Brno
Kukuts, Olga ; Cahel, Tomáš (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is based on the studio project created in the winter semester of the 2nd year of bachelor study. The topic of the studio was to create a study of a new kindergarten. The aim of the project was to create the most illuminated and safe space for children. The chosen territory is located in Brno and is defined by the northern slope and the spiers of Spilberk along the Údolní street in the context with adjoining Obilní market. The school is designed for two groups of children aged 3-6 with 25 children in each group and for 5 workers. The entrance is from the paved area adjacent to the parking lot and the sidewalk from the north side. The school is accessible from two sides; there are entrances for parents and employees. The building is made of cubic shapes and is designed in the form of U with a short cut, which is influenced by the world's sides in an attempt to brighten up as many social spaces as possible. The facade of the building consists of a simple plaster and a slat wall made of sliding and swinging slats on the windows. The facade is made in a simple style. It is a light beige plaster that is used in lower and higher reliefs. The main color element is the proposed various-color outdoor sliding aluminum lamellas. The object is moved away from urban communication and it is assumed that the free space between the school and the communications in the future will be stopped by living and administrative objects such as extending the paved space from the south.
City within City
Lamačková, Zuzana ; Poláš, Michal (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis was to propose a solution of microurbanism in the urban part of Brno-north, which is situated close to the center of Brno. The solved area is defined by the streets Milady Horákové, Francouzská and Černopolní and it is an undefined urban block with prevailing function of housing and other functional areas, for which the development of this otherwise attractive territory is considerably limited. The aim of the thesis is to suggest improvement of land use, which is currently defined as urban greenery, but maintenance is not carried out on it and its character evokes negative emotions of passers-by and inhabitants. This site has the potential to use for housing in terms of urban structure and could benefit from close proximity to the center, good pedestrian access from Moravian Square, and amenities nearby. The function of commercial premises and housing units would be to bring the site to life.
City within City
Navrátil, Zdeněk ; Dokoupilová Pazderková, Kateřina (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
This work is about designing an object based on microurbanism. The selected plot is near city center of Brno. Newly created objects which are growing from the platform creates enough space for living, commercial and recreation. The design bringing together housing and greenery.
Krejčí, Johana ; Matoušek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Galeová, Nicol (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with a complex design of an apartment building reflecting on upcoming changes of Tomkovo square‘s neighborhood. The conception is specialized in a contact between the former urbanism and a new traffic construction of The Big City Ring Road.
Hudínková, Veronika ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis focuses on the solution of today's unused Vyškov brewery, which is part of the city's history. The proposal presents a new use of existing buildings and revitalization of the entire complex. The main task is to revitalize this area and find suitable uses that will co-operate and complement the original main function of the site.
Eco-friendly tourism complex Strachotín – urban and architectural study.
Čížová, Gabriela ; Borecká,, Eva (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the proposal of optimal functional and spatial use of the area for environmentally friendly tourism in Strachotín. The location is characterized by suitable natural conditions and land for quality vineyard management. That is why I propose a winery, a cider, a distillery, accommodation with a restaurant and a wellness area in the area. I elaborate the winery object and related accommodation in more detail. The most important object is the operation of the winery. The building dominates and interacts with the adjacent accommodation and restaurant building. Parts of the facade are designed as openwork ventilated facades that create the architectural character of the buildings.
Brno-Obřany City In The City, space and symbolic structure of Obřany
Kala, Josef ; Makovský, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kiszka, Josef (advisor)
This thesis is concerned with the municipal district Brno – Obřany. A complex analysis of spatial, symbolic, formal and technical aspects of the area is presented. A three-level project based on the analysis was created; the first level deals with the city planning scale, the second with the urban study scale and the third with an architectonic study of selected volumes. Emphasis is put on the symbolic and spiritual aspects of the location. This thesis hopes to be a plan suitable for the future development of the part of the city.
Brownfields in the Czech Republic in connection with historical centers
Murárová, Lucia ; Svoboda, Lukáš (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor)
The subject of the Diploma thesis is an urban study in the area of the former part of Tepna in Náchod. The Tepna area is largely after demolition and is currently dilapidating. This area has the potential for development and use, located within a short walking distance from the historic city center and at the same time from the residential area in the northern part of Náchod. Above the solved area is the castle, which is a dominant and a city landmark. The aim of the proposal was to use the potential of the territory at most, but at the same time to approach the surrounding landscape sensitively and to connect the urban character of the surrounding urban structure of the city and, conversely, the existing buildings of unclosed blocks are supplemented by new development.
Water park Brno
Modlitba, Zdeněk ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is a revitalization of a historically valuable area Za Lužánkami as a center for sport and leisure time, but also sets an urbanism concept and development of a neighborhood housing area. A complex architectural study solves an extension of an existing Lužánky city swimming pool in Brno. The main idea is a simple form of the new building, easy walkthrough the territory, creating an enjoyable public space and an extension of the existing greenery. The new water park is designed as a two-storey, rectangular object, connected with an existing swimming pool. Inside you can find a 25m swimming pool, a plenty of relaxing pools, wellness, café and offices. The inner part is also connected with an outdoor pools with a big slide, terrace for sunbathing and a playground. The overall proposal offers an exploitng the potential of this area as a solution to the current city deficits, such as parking lots, housing and especially the sport facilities near the Brno city center.
Návrh revitalizace vybrané zahrady
The aim of this thesis is to create a draft of revitalization of one garden in the village of Nuzbely in the cadastral territory Hroby. The paper is divided into a literary and a practical part. The literary research deals at first with gardens, their planning and revitalization and also with various garden styles in general. Next parts of the research are focused on the function, distribution and planting of the greenery. The practical part includes mapping of the interest location, as well as the current condition of the garden concerned and consequently, a draft solution of the renewal of its functions.

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