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Annual training cycle in woman's fire sport
Benáková, Veronika ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Přibyl, Ivan (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the fire attack of women at the league level in the Czech Republic. The thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical part and the research part. The theoretical part focuses on the general characteristics of fire sport. It also describes the fire attack as a separate discipline and also the preparation of firefighters in this sport. Based on the evaluation of the questionnaires and the comparison of the training plans, the research part focuses on the differences in the sport preparation of two individual teams. It examines and compares their performance, differences in training cycles, and differences in competitive scores. The output of the thesis is the result of the questionnaires and comparison of the training cycles. KEYWORDS Fire sport, woman, training cycle
A Search for a Spiritual Dimension of Maternity (Parental) Leave
Esterková, Michaela ; Sládek, Karel (advisor) ; Červenková, Denisa (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to find any spiritual elements when raising children in today's society. This thesis contains three chapters, the second of which being the most significant. In this chapter elements which strengthen the foundation of maternal spirituality are characterized from three perspectives of a woman in indispensable roles; wife, mother and employee.
Crime of women in Czechoslovakia
Kuželíková, Lenka ; Štemberk, Jan (advisor) ; Německý, Marek (referee)
The thesis deals with the crime of women in Czechoslovakia. The aim of the theoretical and empirical work is to map the crime of women in Czechoslovakia, namely its occurrence, and to use selected case studies to find out the motives of women perpetrators, who were victims, and apply selected theories of crime to specific cases. In the theoretical part will be introduced basic theories and concepts related to crime , from the sociological, psychological and biological point of view. Given that the work focuses primarily on female crime, the next section will specifically focus on the specificities of female crime and define the types of female criminals with the motives behind the crime, especially with a focus on murder. The last part of the theoretical part is focused on how crime was measured not only in the period of Czechoslovakia, but also how it is measured today, and where it is possible to get information about this social phenomenon. The empirical part of the thesis is devoted to the research itself, in which both qualitative and quantitative data were used. It also includes research on historical archival research, as it was worked from sources from archives. In the empirical part of the thesis, we are already working with specific data, namely data that map women's crime in...
Winners and Losers. Images of Women in Theodor Fontane's Novels Frau Jenny Treibel and Effi Briest
Jansová, Iva Bernadetta ; Broukalová, Jindra (advisor) ; Tvrdík, Milan (referee)
This Master's thesis deals with female characters of the socially critical novel Frau Jenny Treibel by Theodor Fontane, in order to find out whether the heroines are satisfied in their social roles or whether they try to challenge the social norms, and what role their social background and education play in this matter. Furthermore, we ask what life goals these women pursue and how successful they are in fulfilling them. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter sketches Fontane's biography with the emphasis on the importance of his numerous friendships with women and his ambivalent relationship to female emancipation. Based on literature research, the second chapter introduces poetic realism focusing on Fontane's specific position in it - as a critical realist with elements of modernity. The third, longest chapter, contains the analysis and interpretation of the individual female characters of the novel. We have found, that regardless their social class and education, the heroines live under social conventions, according to which their main goal is an advantageous marriage, functioning at the same time as the measure of their success. The two protagonists, the representative of the intellectual bourgeoisie Corinna, and the more experienced representative of the newly rich...
The impact of smoking on women's health from a midwife student's point of view.
MEDKOVÁ, Kateřina
The thesis describes the influence of smoking on the health of women from the viewpoint of students of midwifery. Because of the topic is in the theoretical part described health, educational activity of a midwife, nicotine addiction and negative effects of smoking on health of women. In the research two objectives were specified. The first was to find out if the students of midwifery educate women about healthy lifestyle during their studies. The second objective focused on the stance taken by students of midwifery on women addicted to nicotine. With these objectives were asked two research questions. The first research question was finding out how students of midwifery educate women about healthy lifestyle. The second research question found out how students of midwifery look at women addicted to nicotine. The thesis research was conducted in the home environment of the students of midwifery during the month April in the year 2019. To conduct this research a qualitative method was chosen. The gathering of data was conducted using semi-structured interviews. The selection criteria were students of midwifery. The interviews were recorded and literally rewritten based on previous agreement with the consent of all the students which were previously introduced to the topic and research objectives of the thesis and informed about the usage of data only for the thesis with keeping their anonymity. Further the students who participated in the research given their approval to the data gathering while recording the interviews for which 17 research questions were defined. If needed, complementary questions were asked. For keeping anonymity, the students were marked S1-S8. The gathered data were processed using the method "pen and paper" and then coded with colors. Based on the analysis two main categories and their subcategories were created. The first main category is the Problematics of Smoking which has 6 subcategories: The Stance Taken by Students to Women Addicted to Nicotine, The Effects of Smoking on the Pregnancy and the Fetus, The Source of Information about the Negative Effects of Smoking during Studies, Passive Smoking, Realizing the Dangers of Smoking. As the second main category was fixed the category Education again with 6 subcategories: Healthy Lifestyle, The Source of Information about the Negative Effects of Smoking, Education of Women, Education of Women by Students of Midwifery, Realizing the Addiction to Smoking. The research shown that some students have knowledge about healthy lifestyle and know how to educate women about it. Some students would educate them in the way that would lead them to regular physical activity, keeping drinking regime, eating enough fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, the students would recommend women to get enough rest, consuming alcohol only is small amount and keeping in mind to care about their mental health and relaxation. Every one of the students named at least one of the listed recommendations, but not all students educate women. In the research was also found out that two students do not educate women at all. They said that they do not have competences, or that the education is not that important. The second research question found out the stance taken by students of midwifery on women addicted to nicotine. Students had negative opinions about women - smokers, but some of the students said that this problematic is not connected with them at all and that they do not care about those women.
