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Technological stage of the rough superstructure of a residential building in Pohořelice
Hanzl, Martin ; Hejl, Martin (referee) ; Mohapl, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor‘s thesis is to process the technological stages of the execution of masonry and floor structures of the rough superstructure of a residential building in Pohořelice. It’s a newly-built four-storey building labelled B3 and it’s one of the ten residential buildings in the complex Rezidence Malý Vinohrad, located in the western part of Pohořelice town. This thesis includes a technical report of the building that focuses on the technological stage of the rough superstructure, drawing up of the construction methods used for the execution of masonry and floor structures, the time schedule and the quality control and test plans. The thesis also contains the design of construction machinery including the selection of the lifting machinery and the technical report of the building site equipment. The report includes technical drawings and item budget with a bill of quantities. It also deals with the occupational safety and health regulations and thermal bridges of the balcony constructions.
The Multifunctional Center of the Village Sušice, Gross Upper Structure
Ranocha, Petr ; Patloka, Jiří (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the construction technology project of the gross upper superstructure of an apartment building in the village Šumice. It is a three-storey brick building with monolithic ceiling structures. The building is roofed with a shed roof with wooden construction. The thesis contains a technical report, broader transport routes, bill of quantities, technological procedures of construction, construction schedule technical report of construction site equipment, design of machine assembly, control and test plan, safety of work, and and comparinson of different materials of the cladding.
Execution of Superstructure - Rezidence Sukovy sady
Nývlt, Josef ; Liška, Pavel (referee) ; Nečasová, Barbora (advisor)
The aim of the presented bachelor thesis is to describe realization of selected stage of the construction - technology project with a focuse on technological processes of the superstructure of an apartment building in Hradec Králové – Residence Sukovy sady. The thesis is divided into several thematic chapters when the first chapters are devoted to the introduction of the construction project as well as of the new building via the accompanying and summary technical report. The realization of the selected construction phase is described in more detail in the technical report of the construction site, in the technological regulations for the implementation of load-bearing structures from the systems Porotherm, Heluz, Ytong and Porfix. Also, proposal and verification of suitable transport routes, especially for construction supply, is presented. Moreover, the design of machinery set, quality control plan for vertical structures, time schedule and budgets for selected variants of masonry systems are included. The text part of the thesis is supplemented with an appendix part which contains scheme of work zones for selected technological process etc.
Manufacturing facility in Písek u Jablunkova - realization of rough top structure
Labaj, Ondřej ; Diaz, Yvetta (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka Laura (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the realization of the rough top structure of the manufacturing facility for the company Olzanka s.r.o. This work deals with the walling of the building, realization of the semi-mounted ceiling structure and roof truss with tin roofing. For these processes, technological regulations were drafted, machine assemblies were designed, an item budget was drawn up together with a bill of quantities. In addition, an OHS regulation, a control and test plan for the walling process, a time schedule, traffic relations and site equipment drawings were developed.
Implementation of Superstructure of Sports Centre in Butovice
Košut, Stanislav ; Nečasová, Barbora (referee) ; Liška, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis inquires into the subject of the process of technological phase of gross superstructure of the sports center in Butovice. The object is two-storeyed without cellarage. The foundation is composed of slabs and strip footings. The fabric of the building consists of reinforced concrete framework. This work deals with the construction plan, including the specification site equipment, technological prescription for masonry of the framework from the HELUZ masonry system and ventilated facade alternations through the use of glued ceramics facing. The quality of the technological processes is described in control and test plan. Mechanical set, schedule and budget are drawn up for the given phase. Another part of this work is solution of the construction organization and examination of broader transport connexions. The design considers work safety and protection of environment.
Preparation of realization of the monolithic skeleton of the Třebíč hospital surgery pavilion
Hlávka, Jan ; Doubek, Rostislav (referee) ; Kantová, Radka (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to process the technological stage of the upper gross construction of the hospital pavilion in Třebíč. The building is designed to provide medical care and amenities. It is mainly an underground construction with one underground and five above-ground floors. The main structural constructions are monolithic skeleton supplemented with reinforcing walls and cores. The cladding is lined with brick blocks Porotherm. The subject of the processed technological stages is the solution of monolithic reinforced concrete vertical and horizontal supporting structures. Within the framework of another assignment, proposals for protection against monolithic reinforced concrete structures and protection against leased radiation are processed.
Technological Solution of a Gross Superstructure of the Apartment Building in Complex Ponava City, Brno
Handlíř, Jan ; Hejl, Martin (referee) ; Mohapl, Martin (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is tegnological construction project of a gross superstructure of the apartment building in a complex Ponava city in Brno. The building is seven-storey and has a basement. Vertical walls are partly from masonry and partly from reinforced concreate. The ceilings are from reinforced concrete and the building has a flat roof. The thesis includes a technical report, technological methods of construction, technical report of a site equipment, machine draft report, inspection and test plan, work safety and comparing different materials of vertical walls.
Apartment House Kasárny E in Uherské Hradiště, Gross Upper Structure
Beníček, Matěj ; Kratochvílová, Erika (referee) ; Šlanhof, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the technological solution of the implementation of the rough upper constructions of the apartment building in Uherské Hradiště. Content pages related to business travel, technology regulations for carrying vertical load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, machinery design, site equipment solutions, site safety and health protection concepts and inspection and test plan for masonry construction.
Preparation for realization of an apartment house in Lanškroun
Křivohlávková, Lucie ; Doubek, Rostislav (referee) ; Kantová, Radka (advisor)
The content of the diploma thesis is a building-technological project of the new building of residential building Lanškroun. The thesis contains technological regulations for a rough bottom structure and a rough top structure. Technological regulation are complemented by design of machine assembly, site facilities and control and test plans. Work safety, construction risk assessment, time schedule of main object, object time and financial plan and budget of main building are also solved. An important part is the economic comparison of tower crane and mobile crane and green facade.
Mixed-use Building in Uherský Brod - Execution of Superstructure
Seménka, Petr ; Venkrbec, Václav (referee) ; Nečasová, Barbora (advisor)
The content of this bachelor's thesis is a building-technological project of the new building of a polyfunctional building in Uherský Brod. The work includes technical reports, solutions for transport routes, technological rules for making vertical constructions from Porotherm, MaxPlus and reinforced concrete. A control and test plan and design of the plant site including with technical report and a design of the machine assembly are also elaborated on the technological regulations. Furthermore, work safety and timetable and a budget for both variants are developed.

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