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Daseinsanalysis of Heideggers
Kavková, Monika ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
The diploma thesis tries to outline the daseinsanalysis as such, so that the readers can be better understood. I describe the basic terms that are necessary for daseinsanalysis and without which it would not be understandable to a wider audience. In the first chapters I deal with the history of daseinsanalysis, where the reader is also acquainted with the names associated with this discipline. Then I describe the development in Czech republic and its principles. As the daseinsanalysis is linked to psychology, I do not forget this aspect and the connection with psychotherapy. I devote my phenomenology to the chapter itself, as it is essential for the daseinanalysis to be deepened. I am writing about the principles, development and essence of this philosophical discipline. In the following chapters, I then deal with the interpretation of the time that has been and still is the essence and basic pillar of daseinsanalysis. I describe it from the point of view of Heidegger and also from the philosophical point of view. I also explain concepts such as temporality and succession for better orientation in time. In my work I also distinguish cyclic and linear time and familiarize them with it and its essence. The following chapters are devoted to Martin Heidegger himself. I try to interpret his attitudes, philosophy...
The interaction with homeless people in society.
This thesis deals with the interaction between homeless people and the society. The aim of this work is to find out the view of social workers on homeless people, who they are in daily contact with. The issue of homeless people is thoroughly described in the theoretical part. I worked on this issue conducting qualitative research and using the polling method. The technique I used was semi-structured interviews. I had the interviews with social workers of The Contact Center Prevent and The Department of Social Affairs of the České Budějovice City. I evaluated the interviews with the help of the open coding method. I have found out that the social workers perceive homeless people as incompetent people who need help. They try to change their difficult life situation, view them without prejudice and social workers are also the only ones who do not judge them and understand the situation in which they find themselves. I have also found out that the social workers are more concerned than motivated for their work with these people. This bachelor thesis and all the findings have helped me to change my opinion on the way the social workers view the homeless people. I thought they regarded them as people who are completely responsible for the situation they find themselves in. After having evaluated the results of the interviews, this thought was disproved. There is no unambiguous guidance on how to return a homeless person back to the society. I hope this work will help the company change its mind about homeless people.

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