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Pre-vocational and vocational assertion of pupils with mild mental disabilities in the regions Pilsen and Carlsbad
Petříková, Ladislava ; Blažková, Veronika (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
My interest is to explore the pre-professional and professional employment of pupils with mild mental disabilities. The objective is to find out what the real possibilities are and whether they really find employment in the labor market. The work would monitor not only their application provided to the labor market, but also their development in the working sphere. For closer mapping, I decided to choose Pilsen and Karlovy Vary regions, where not only sheltered workshops, but also sheltered workplaces, supported employment and work-training programs exist. The aim of the thesis is to determine the pre-professional and the professional application of pupils with mild mental disabilities by their integration into an intact society. It is to determine whether they are able to get involved in the work process and how this ideas resemble reality. To find out what kind of support the respondents received during their training, what problems they had to face or endure when looking for a job, and how their professional career's developed. The work will be developed using basic scientific methods. This is especially the method of analysis, which allows to look at the phenomenon in detail. In this case, the information will be obtained in the study of professional literature, the results of the questionnaire...
Multicultural education in the USA
Turková, Jana ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the content and specific features of the multicultural education in the USA. It describes the evolution of the country's migration processes and its multicultural education together with current issues of the country in this field. The second part of the thesis engages in the examination of American teachers' real experience with the multicultural education, discrimination and racism in American schools via interviewing. Their experience is used as inspiration to propose a school project, which is a part of this thesis, that would be applicable in the Czech educational environment. It focuses on the important Afro-American personalities presented to high school students in an interactive and entertaining way.
: Integration of pupils with a different mother tongue in the environment of selected Czech schools
Culková, Magda ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The diploma thesis on the topic of Integration of pupils with different mother tongues in the environment of selected Czech schools consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical part the basic terminology and issues related to pupils with different mother tongues is defined on the basis of a literature search. In the first part of the work I deal with migration as a phenomenon and also with the development of migration in the territory of the Czech Republic. In the second part of the work I deal with individual models of intercultural coexistence of different cultures in the territory of one state, adaptation, cultural identity, intercultural communication and possible barriers which disrupt mutual understanding. The third part is focused on pupils with different mother tongues and bilingual pupils, their specifics and education, mother tongues, communication and involvement of pupils with different mother tongue in education. In the practical part of the diploma thesis I deal with the inclusion of pupils with different mother tongue at selected primary schools. I chose the type of qualitative survey and used the method of semi-structured interview and observation. Using an interview method with selected pupils with different mother tongues, their class teachers and...
Feminism and Emancipation of Women in Schools in Rokycany
Šimáňová, Pavlína ; Lánský, Ondřej (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
In the first part, the Diploma Thesis describes feminism in general, its development and opinions about it that were built over the years and had the biggest impact on emancipation of women in our country and even all around the world. The second part of the Thesis is focused on the practical part of these views, specifically how these theories were applied to the education of women in Rokycany, a city in West Bohemia. In addition, Thesis also follows the emancipation of women at school and the development of women's education in Rokycany. It summarizes the origin and development of the Rokycany grammar school and the involvement of women in schooling. Thesis also mentions Ludmila association and its influence and efforts to emancipate women in a number of other schools in the Rokycany area. Last but not least, Thesis introduces the very first women, who had the opportunity to attend the Rokycany grammar school, their further studies and specialization in employment. In the end, it also mentions the first women who had the opportunity to be part of the teaching staff at the Rokycany grammar school. How did feminist theories apply on the education of women in the Rokycany? How did the emancipation of women to schools in Rokycany take place? Key words: emancipation, high school, Rokycany, education,...
Care of the soul as a philosophical problem
Pochop, Jan ; Rybák, David (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of the care of soul. The goal of the work is to express what is meant by care of the soul and to remind its importance and its role in human life, especially at young age. The concept of soul and the ways of its development are very closely connected with the Greek concept of paideia, which is elaborated on in Plato's work and which foreshadows the beginning of pedagogy as a science. Therefore, the bachelor thesis focuses also on education and tries to pay attention to its meaning and essence. The thesis is based on Plato's dialogues and Patočka's texts, especially on his extensive writings and lectures on the topic of the care of soul. This work is written, when the key method is the analysis of selected texts using Czech literature as primary and foreign as secondary. The work is divided into 5 chapters. First two form a theoretical introduction to the context of the age of ancient thinkers and the issue of care of soul. The third chapter focuses on Plato's work itself. It deals with the educational curriculum introduced in the Republic with reference to the parable related to it. The fourth chapter looks on the work of Jan Patočka, who is considered the most important Czech thinker focusing on this issue. The last chapter is devoted to the possibilities...
Safety and protection of the health of children in pre-school age
Turynová, Petra ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
The thesis deals with the topic of safety and health protection of pre-school children. It focuses on education opportunities for children in nursery school. The aim of the work is to highlight the importance of health and safety education for pre-school-age children and to propose the subsequent possible implementation of a project called Safe in danger into the education of pre- school-age children. The work summaries theoretical knowledge about the developmental peculiarities of a child of pre-school age and possible risks of accidents. There is a condensed legislative framework that is binding on pre-school education, which implies principles for the safety and health of children and presents the expected outcomes formulated in the Framework Education Programme for pre-school education in the area. The theoretical section points to an investigation in the field of selected issues by the Czech School Inspection and presents an overview of programs, projects and materials that can be used to educate children on this issue. The empirical part of the work uses the method of action research. It includes a questionnaire survey, an analysis of school documents that lead to the safety and health of children in nursery school and the design of the project. At the end of the research, due to the...
Strategic Management of Human Resources in a Company
Miklíková, Kristýna ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
(AJ): The topic of this diploma thesis is the strategic management of human resources in a selected company. The theoretical part is focusing on areas including strategic human resource management and individual HR activities. The practical part introduces the company, its human resource management strategy, evaluation of the current situation and suggestions for improving HR activities.

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