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Family Hous with Place of Business
Vaňková, Radka ; Struhala, Karel (referee) ; Košíčková, Ivana (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the processing of project documentation for the implementation of construction, semi-basement, detached house with hairdressers´s. The building is designed slightly sloping terrain. The hairdressers´s is situated in the front part of builfding with entrance from east side. It is soluted like a ground-floor part of object with wheelchair access. In this part of building is a garage too. It´s connected on the residental part of building by the vestibul. The entrance to the residental part of the building is from the north side. The resident part is made from ground floor, second floor and partly from the basement. In he basement, there is a technical facilities. In the ground floor there is a living room together with a kitchen. The another rooms are on the second floor.
Object for small and medium production
Lyzhanov, Iurii ; Rosendorf, Aleš (referee) ; Boleslavská, Yvona (advisor) ; Kacálek, Petr (advisor)
On a basis of my project of the second year of bachelor's study on the Faculty of Civil Engineering the following bachelor's thesis is prepared, which goes on to the Documentation for Building Permit and Documentation for Construction. The theme of the work is Object for small and medium production in Brno Kohoutovice. Bachelor thesis is the object for small and medium business, design of production objects. I have designed two objects, one of the them is used for furniture production, the other one is used as an administrative part and as attendant for production section. The objects have two floors, in the administrative part of the first floor is used for production, the second floor is used for catering employees, there is also a space that meant for office rooms, workshop and coworking room. In the production building the two above-ground floors are used for production, which includes hygienic facilities for employees. Each of the objects has an atrium in the middle, which is used as a place for rest during working breaks. In the atrium there are little plant-borne spacing. The construction of the objects is made up of a systém of skeletal columns. As a filler wall was chosen a Porotherm's thermal insulation systém based on mineral wool. The main focus in the design of the objects was the creation of flexible spaces, their proper use, the interconnection demanding to concentrate work and the possibility of rest within the working space.
The church of Saint Martin in Bernartice. Its building history and typology.
The church of St Martin in Bernartice in South Bohemia is one of the oldest buildings in the area. Despite the assumption that the origins of the church lies in the activity of Milevsko workshop, attempts to determine the time of its construction more accurately have so far been unsuccessful. The aim of this bachelor thesis is presenting a detailed description of the construction history and analysing the architectural elements in order to confirm the Milevsko workshop's activity in the construction process. Bachelor thesis an attempt to place the building into a broader context within typology and style in.
The Genesis of Texts by Tasov Children on the Motifs from DemlʼsMy Friends
Čiháková, Barbora ; Fleglová, J.
The authors describe the genesis of following poetic texts created by pupils of the Primary School in Tasov in response to motifs from Deml’s My Friends. These texts were written during the Flowers of Tasov workshop which took place before the Deml conference and was organized for the Tasov children by the Dobrá Čeština association together with the NGO Slepíši in Tasov and students of the College of Creative Communication (VŠKK) in Prague.
The Restoration of the Railway of Ústí nad Orlicí
Tomoryová, Bianka ; Sznapková, Radka (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the restoration and new use of the old railway station in Ústí nad Orlicí. The thesis is based on an architectural study created within the subject AG34 in the 3rd year in the winter semester. The bachelor thesis expands the architectural study to Building Permit Documentation and Documentation for Execution of the Project. The railway station is located on the outskirts of the city of Ústí nad Orlicí between the railroad tracks. Surrounded terrain is sloping. The building is bordered by a steep hill from the north and the Tichá Orlica river from the south. The building was built in 1874 and has been declared as a cultural monument in 2010. The main requirement of the investor was to design rentable spaces for the public to support the site recovery. Multifunctional design should attract residents and tourists of all interest and age categories. On the ground floor there is a bicycle rental, an information center, a health food store with home-made products and a café. In the building can also be found a workshop, temporary accommodation, rentable office space and public services such as a hairdresser and a beauty salon. The main idea was to revive the building not only in the interior but also from the exterior. A relaxing and recreational park with a seating area was designed nearby. The walkway in the park is made of prefabricated concrete slabs. The long paving elements have a narrowed end which create a slight transition between the pavement and the greenery. Neither the facade of the building remained without modifications. The appearance of the building was changed by adding a timber framing and by a new glazed facade wall design. The glazed facade wall will allow to use the newly designed winter garden with seating in the winter. The design of timber framing will be done according to the original historical plans and photographs from the time of the construction of the building.