Life and Work Fanny Neuda
Příplatová, Silvie ; Damohorská, Pavla (advisor) ; Holubová, Markéta (referee)
The thesis entitled Life and Work of Fanny Neuda deals with a significant and almost forgotten writer from Lostice who lived between 1819-1894. It was Loštice that was the place of her writing, which is why the first chapter is devoted to them. This Jewish community was quite specific in its history, as discussed in the chapter. The second chapter deals with Fanny Neuda itself, her life and her "pioneering" writing activity. Since Fanny Neuda, née Schmiedl, was the world's first woman of Jewish descent, she did not write only prayers for women, but wrote a book for general opportunities / stimuli named Stunden der Andacht. Ein Gebet- und Erbauungsbuch für Israels Frauen und Jungfrauen, zur öffentlichen und häuslichen Andacht, sowie für alle Verhältnisse des weiblichen Lebens (Praha / Břeclav, 1855). She confidently compares her prayers with those written by men for women, for she is denied empathy with women's perception. But a woman can read in the hearts of her sisters.1 It is worthwhile to bring the character of Fanny Neuda and her work closer together, as well as the challenges she faced in writing in German. Pnina Navé Levinson characterized Fanny's literary work, a rabbi's rabbi, whose pious book for women can be regarded as a "classic" from the second half of the 19th century to our times....
Woman and War: Czechoslovak Women serving during the Second World War in the British Auxiliary Services ATS. and WAAF
Stegurová, Karolína ; Čechurová, Jana (advisor) ; Stehlík, Eduard (referee) ; Němeček, Jan (referee)
The dissertation thesis describes and analyses military service of Czechoslovak women in British army namely in ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) and WAAF (Women's Auxiliary Air Force) units. First Czechoslovak women joined British armed forces in mid 1941 and served directly on the British soil in the Army and Airforce bases. Other Czechoslovak women joined ATS and WAAF in the Middle East campaing since 1943. During the WWII more than two hundreds Czechoslovak citizens served in the auxillary units. The thesis describes the course of WAAF/ATS training, working set up and everyday life in the military with all pros and cons linked. The text further deals with the approach of the Czechoslovak exile institutions e.g. National Defence ministry, towards Czechoslovak women serving in the foreign army. One of the main topics is finding answer to question why Czechoslovakian women could serve only in the army of the allied state and if there were ever thoughts or plans for creation of similar unit directly with Czechoslovak foreign units. This is being considered in the broader context of British environment and war policy. In order to achieve understanding of the Czechoslovak women situation the text further focuses on reasons behind creation/reinstating of women auxiliary units. The text describes...
The comparison of selected topics in Vlasta Magazine between periods 1973 - 1978 and 2013 - 2018
Mašková, Martina ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
Thesis "The comparison of selected topics in Vlasta Magazine between periods 1973- 1978 and 2013-2018" informs readers about thematic categories in Vlasta Magazine of the 1970s and the 21st century. The main goal was to compare topics of these two periods and decide how they have changed during forty years. This work introduces media theories, reminds of the most important Czech and Czechoslovakian historic events, the third chapter discusses woman's roles, especially her work and social roles. The next chapter is about media owners and about Vlasta Magazine. The practical part of this work is dedicated to quantitative and qualitative differences among thematic categories in Vlasta Magazine between periods 1973-1978 and 2013-2018. Research shows that texts of both periods have their typical features. Authors write about politics and criticize social imperfections. A woman is shown like an unselfish mother and a hard worker. Nowadays, journalists speak neither about policy nor foregone regime. An appeal to women is not coherent - they should be beautiful and slim, but on the other hand "real women have curves" and "a real lady does not care about wrinkles". Today's women do care about relationships with men and about shopping. In addition, consumerism is evident because of increased number of...
Domestic violence and its impact on child
Faltysová, Michaela ; Zemková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Marádová, Eva (referee)
Bachelor Thesis focuses on the issue of domestic violence and it is impact on a child. The work contains theoretical and practical part. The first chapter in a theoretical part in general, domestic violence, it is causes, consequences, and the identification of the problem. In the next chapter, the victim is characterised by a violent person and all persons who may become victims of domestic violence. The attention of tormented, abused and neglected child. It is definition, speeches, forms, causes and consequences. The last chapter of the theoretical part of the assistance to persons at risk of domestic violence prevention, intervention centres and legal framework of domestic violence in the Czech Republic. The practical part is realized as quantitative research. The research is based on the method of questionnaire which was sent to the general public in electronic form. The main purpose of this thesis and also this questionnaire is to find out how the company is informed about domestic violence and its impact on a child. Based on the information obtained from the questionnaire, the major society is aware of domestic violence but the problem is usually where to seek help. More than a half of the respondents believes that domestic violence has a negative impact on the psychic side and also the...

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