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Working Time and Remuneration in the Healthcare Sector
Pešková, Mirka ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
Working Time and Remuneration in the Healthcare Sector Abstract This thesis deals with selected aspects of labour law in the healthcare sector. The author focuses mainly on such areas of labour law that are most often discussed in the healthcare by both the professional public and healthcare professionals themselves. This is particularly the case of topics of working time and remuneration. The adherence to the legal regulation of working time is an essential requirement of the legislator for the employers. The provisions of the Labour Code governing the layout of shifts, overtime work and on-call duty are crucial particularly in healthcare and a higher standard of compliance monitoring is necessary. Thus, the part focusing on the topic of working time is not limited to an evaluation of the current factual situation only, but also presents findings as to whether the practice actually complies with the legal requirements. Another part of this thesis is devoted to the subject of remuneration, which is closely related to the issue of adherence to rules on working time in the healthcare sector. These two aspects of labour law in the healthcare sector are interconnected, as a violation of labour law regarding working time occurs often due to low remuneration. The thesis offers a comprehensive theoretical...
Sanitary technical installations and gas pipeline in the health center
Králová, Kateřina ; Wierzbická, Helena (referee) ; Vaščáková, Alena (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on sanitary installations. Theoretical part is focused on description of flow meters and their categorization and flow measurement. Calculation and project part is about water suplly, sewerage and pipeline in health care center. Building is located in Brno and it is a reconstruction, which is divided into stages. The part of the building, which is solved in this thesis is 5. stage.
Influence of the interest groups on healthcare reimbursement decree in Czech Republic
Bobula, Peter ; Paulus, Michal (advisor) ; Bryndová, Lucie (referee)
Reference (bibliographic reference of this thesis) BOBULA, P. (2019) Influence of the interest groups on healthcare reimbursement decree in Czech Republic. Prague, 2019. Master's thesis (Mgr.). Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Political Studies. Department of Political Science. Supervisor Mgr. Michal Paulus Abstract Reimbursement decree is an important part of the healthcare policy in Czech Republic. It determines how the resources will be allocated in the healthcare system the next year. According to the Czech legislature, Ministry of Health invites the representatives of insurance companies and healthcare providers to discuss and create a balanced form of reimbursement. When they are not able to agree, it's up to Ministry of Health to determine the reimbursement in corresponding segment. We assume that this kind of organization enables the involved representatives to push their interests in order to get more favorable financing for their profession. Different groups have different positions in the bargaining process so we can expect the existence of winners and losers according to the financial arrangements they were able to enforce. Using the content analysis of final protocols from reimbursement decree conciliations, spending of insurance companies in healthcare segments and...
Form Processing Platform for Medical Facilities
Šustek, Pavel ; Herout, Adam (referee) ; Szőke, Igor (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to develop a system for automation and simplification of paper forms processing in cooperation with gerontological facility. The solution is an SaaS system, that provides tools to design paper and digital forms, managing them, fill them online or print it on paper and then automatically process scanned documents via OCR algorithm. It also provides a simple cloud storage and the integration with complex form and survey database Redcap. It is very important to design a user friendly interface and to perform a set of thorough tests with feedback from medical facility. Fundamental used technologies are ASP.NET (MVC) and C\#, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and MSSQL. The output of this work should lay the foundations to an ongoing startup.
The preparedness of Hospital Strakonice to critical infrastructure failure
The failure of critical infrastructure is one of the most serious threats, especially in health care. Hospitals and health care facilities play an irreplaceable role, so it is essential to maintain the capacity and responsiveness of the health care facility as a whole during the blackout period. In energy, which is one of the areas of critical infrastructure, power outages can occur at any time, so the hospital should be unconditionally prepared for this crisis situation and the resulting impacts. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts in the health care system located in crisis preparedness and crisis planning, as well as necessary documentation and electrical regulations. The following chapter deals with the critical infrastructure from the perspective of national and international legislative documents and links to the means for its protection. The last part explains the principle of the electricity system of the Czech Republic and describes the production, transmission and distribution of electricity. The topic of Blackout outlines the issue of domestic and foreign cases. The practical part introduces the environment of the Hospital Strakonice, a.s., further describes the available alternative sources of electric energy and legislative standards of the company, on the principles of which it respects crisis preparedness. Three specific cases explain how critical infrastructure failures can be addressed, prevent unwanted situations, respond to problems promptly, and take remedial action. For elaboration of my diploma thesis I used basic scientific procedures which are observation, consultation, analysis and comparison. The aim of the thesis was to map the readiness of the health and non-health part of the hospital to the impact of the failure of critical infrastructure, which could be described as satisfactory. The findings will be forwarded to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Crisis Management Department of the Strakonice Hospital, a.s. to assess the possible consequences and effective preparedness for critical infrastructure failures. The results can be used as study material.
Information society in figures - 2019: the Czech Republic and the EU
Český statistický úřad
Basic overview of the state and development in the spreading and way of use of ICTs in the main areas of our society - The ICT Infrastructure, Households, Individuals, Enterprises, eGovernment, Education and digital skills and eHealth.
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Information Society in Figures - 2018: the Czech Republic and the EU
Český statistický úřad
Basic overview of the state and development in the spreading and way of use of ICTs in the main areas of our society - The ICT Infrastructure, Households, Individuals, Enterprises, eGovernment, Education and digital skills and eHealth.
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Results of Health Accounts of the CR - 2010 to 2016
Odbor statistik rozvoje společnosti
Zdravotnické účty zachycují výdaje na zdravotnictví jak z hlediska zdrojů, tak i jejich užití (typ péče, druh poskytovatele, zdroj financování, druh diagnózy, věk a pohlaví pacienta). V publikaci budou uvedeny jak základní tabulky a grafy, tak kvalitativní analýza.
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Czech republic in international comparison (selected indicators) - 2018
Odbor informačních služeb
Mezinárodní srovnání České republiky s ostatními zeměmi, zejména pak se státy Evropské unie. Nabízí široké spektrum údajů z mnoha oblastí statistiky, zahrnuje např. informace o obyvatelstvu, trhu práce, životní úrovni, národních účtech, financích, cenách, průmyslu, zahraničním obchodě, službách a životním prostředí.
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The Right To Psychotherapy Outside A Medical System: An Ethical Reflexion Attempt
The thesis deals with ethical reflection of the right to psychotherapy as a potential natural right, with regard to dispute about psychotherapy outside the health system and its ethical solution. The first part of the thesis clarify the origin and core of the dispute, its parties and their arguments, their conflicting and congruent interests and the impact of the dispute on the situation of the takers of psychotherapy. The second part is devoted to psychotherapy, first of all to the development of psychotherapy in context with political-cultural and historical conditionality, then it reflects the changes in the needs of the recipients of psychotherapy with respect to the transformation of society and finally it defines psychotherapy taking into account domestic and European trends. The third part of the thesis investigate the right to psychotherapy as a potential natural right and consequently also the importance of human rights for resolving the dispute about psychotherapy. First it pays attention to the natural law, to the natural rights and obligations and to the relationship of the natural and positive law; second it reflects the current possibilities of realizing the right to psychotherapy in the Czech Republic with regard to the conclusions of the previous research. The fourth part deals with the realization of the right to psychotherapy due to the principle of subsidiarity and its different concepts. The fifth part contains the discussion and reflection of the current development of the dispute and finally the conclusion of the thesis brings a summary and evaluation of the obtained conclusions.

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