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Employment Relationships focusing on Employee Benefits
Dobešová, Michaela ; Macháčková, Sylva (referee) ; Musilová, Helena (advisor)
The thesis is about the issue of labour relations with a focus on providing benefits for employees. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on defining the most important labor and economic terms for better understanding of the issue. The analytical part of the thesis describes the businessman XYZ s.r.o. and his current employment situation. The end of the thesis looks at the problem of the businessman and structure of employee benefits designed for employees. The benefits try to increase the competitiveness of the businessman and his attractiveness in the labour market.
Flexible performance forms of dependent labour
Česal, Tomáš ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Lang, Roman (referee)
FLEXIBLE PERFORMANCE FORMS OF DEPENDENT LABOUR - ABSTRACT The paper deals with individual flexible forms of the dependent labour and their legal regulation in the framework of the Czech law. As a hypothesis a claim is stated, that the flexibility is in general very low, or more precisely that the legal framework regarding flexible forms of dependent labour is highly rigid. The method of analysis of primary and secondary sources is used in order to examinate the claim. Introduction of the paper is concerned with theoretical excurse into manifestation of flexibility in the labour law, or more precisely in the area of chosen topics which closely relate to the theme of flexible forms of dependent labour. Flexibility is examined in context with important phenomena occurring in labour law: flexicurity, protective and organisational functions of labour law, subsidiarity of civil law to labour law, liberalisation etc. Partial conclusions concerning individual institutes are presented in topical chapters, whose layout is chosen accordingly to the basis of current prevailing concerning doctrine. Considerably more attention is given to those flexible forms, whose future progress could be anticipated. This way, an area for research is shown. These areas include for example joint work duty, on-call duty and...
The sharing economy and digitalization: challenge for complex modification of labor law?
Tkadlec, Matěj ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Pichrt, Jan (referee)
THE SHARING ECONOMY AND DIGITALIZATION: CHALLENGE FOR COMPLEX MODIFICATION OF LABOR LAW? ABSTRACT This diploma thesis discusses the phenomenon of last decade called sharing economy, which has many different forms and names. In its purest meaning, the sharing economy concerns behavior of economically active entities that, in order to reduce their own costs or to use their spare capacity, share free resources. As the best examples of sharing economy, we can name capital platform Airbnb, where people share their unused immovable in order to generate profit or work platform BlaBlaCar trough which people reduce their car costs while travelling one-off long-distance trips. However, as mentioned above, sharing economy has many different forms. One of them, which cannot be recognized as its pure form, is provided by Uber. Uber, as well as BlaBlaCar, created mobile platform trough which providers of transport services can get in touch with users of these services. Despite this similarity, there are several significant differences from which one can conclude that Uber is not a classic provider of information technology services, such as BlaBlaCar. That was also borne out by foreign courts, including European Court of Justice. On that basis, a question arises, whether Uber drivers really carry on the activity of...
Illegal work and its persecution
Šuda, Marek ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the illegal work and its persecution, whereas the main goal is to point out and analyze the most important institutes relating to the illegal work, to identify the relevant legislation and to point out problematic issues of the regulation and its application. The text is systematically divided into three main chapters, in particular the field of dependent work, illegal work and finally the sanctioning of illegal work. The introductory chapter of this thesis deals with dependent work, the definition of which is a necessary condition for further interpretation of illegal work and its persecution. After a brief introduction to the legislative history and the legal definition of this term, the particular characteristics of the legal definition and, subsequently, the conditions of performance of dependent work are discussed. Further, the case law of the Supreme Administrative Court and the related additional characteristics of the dependent work which the court has defined beyond the legal definition are mentioned. The second chapter finally deals with the main topic of the thesis which is the illegal work. After defining the legal definition of illegal work and a short reminder of its legislative development, the further text is divided according to the different...
Illegal work and its persecution
Stonjek, Patrik ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is illegal work and its persecution. Unconditional predisposition for discussion about this topic is an analysis and definition of dependent work. Therefore, this problematic is discussed in the first - introductory chapter of the presented text. In the following chapter the author is concerned with illegal work and its forms. The accent is put especially on administrative delict of enabling of illegal work, its legislative development in the past years and the role of negative law-maker - the Constitutional Court correcting the sanctions given for this administrative delict. The third chapter focuses on administrative delicts related to illegal work that are included in the Act of Employment and Act on State Labour Inspection. The last chapter is dedicated to illegal work in the context of the whole Czech legal system, which means on the commercial law, criminal law, tax law and statutory deductions level. In the summary the findings acquired in the prior chapters are concluded and the author expresses his opinion on the possible future development of regulation of illegal employment in the Czech Republic.
