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Pasparta - publishing company with aim to inform about autism spectrum disorders
Ullsperger, Adam ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
This bachelor thesis has aim to introduce Nakladatelství Pasparta publishing house, which orients its creative power on improving the public's knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorders. The first chapter defines the term publishing house and describes a brief history of publishing business in Czech lands. The second chapter contains detailed information on its founding, its characteristics and contains a chronological overview of its creation, divided into four categories: Fiction, For Children, Specialised literature about autism and Psychology. This review ends in June 2019, but also includes unpublished literature and a brief introduction to future plans of Pasparta. This part is also about Pasparta's social enterprise for employing autistic persons. The third chapter describes how the whole cooperation works in practice and legal terms. It also contains a description of the publishing author's team and comes up with motivational issue of this whole project. The last part is about awards that Pasparta have won throughout its existence.
Analysis of modern society. Are media dangerous for education or their big opportunity?
Vencl, Josef ; Pelcová, Naděžda (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
Diploma thesis stands on the theory of the modern information society, as is reflected by the modern philosophy. The first part analyzes the theoretical fragmentation of the world, education and technology. Education because of its dependence on different interests (mainly economic), technology for its threat of real destruction of personality but, on the other hand, its necessity for the society and its further development. The thesis looks for a place for technology in modern society and education. KEYWORDS modern society, information society, learning society, education, training, knowledge, world
Dentists literacy of non-medical staff
Havlíčková, Kateřina ; Kordulová, Pavla (advisor) ; Kulhavá, Miluše (referee)
(v AJ) Through the bachelor thesis I open the issue of dental literacy for non-medical health workers. The World Health Organization points out the importance of high health literacy and health education. Therefore, I decided to elaborate the final work on this topic and thus find out the level of dental literacy at various clinics. The theoretical part describes health literacy, anatomy and pathology of oral cavity and current knowledge of literacy in dentistry. The basis for the work I drew mainly on the basis of the research in the National Medical Library. From the catalog of the National Medical Library Medvik, the BMC database (Bibliographia medica čechoslovaca), the specialized databases CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) and MEDLINE (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online), from a personal source of professional literature, expert consultation with dental doctors and dental hygienists, own experience and other bachelor theses. The aim of this work is to create an information leaflet to address health professionals in the field of care. Methods: The work was elaborated on the basis of quantitative research by means of anonymous non-standardized questionnaire in printed form. The target group was non-medical health professionals. Objective: The...
Sustainable Development Goal Nr. 1: End of Poverty
Komorová, Anežka ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Fanta, Nicolas (referee)
Nowadays, the question of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seems to get more and more attention. This bachelor thesis focuses on the first goal - end poverty in all its forms everywhere. There is a great number of literature which examines possible determinants of poverty in order to create effective strategies to fight witht it. Majority of them focuses on the study in particular countries or regions since their data are easier to access. On the contrary, this thesis examines variables and their effect on extreme poverty in the world with the use of the econometric analysis on panel data. There are seven independent variables used: GDP per capita, Gini index as a proxy variable for income inequality, population growth and four education attainment levels - no education, primary, secondary and tertiary. The World Bank was chosen as the primary source of data with a great number of observations from 125 countries over time period of 2000 and 2017. According to the results of the study, explanatory variables GDP per capita, income inequality, no education and tertiary education significantly affect extreme poverty. Also, the results show that the goal of 0 % is unlikely to be fulfilled by the year of 2030. To sum up, the first goal of the SDGs turned out as too ambitious. For its...
The impact of mobile phone technology on Africa
Kendík, Martin ; Kotásek, Miroslav (referee) ; Sedláček, Pavel (advisor)
Tato bakalářská práce se zabývá vlivem mobilních technologií na Afriku. Cílem této práce je stanovit nejvlivnější technologie a jejich dopad na Afriku. První část této semestrální práce je zaměřena na samotné mobilní technologie. V kapitole, která se zaměřuje na mobilní telefony budou také popsány aplikace pro smartphony, které se podílejí na dopadu na Afriku. V druhé části bude určen dopad na společnost ve dvou částech sestávající z dvou částí, a to dopad na vzdělávání a zdraví, kde budou určeny různé aspekty každého dopadu. Ve třetí části bude popsán dopad na ekonomii a bankovnictví.
Nurse's job specifications in surgical ambulance
Theoretical Base: As for patiens, surgical outpatient clinic belongs to much sought-after departments in a hospital. Its job requires mostly treating patients suffering from stomachache, healing wounds or performing minor surgeries. A nurse has an irreplacable role in the surgical clinic. She assists to a doctor, talks to the patients and performs activities within her competence. Goals: This bachelor thesis has three research objectives. Goal 1: To define nurse job description at given surgical clinics. Goal 2: To find out, if nurses are well prepared for the surgical clinic job. Goal 3: To find and describe nursing job differences at hospital in Pelhřimov and České Budějovice. There are these research questions: Research question 1: What is the nurse job description at surgical clinic? Research question 2: How well are nurses prepared for the nursing job at surgical clinic? Research question 3: What are the differences in nurse job description at surgical clinics in Pelhřimov and České Budějovice? Used methods: The data for the empirical part of the bachelor thesis were collected by conducting a qualitative research. A semi-structured interview was selected for collecting the data. Results: According to the results of data analysis, research questions were answered. The research shows that the nurse job description in both the workplaces concerned is not completely the same. Nurses working at the district hospital take care even of patients with trauma or proctological patients. That requires higher demands for knowledge and abilities of the nurse. The research also shows that the absolvents of universities or vocational schools were better prepared for their jobs, both theoretically and practically.

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