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Kindergarten at the Obilní trh in Brno
Walter, Jaromír ; Cahel, Tomáš (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor) ; Bantová, Sylva (advisor)
Subject of my bachelor thesis was creating suitable building for kindergarten in Brno-City, near Obilni Trh square. Given parcel was situated opposive of Obilni Trh's square and was created partially by destruction of buildings during World war 2. Subject building's design consists of areas suited for Kindergarten, areas for renting and underground parking. Building is situated further away from the street line to create optimal setting for kindergarten and to offer space for city services.
Reconstruction of the Pohorelec at the JAMU Stage Design Studio
Čech, Daniel ; Špiller, Martin (referee) ; Guzdek, Adam (advisor) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
The aim of the Bachelor thesis was to renew and rebuild the building of the former Supreme state prosecutor to the place for The Stage design of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno and The Rectorate od Janáček Academy. The building is located on the corner of the busy streets Jánská, Kobližná and Pohořelec where it forms a rather drab end point of these streets. The object was built in the post World war II period and carries features of late functionalism. The building has been abandoned since 90s. The ground floor was used for commerce, the underground floor for technical equipment of the building and other upper floors were purely administrative. The building has one underground floor and seven above-ground floors. In the ground floor were designed a public café and exhibition spaces. On the second to the fourth floor there are administrative places for the Janáček Academy Rectorate. On the fifth to the seventh floor the are spaces for students of the Stage design. In the new eight floor there is a background for the Light design. The main focus of the work was to restore life and create a functional and aestetically friendly environment. This was achieved by changing the internal layout where some dividing structures were removed, including the vertical connections of the floors and finally the use of glass partitions.The layout is now more open, lighter and airy. A main element of the reconstruction is the extension of the next floor, which has increased the space for students and employees and confirmed the unclear verticality of the building. The entire extension has more dominant look, but with natural respect to the surrounding buildings. The superstructure fasade consists of pre-installed electroluminescent panels with a holographic foil. This foil produces rainbow effects on the facade and reflects light, relieving the mass. At night, thanks to electroluminescent wires, the extension shines and highlights the happenings inside th
Analysis of Human Resource Performance, Measurement and Planning in a Selected Company
Tůmová, Martina ; Kocourková, Jana (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the use of personal resources in the team Support of applications belonging under the Service Desk in a selected company. The task is to analyze the current state and to propose how to extend a report on a quality and demanding requirements of selected applications. The thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and methodological part, where basic information on human resources and their management is presented, and an application part where the selected company is presented and analyzed the current state of utilization of human resources. The comparison between the data from the report and the facts is based on observations and interviews with employees. Benefits of this work are better data in the reports, which determine the possibility of acquiring human resources to the team. In the future, the information obtained will serve as a basis for setting up effective workflow management in the new system. At the end of the thesis, an overall evaluation of the thesis is made, the solution and the prediction of the further development of the human resources utilization in the selected team are proposed.
The motivation of seniors from Klatovy area for education
This bachelor thesis focuses on education of seniors specifically from the area of Klatovy district. It focuses on the motivation of seniors and educational opportunities in Klatovy district. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part is divided into three chapters. The first chapter describes motivation itself, motivation for education and communication. The second chapter focuses on seniors, third age and aging itself. It defines the age limit and describes changes that are related to third age. The third chapter explains methods and forms of education for seniors. The empirical part is devoted to research of educational opportunities for seniors in Klatovy region, motivation of their participants to education and evaluation of provided activities. Special attention is paid to the Virtual University of the Third Age, the way of education, motivation and evaluation of the program by the participants and their tutors in counseling center in Klatovy district. The results of the program evaluation of participants and tutors are compared, interpreted and presented in the conclusion part of the thesis.
Nursing care of the patient with pancreatic carcinoma
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic 'Nursing Care for Patients with an Oncological Disease of the Pancreas'. It maps the work of a nurse taking care of a patient, with regard to the investigative methods in proving the disease of carcinoma of the pancreas and with regard to an inpatient part of the gastroenterological department. Goals of this thesis are: 1. To find out specifics about the nursing care with respect to patients with an oncological disease of the pancreas, 2. To find out the role of a general nurse during the investigative methods regarding the oncological disease of the pancreas, 3. To find out possibilities of further education of nurses who provide nursing care for patients with an oncological disease of the pancreas. Three research questions were set beside these goals: 1. What are the specifics of a nurse caring for patients with an oncological disease of the pancreas? 2. What is the role of a general nurse during the investigative methods of an oncological disease of the pancreas?, 3. What are the possibilities of further education of nurses who provide nursing care for patients with an oncological disease of the pancreas? Part of this bachelor thesis research consists of the qualitative research investigation with the usage of a semi-structured interview. Research investigation took part in the gastroenterological department where there were situated both inpatient and endoscopic parts of the department. Endoscopic nurses were asked questions that focused on the care of a patient before, during, and after the examination. Nurses who work in the inpatient part of the gastroenterology spoke about the specifics of the nursing care of a patient with carcinoma of the pancreas. Endoscopic nurses agreed that the most important part in their work is the usage of endoscopic devices and instrumentarium, their disinfection and sterilization. Also, they agreed that equally important are preparation and care of a patient during and after an examination and an assistance to a doctor during the examination. Nurses in the inpatient department who take care of a patient with carcinoma of the pancreas state that their nursing care focuses on the preparation of a patient for examination, on dealing with pain and nutrition with respect to the patient, and also on a quality of nursing care in a terminal stage. Results of this bachelor thesis could be used as a study material for students who deal with this topic and especially for new nurses in the gastroenterological department.