Labour - law aspects of "Švarc system" focussed on the Concept Dependent Work
Sedláčková, Kateřina ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Hůrka, Petr (referee)
The term 'Švarc system' began to appear in The Czech Republic in the late 80s and early 90s of the 20th century with the gradual thawing of the restrictions which were put on private enterprise. Owing to this development, businessmen started widely entering into contracts with the persons, with whom a labour-law employment contract according to valid standards of labour code would have been signed and these people would have become their employees. The aim for such businessmen's behaviour was the effort to save money on the payment to the national social and health insurance systems, to avoid, or better to say, to get round the rigid norm regulation of the labour code as well as to avoid tax charge, especially in the field of natural person income tax from dependent activity. The creator of 'Švarc system' is Mr. Miroslav Švarc, a businessman from Benešov. If we want to identify precisely the term 'Švarc system' and identify its primary features, then it is necessary to find out, whether the aspect of the carry out work shows the features soft subordinate work or not. Subordinate work in the labour code is defined with the basic definitional indicators as well as the conditions which must unconditionally become reality. Among the basic features of subordinate work belong the work in relation to the...
The Status of a Professional sportsman in terms of Labour Law
Baťhová, Lucie ; Vysokajová, Margerita (referee) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
This Thesis deals with the issue of a status of a professional sportsman in terms of labour law. First chapters are dedicated on the definition of dependent work in terms of the Labour Code and the questions of basic institutes of labour law, which are essential for proper comparing with the status of a professional sportsman. Further the key concepts of a professional sportsman and sport club are defined from the view of Czech Law. This Thesis continues with a treatise on legal relations between professional sportsman and sports clubs as well as detailed analysis of legal contracts between professional sportsman and sports clubs. After analysing the fundamental questions of the legal relationship between a professional sportsman and a sports club, this work focuses on the question of comparison of the labour section with the section dealing with professional sportsman. Primarily to answer a fundamental question, whether the performance of sports activities can be considered as a dependent work according to the Labour Code. Even though it is an essential question, it is problematic within the scope of Czech legal system, because there is no proper legislation. We don't even find support in the Czech case law, which doesn't contain clear definition of this issue. At the end of my thesis I deal with...
Illegal work and penalties for such work
Kmínek, Petr ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Hůrka, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with selected issues of illegal work and its punishment, especially in terms of administrative offences. It focuses, in particular, on terminology related to illegal work, inspection activities of the labour inspection office and punishment of illegal work in administrative proceedings. The main reason why I have selected this topic is because I have been interested in labour law ever since I was studying it as a compulsory subject. There is a broad range of topics to choose from in labour law, but I have chosen the area of illegal work because of my previous experience from working in regional inspectorate of the State Labour Inspection Office, based in Ústí nad Labem, as this topic falls into its scope of authority. The main goal of this thesis is to provide a theoretical definition of illegal work, to describe the inspection procedure of employers and administrative procedure regarding the inspected entities. Furthermore, one of the goals of this thesis is to point out certain deficiency in current legal framework, especially regarding practical problems with the application of law. The prologue introduces the topic of illegal work, defines structure of this thesis and its mains goals. The thesis itself is then divided into four chapters. The first chapter focuses on dependent...
Administrative infractions and delicts in the field of labour matters
Živnůstka, Petr ; Štefko, Martin (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
The topic of this rigorous thesis is called "Administrative infractions and delicts in the field of labour matters". The thesis is focused on an analysis of particular bodies of an administrative infractions and delicts which are regulated in various employment legislations, on an analysis of legislation and possible sanctions in case of breach of statutory duties. However the main focus of this rigorous thesis is an analysis of illegal employment and a relevant legislation of the Employment Act. The thesis also deals with an analysis of possible sanctions in case of accomplishment of elements of illegal employment and with their adequacy, with decision-making of appropriate administrative offices, and finally with a conformity of their decisions with employment legislations and judgements of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic and judgements of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. The thesis is divided into several parts. In the introduction the thesis is concerned with an analysis of the Labour Law itself, with its position and function in a system of law. In this thesis is also analysed the term "dependent employment" to make possible to determine a legal basis of analysis focused on institute of illegal employment. Subsequently the thesis is focused on an analysis of particular...
Professional sport and its legislation
Hejl, Filip ; Štefko, Martin (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
Professional sport and its legislation I choose this topic for its currency and for in my opinion ignored need of solving problems mentioned in the thesis. In scope of this thesis I tried not only to assess legal status of individual and collective professional sportsmen or in other words of performance of their activity on professional level, but I also tried to solve chosen problematic points resulting from the confrontation of professional sport activity and strict provisions of Czech law (in particular Labour Code), by which the performance of sport activity and related legal relations are governed. Thesis is systematically divided into four chapters besides the introduction and conclusion which contains other subchapters. These subchapters specify topics contained in chapters. First chapter is the introduction to the topic devoted to reciprocal relation of sport and law. In this chapter I deal with the term "sport" and its possible definition from the law point of view and its basic organization and division in general. There is also one subchapter dedicated to act on support of sport. In second chapter I deal with the performance of sport activity by individual professional sportsman in detail and with two possible options of its inclusion into law. New Civil Code is also reflected here....

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