Renovation of the railway station in Ústí nad Orlicí
Velešíková, Karolína ; Svoboda, Lukáš (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
The subject of the Bachelor Thesis was the reconstruction of the railway station in Ústí nad Orlicí. The content of the thesis was the Documentation for Building Permits and Documentation for Building Construction, based on the architectural study, which was created in the subject AG34-Atelier of Architectural Design in the winter semester. The building is situated on the outskirts of the town of Ústí nad Orlicí, near the village Kerhatice. Tichá Orlice flows nearby, and on the northern side of the building the terrain rises into a wooded hill. The station was built in 1874. Because of spatial reasons the building was placed between two groups of tracks. At the moment the only access to the building is by underpasses or by access roads for firemen from Nádražní street. Because of the construction of the new railway station, underpasses to platforms and their repairs, the old railway station was decommissioned, but the building was saved and declared as a cultural monument. The main idea was to design an appropriate solution for the using of the old building and preserve its original appearance from the time of construction in 1874. Restore the restaurant in a single-storey building. Create residential areas for the building manager, provide temporary accommodation for travelers, locate interesting historical information about the building and linking the building to the educational trail, possible multifunctional spaces such as workshops, offices and a small shop. Also rental spaces for hairdressers and cosmetics are also available. The assignment was also a space solution next to the object that is not being maintained. Therefore, a park layout was designed which serves passengers as a relaxation zone, for children for fun. The layout is an abstraction of the sound curve of a going train.
Nové možnosti využitia industriálnych objektov a práca komunity Re–FACT
Beláčková, Katarína
Re-FACT community is a group of professors with interest in questions of conversion industry buildings and industry archaeology. One of the members is professor Helena Zemánková from Faculty of architecture in University of technology, Brno. International workshop for students of architecture is organized every year for last ten years. There are projects in topic of reuse industry objects. In last year I had a chance to participate in workshop in title Silos Granari. Silo as symbol and city as complex was topic, what are the possibilities of conversion in connection to harbour and city. I was in workshop in Differdange in 2014 where we were solving conception of turbine hall as Museum of new technologies. Each workshop is organized by different member of team Re-FACT in different part of Europe. I would like to present these projects in which I was participating and take a back look on impact in locality or object of workshop.
Strategy of lifelong education of State Forestry Administration authorities
Polívka, Martin ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to formulate a strategy for lifelong education of the state forest administration authorities' workers. The Ministry of Agriculture runs the education in the state and public administration on the basis of the Education Conception of the Ministry of Agriculture for the years of 2015-2020. This conception outlines education of state and public administration workers with departmental specialization. It determines the basic frame of lifelong education of all workers with departmental specialization. Yet there is no detailed strategy for particular domains of the department which would respond to real needs in practice. The strategy proposed in this thesis focuses on state forest administration workers at municipalities and regional offices. It is based on results of previous research which surveys the situation of state forest administration workers from the point of view of their work performance. Our research, which makes part of this thesis, is focused on their vocational lifelong education and surveys their needs concerning work performance and preferred forms and tools of further special education. This research serves for formulation of educational strategy and represents an analysis of needs which should be repeated at certain intervals. Regarding the context...
Detached house with a bakery in Kosov, district Šumperk
Bílková, Andrea ; Kučera, Radim (referee) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the processing of project documentation for threestorey, semi-basement, detached house with bakers in Kosov. The building is designed slightly sloping terrain. The baker is located on the ground floor and has its own entrance separated from the residential part. The residential part is made of cellars in the basement, garage and utility room on the ground floor, a larger residential unit on the second floor and the attic flat on the third floor.
Development, possibilities and skills of a teacher working with immigrant children in primary school
Fialová, Gabriela ; Horáčková, Klára (advisor) ; Kargerová, Jana (referee)
Theoretical part follow up possibilities of a teacher in self-education of students with Czech as a second language problematic as well as preparation for entry to class for students with Czech as a second language and their teachers as their mission should be to create welcoming climate in the class. I also describe the key terms in field of students with Czech as a second language in Czech Republic and Finland as well. In the practical part I prepare questionnaires for teachers with the goal to identify the level of awareness on this issue, which I deepen via subsequent interviews with selected teachers. Based on personal experience from an internship in Finland than the findings from interviews and study of available literature to prepare a workshop for teachers. I would also like to prepare a variety of examples of good practice and inspiration for teachers. KEYWORDS inclusion, individuality, teacher, respect, environment, group integration, immigrant pupils, pupil with a different mother tongue, multicultural education, primary/elementary school, education in Finland, inspiration for teachers, workshop

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