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Proposals for improvement of services in the hotel Prometheus
Petříková, Martina ; Bažant, Milan (referee) ; Mikulec, Luděk (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the quality of provided services of Prometheus Hotel in Brno. This hotel has already provided services of high quality to its customers but it has faced low summer occupancy and a high staff turnover problem. This diploma thesis is based on concrete and real economic, technical and operational data of Prometheus Hotel. The design part presents possible measures that eliminate low occupancy during the summer months as well as high turnover of employees. Other design parts contribute to the overall prosperity of Prometheus Hotel. The implementation of the proposed measures requires a considerable amount of costs, but they should lead to an increase in the services provided throughout the hotel.
The Proposal of Company Communication Mix
Štěpánová, Markéta ; Sotoniak, Tomáš (referee) ; Kaňovská, Lucie (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the proposal of communication mix for the company PKZ Keramika Poštorná, a. s. The aim is to create a communication plan that will raise the profile of the company itself and its products. It contains proposals to enhance communication mix through advertising campaigns, which can be placed on billboards, advertising brochures or used in the media.
Marketing Research (for Company, Organisation, Topical Assigned Problem)
Kováčová, Andrea ; Kožoušková, Iva (referee) ; Koleňák, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with marketing research of customer satisfaction for company FIWA servis s.r.o. Theoretical part thesis pursues to define marketing concepts, methods and techniques of marketing research. Practial part provides analysis of customer satisfaction mediated pursuant of questionnaire. The aim of bachelor´s thesis is to valorize theoretical knowledge together with practical analysis and define resulting conception to ensure permanent company´s progress.
The Study of Production Logistics in the Selected Company
Kornel, Aleš ; Konečný, Josef (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with the study of production logistics in specific firm. Focuses on the current status of productin logistics, material flow and analyze of material flow. Includes suggestions for improvements of material flow and production logistics.
Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and Suggested Measures for its Improvement
Uhrová, Brigita ; Marcolová Klímková, Markéta (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis focuses on research of customer satisfaction with the company Bruker s.r.o. The theoretical part deals with explanations of basic concepts, techniques and process of marketing research. In the practical part there is conducted research of customer satisfaction by the use of questionnaire survey. The acquired results are analyzed and formulated to a set of suggestions and recommendations for increase of current level of customer satisfaction.
The Proposal of Marketing Communication Mix
Lesáková, Barbora ; Vacková, Světlana (referee) ; Kaňovská, Lucie (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the proposal of marketing communication mix of Restaurant U Panských. The first part contains theoretical knowledge from the literature, the second part is focused on the analysis of the business environment, the marketing and communication mix. The third part of this diploma thesis includes a proposal of marketing communication mix and risk analysis related to the introduction of new communication mix.
The Draft Strategy Purchasing Management in Multinational Companies
Šenkýřová, Iva ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuse on drafting management strategy in multinational company. This proposal is based on an online store that as a future source for the company ABC business development. This thesis deals with the theoretical description of the logistics approach and its contents, further more it is continues with evaluating the actual state of the company. In conclusion the thesis contains a specific design of e-shop to company should improve its market position.
Development of Competitiveness of Sales of Cars on the Base of Operating Leasing
Halounek, Václav ; Mačej,, Tomáš (referee) ; Zich, Robert (advisor)
This thesis is focused on possibilities of raising competitivness in the area of car sales using operational leasing with Škoda Auto, a.s as an example. This automotive company together with Škofin, s.r.o. provides its customers with a service „Škoda without worry“. The company positioning on the market was evaluated based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of the product, market and competition. Suggestions presented in this thesis bring up a conceptual change of the service „Škoda without worry“ with a goal to increase the value for customers and competitivness of the company. Introducing a loyalty program Škoda is mentioned as an alternative solution. Benefits and risks associated with implementation of the suggested measures are listed in conclusion.
Questions of communication and marketing in construction company
Vopelka, Jan ; Lipovský, Oto (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The goal of the diploma thesis is to find a solution to increase sales in a selected construction company specialized in production of construction systém for wooden houses. I analysed in detail the company for realizing the targets. I applied questionnaire surveys for collecting information. The resets of my effort are conclusions and suggestions then could help the company to increase its sales. The Promotional video in attachment is very important for sales support in the company.
Proposal for Lean Manufacturing Using Kaizen Products to Ensure Quality
Alánová, Hana ; Brablík, Jakub (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
This diploma thesis is based upon a study of processes in a subdivision of fischer systems, a company in the automotive industry. These processes are studied with reference to lean manufacturing and Kaizen products. The first part of this thesis is a general introduction to the company. It is followed by a description of the subdivision in question, and a discussion of various theoretical approaches. An analysis of the current state of manufacturing and processes is also made. Finally, a proposal is made towards solving imperfections uncovered in the analysis stage, and getting the company closer to lean manufacturing.

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