Position of a radiology assistant in the legislation of the Czech Republic and the European Union with a focus on education
This bachelor´s thesis focuses on education in the branch of Radiology assistance. It presents an overall view of establishing radiology assistants´ organisations, various levels of cooperation in this branch and employment in practical training in the Czech Republic as well as in the European Union. This thesis is theoretically - practical. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on gathering and processing all accessible information about the education system of radiology assistance in the Czech Republic, as well as in some selected countries of the EU. It describes history of this branch and its organisations in the Czech Republic from the time of their establishing up to the present day. It gives a brief overview of the legislation related to this profession. The thesis deals with pre-graduate and post-graduate education and compares their level with four European countries, namely Austria, Germany, Italy and Great Britain. It describes the best known radiology assistant associations in the Czech Republic and in the individual EU countries mentioned above; the options of accredited courses and also professional training. It gives an overview of all universities and colleges in the Czech Republic, ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) documents and Diploma supplements. Moreover, the work focuses on the possibility of a study or work connection of European countries via the Erasmus+ programme and others. It includes radiology assistant qualifications and the possibility of their use in the labour market. The practical part presents the results of a research focused on the numbers of students and graduates of universities and colleges providing radiology assistance education and numbers of radiology assistants employed in the Czech Republic. Results of the study will be used for evaluation of the present state of the educational system, or possibly for its improvement. It will also help the radiology assistants-to-be have an easier start of their career.
Blažek, Zdeněk ; Urban, Michal (advisor) ; Friedel, Tomáš (referee)
Reforming legal education in the Czech Republic Abstract Under the influence of globalisation, European integration and digitalisation, knowledge and skills required for performance of legal professions change dramatically. In order to remain relevant Czech law schools have to adapt to this new environment. Presented thesis is comparing legal studies at the Charles University Faculty of Law (CUFL) and University of Utrecht. The aim is to identify state-of-the-art features of the Dutch educational model which could be implemented at CUFL. Comparison concerns main components of educational process (admission, teaching, examination) but also structure of the programs and curriculum. Findings are presented in wider societal context. Although there are notable differences at the level of educational system (admission, university governance) or national educational policy (funding), a number of findings could be applied in the Czech Republic. Compared to the Dutch study program, CUFL is lacking deeper connection between individual educational elements. Specific educational goals have to be set. These goals should be derived from three main components of legal education - knowledge, skills, and values. General educational goals then have to be represented in goals set for particular courses. In order to improve...
Employee education and development in social enterprises
Skálová, Veronika ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Moree, Dana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of development and education of Czech social enterprise employees and examines how these services are provided. The research set was made of enterprises listed in the Social Entrepreneurship Directory, which declare their social mission. In the form of a questionnaire survey, it was investigated how the educational process in the enterprise proceeds from the planning, design to implementation and subsequent evaluation of educational activities. The research results show that social enterprises educate their employees, but in most enterprises it is a relatively unsystematic process, with reserves mainly on the theoretical and methodological side, which is mainly hampered by lack of funds and lack of time space. However, in the jungle of social entrepreneurship, there are clear exceptions that, despite all the obstacles, provide their staff with quality education services and care for their development. Keywords social economy, social enterprise, social innovation, development, education, lifelong learning, human resources development, education cycle
Structured Teaching in School Practice and its Use in the Education of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Pavlištíková, Alena ; Šiška, Jan (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
The thesis presents structured teaching and its use in classes where children with autism spectrum disorder are educated. The research focuses on how teachers apply the principles of structured learning in the education of individual pupils. Our intention is to link research to practice. We have chosen a qualitative survey to go into the depth of the chosen issue. We start from analyzes of interviews with pedagogical staff. We want to clarify what are the advantages and disadvantages of this method. We are interested in why pedagogical staff recommend structured learning for children with ASDs to teachers, assistants and parents. We want to pass on the research experience to other teachers for further use in their daily practice. KEYWORDS Autism spectrum disorder, structured teaching, individual approach, education, classroom

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