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Faktory ovlivňující výši průměrné mzdy
Zámková, Nikola
A remuneration is an important activity from both the employee's and employer's point of view. A wage is a main source of income for an individual or a family. There are many factors affecting the wage. The main aim of this thesis is an identification of the factors affecting the average wage. The aim will be achieved by creating appropriate econometric models. The independent variables will be chosen on the basis of an overview of literature. The partial aim of this thesis is a verification of the gender pay gap. In the practical part, models with differences according to gender and education will be created. These models will be tested on the premises of a classical linear regression model. The results of the models will be compared and afterwards, the impacts on the average wage will be interpreted.
Ekonomické dopady zrušení základních škol praktických v mikroregionu Lipensko
Peterková, Iva
This bachelor thesis deals with economical impact after cancelling practical primary school, specifically in the micro-area Lipensko which is also the main aim. At the beginning of this thesis there are defined various important concepts about education and funding of education in the Czech Republic. In the next part of the thesis there are described all public primary schools in the micro-area and then there is performed an analysis of the costs and expenditure on some of them. In the end of the thesis there are identified new potential costs and expenditure associated with inclusions and an evaluation of the potential economic impact.
Zhodnocení úrovně finanční gramotnosti ve skupině studentů středních a vysokých škol
Naď, Slavomír
The thesis is focused on the evaluation of financial literacy among a group of high school and college students. It is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part offers a definition of financial literacy. Additionally, the main factors which influence financial literacy, family and school are examined. The theoretical part is followed by the practical part which analyses data obtained with the help of a questionnaire. The results offer a clear material describing the financial skills of students.
Vliv politiky zaměstnanosti na integraci zdravotně hendikepovaných osob do pracovního procesu v České republice
Fronková, Renata
FRONKOVÁ R., The impact of employment policy on the integration of disabled people into the work process in the Czech Republic. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. People with disabilities are one of the risk groups in the labor market. For this reason, it is important to devote attention to their integration into employment and tools that help to work process. The diploma thesis deals with Integration of people with disabilities into the work process. within the theme, the thesis focuses mainly on the factors that influence the integration of people into the working process. These factors are mainly employment policy instruments, in which the legislation of Czech Republic and EU are implemented.
Vzťah medzi vzdelanostnou štruktúrou obyvateľstva a trhom práce vo vybraných krajinách EU
Birošová, Michaela
Bachelor thesis deals with an assessment of the relationship between the educational structure of population and labor market in selected countries of the European Union. By regression and correlation analysis were identified main issues. An important finding is confirming the expectation that higher education positively affects the economy situation within selected sectors of the economy. Furthermore, an increasing proportion of the population with higher educational attainment level tend to reduce share of long-term unemployment in the active population, on the odther hand primary or incomplete education attainment increases this rate of unemployment.
Analýza hodnôt a postojov vo vzťahu k typu vzdelania a využívania elektronických médií
Vyskoková, Nikola
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of values and attitudes of young people, focusing mostly on the value of education and electronic media. The work has two parts, the first part is theoretical and explains such terms as values, education, attitudes and media from more points of view. In the second practical part I discuss methodology and results of my own research carried out on elementary school and high schools located in Prievidza. The aim of research was to find out what is today´s value of education, why are students interested in studying abroad and also find out how much media affect their life. In the end I discuss findings and I give some recommendations and suggestions for future.
The impact of Urbanization on the socioeconomic development of Ghana
Aikins, Michael Boako
At independence Ghana had about 70% of it populace leaving in the rural areas but now the country is over 50% urbanized. People are changing from agricultural occupation to business, trade, services and other professions in search for a quality life style. Major cities in Ghana such as Accra, Kumasi and now the oil city Takoradi are now facing urban management challenges since the cities are becoming more and more dirty and unkempt. Drawing on data from the Living Standard Survey Reports for Round 5-6 that spans from 2008 to 2014 for Ghana, this study examines the effects of urbanization on socio-economic development in Ghana. The study demonstrates some association of urbanization with developmental outcomes in education, health, employment and housing. It examines urbanization by using patterns of internal migration, noting that people move from relatively poor areas to richer ones in Ghana. While it is difficult to establish causality, the evidence suggests that while urbanization happens mostly by internal migration, such moves may allow poor people to access better opportunities in richer regions in Ghana. This study then looks more carefully at the association between internal migration and some socio-economic indicators of education, health, employment and housing at the state level and to some degree at the household level. A key finding of this research is the association of urbanization of educational attainment for female and a positive life expectancy in general. In addition, urbanization has not had entirely positive relationship on employment and housing in the big cities in Ghana.
Možnosti podpory vzdělávání a zaměstnanosti mladých lidí v subsaharské Africe
Křivánková, Alena
The diploma thesis evaluates how education influences the success of young people in the labour market in Zambia and analyses the causes for unemployment and underemployment. The work covers a literature review of education and the labour market in Zambia, as well as the description of economic and social aspects of the country. The practical part contains analysis of the matters which is followed by the development project proposal. The proposal is administrated according to the Czech Development Agency and which aims to improve the situation in rural area of Kashitu in Zambia. This project focuses on reducing youth unemployment and development of economic activities in Kashitu through the construction of a new vocational centre. Foundation for the project is based on the research, which used a method of participant observation in the field, and on the cooperation with local community non-profit organization New Renato Community Society.
Vybrané ekonomické efekty přítomnosti studentů ve městě Brně
Kotoučková, Sylva
The main aim of the thesis which was created in collaboration with City Strategy Office is analysing the economic contributions of students in Brno. The thesis includes quantitative research focusing on students preferences in the way of accommodation and transport in city, spending their free time and structure of their incomes and expenses. Information from the research is compared with research from 2014. It has been found out that the outcomes of repeatedly performed survey are similar, students preferences, their expenses and incomes have not been significantly changed. The results of this survey will be processed in cooperation with City Strategy Office and implied into new strategic plan for Brno 2050.
Post-conflict development - Case study of Syria
Chaloupková, Dita
The bachelor thesis deals with the proposal of changes in process of theory of post-conflict development in Syria, the development of education level in Syria from the beginning of the conflict. The work is divided into three parts. Literature research deals with theory of post-conflict reconstruction, demography, migration theory, theory of educational systems and process of reintegration. Second part is dealing with analyses of the demographic structure of Syria, their population with emphasis on children and analyses of education sector in different parts of the country. In the last part are proposed suggestions how to improve the education system of Syrian children.

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