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Beyond library spaces: the first decade of the National Library of Technology (NTK) in the new building
Chodounská, Alena ; Firsova, Naděžda ; Martinová, Olga
During the last decade, National Library of Technology (NTK) has become an integral part of the Prague Dejvice campus. The library building, which had almost one million visits in 2019, is very popular, especially among university students, both domestic and international. The library’s inspiring study spaces and facilities, together with its position in the very heart of campus, are a great advantage for fulfilling our mission of supporting students, professors and researchers. However, in order to become a real hub of STEM information and their efficient transfer to the education and research processes, besides the great building and high-quality information sources, a crucial role belongs to user services and the people who provide them. This presentation focuses on the methods used in observing the information needs and habits of NTK’s patrons and students on campus as well as on evaluation of our users’ experiences. These findings are instrumental for continuous and agile space design adaptations and the improvement of service that support academic and professional growth, inquisitiveness, and the competitiveness of our patrons.
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Forms of Educational Activation in Adults People with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Polák, Viktor ; Zemková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
The diploma thesis discusses autism phenomenon in terms of education and educational activation for adults. The whole text is divided into two imaginary parts. The first part deals with understanding of the term autism itself. It also talks about the reversal in handicap perception regarding integration and inclusion. The last point of this part is philosophical reflection of importance of positive attitude to the issue, and also contemplation of practical possibilities in implementation of education and educational activation. In the other - empiric - part the thesis focuses on qualitative research strategy, which explores possible ways of education and educational activation of adult autists using observation and interviews. The research was carried out in Maxov Home in the Jizera mountains and the participants were ten assistants who are key persons to autism service users. The examined clients are users of services provided by Home for Disabled People and Special Regime Home. As methods for the research was used observation of activities performed by the clients in cooperation with their key assistants, and semi-structured interviews which were based on the observed activity. The aim of the interviews was also to study opportunities of education and educational activation of clients mentioned...
Analysis of cooperation professional football club FK Teplice with high school
Batryn, Mykhaylo ; Buzek, Mario (advisor) ; Vorálek, Rostislav (referee)
Title Analysis of cooperation professional football club FK Teplice with high school. Objectives The aim of this bachelor thesis is to know a real opinion of young football players about their football team and education on high school by analysis personal interview. Method The qualitative research method was used in this bachelor thesis. Results Providing of the comprehensive view of young football players towards their education and football perspective. Keywords Czech Republic, football, social care, high school, education.
Communication competencies of cochlear implant users and their school classification
Doležalová, Kateřina ; Hádková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kotvová, Miroslava (referee)
The thesis "Communication Competence of Cochlear Implant Users and Their School Placement" deals with cochlear implants problematic and communication competence of preschool aged children with cochlear implants. The thesis focuses on communication skills and school placement of children with cochlear implants. The thesis is divided into two main parts, theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part deals with the application of cochlear implant and the rehabilitation process before and after intervention. It further focuses on the communication competence and the education of implant users. The empirical part includes ten specific cases of children with cochlear implants. Apply one's mind to their language abilities such as vocabulary, understanding and grammar. The empirical part shows that cochlear implant is beneficial to the language abilities. The large part of the studied children became equal to their intact contemporaries. KEYWORDS cochlear implant, communication competence, preschool age, school placement, education, hearing impairment
Teaching assistant and his application in preschool
Zemanová, Oldřiška ; Hanyš Holemá, Irena (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
Diploma thesis "Teaching assistant and his application in preschool" discusses the profession of a teaching assistant, his work in educating not only children with special educational needs, but also children without special educational needs and his collaboration with other educators. It deals with everything that an assistant should do and it also provides a summary of opinions and practical experiences of teaching assistants. The thesis is divided into theoretical part and empirical part. Theoretical part consists of five chapters and research part consists of four chapters. The first chapter defines the concept of a teaching assistant, the second chapter points out the differences between personal assistant, teaching assistant and school assistant. The third chapter is dedicated to the importance of a teaching assistant in inclusive education and the fourth chapter deals with cooperation between teachers and teaching assistants. The empirical part contains of the research carried out from a combination of qualitative method, which has the form of a semi-structured interviews, and quantitative method, which was done through a standardized questionnaire. A qualitative method was carried out with selected teachers and teaching assistants, whereas parents attended quantitative method too. A method...
Primary school teacher in an excluded location
Solovovová, Petra ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Horská, Petra (referee)
The work of teacher in excluded localities with Romany pupils is demanding, it requires a high degree of resilience, adaptability, perseverance and resilience. Children growing up in an environment of social exclusion have acquired values, habits and behavior patterns that make it more difficult for them to integrate into the school environment. A teacher from an excluded location should understand the acting and behavior of Romany pupils and help these pupils to successfully master the educational process. The aim of my work is to find out the specifics of the teacher's work in the excluded locality. The qualitatively oriented research is focused on the problems, that teachers face from Roman pupils in their education in excluded localities, their opinions on the education of Romany pupils and on their motivation to educate these pupils in an excluded location. Data are obtained using semi-structured interviews with teachers from excluded localities. The conclusion of my work is a discussion of the research results, where the information from the professional literature is compared with my personal experience and the respondents' testimonies. Keywords Socially excluded locality, Romany, Romany pupil, parent, teacher, education
Student's experience in training for proffessional practice
Jugasová, Ester ; Štefančíková, Mariana (advisor) ; Gigalová, Veronika (referee)
Author: Ester Jugasová Institution: Ústav sociálního lékařství Lékařské fakulty v Hradci Králové Oddělení ošetřovatelství Title: Student's experience in training for proffessional practise Supervisor: PhDr. Mariana Štefančíková, Ph.D., Ph.D. Number of pages: 131 Number of attachements: 3 Year of defense: 2019 Keywords: general nurse, education, nursing practise, personality of nurse, adversity, stress The bachelor thesis deals with the nursing practice of students of the bachelor program of nursing and their experience during its completion. The theoretical part deals with the current education of nurses at universities and the content of their studies. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on the nurse's personality, communication between the patient and the nurse. The bachelor thesis also focuses on the issue of stress, its causes, reactions, describes the basic types of psychosomatic diseases that are related to excessive stress. Another issue is iatropatogenia, or harm to the patient by medical staff, which may be the result of overloading nurses. The thesis also deals with the burnout syndrome that can be affected by helping professions. The empirical part was carried out by the qualitative method of the research. Initially, 7 research objectives were set. In addition, 3 research groups (students,...
Education of a two-year-old child in kindergarten and child group
Hudlická, Nikol ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (advisor) ; Kropáčková, Jana (referee)
Bakalářská práce se zabývá problematikou edukace dvouletých dětí v zařízeních péče o děti do tří let, především v mateřských školách a dětských skupinách. V teoretické části jsou vysvětleny hlavní pojmy a témata. Popsána jsou zařízení péče o děti do tří let, detailněji jsou charakterizovány dětské skupiny a mateřské školy, včetně jejich legislativního vymezení. Dále je přiblížen vývoj dítěte do tří let, přístupy k edukaci dvouletých dětí v zahraničí, možné problematické aspekty edukace dvouletých dětí a též metodická doporučení pro práci s dvouletými dětmi. V praktické části je s využitím dvou případových studií popsána edukace dvouletých dětí v mateřské škole a dětské skupině. Cílem výzkumu bylo analyzovat podmínky a způsob práce s dvouletými dětmi v mateřské škole a dětské skupině. V mateřských školách je realizována s dvouletými dětmi ve větší míře pedagogická práce, v dětské skupině je pozornost věnována především potřebám dětí, skupiny zajišťují spíše hlídání dětí, obohacené o vhodné aktivity s dvouletými dětmi. KLÍČOVÁ SLOVA edukace, dvouleté dítě, mateřská škola, dětská skupina, učitelka, chůva, dítě v raném věku, péče o dítě mimo rodinu ABSTRACT The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of education of two-year-old children in care facilities for children under three years, especially in...

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