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Released share
Pašek, Dominik ; Eichlerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Čech, Petr (referee)
The subject of this master thesis is a released share. The paper is divided into 2 main parts which correspond with 2 main goals of this thesis - a detailed analysis of general provisions on a released share and analysis of the collision of provisions governing the released share and a share pledge. In the general part of the thesis, the released share is described thoroughly, as well as the process of how the companies have to deal with it. The structure of the general part follows the structure of the Business Corporations Act. Firstly, the released share is described, followed by the sale of released share with all its problems, settlement share and the process the company follows after the settlement share is paid out, i.e. the transfer of the released share to the remaining members or reduction of registered capital. In the general part of the thesis I also compare the effective legislation and the amendment of Business Corporations Act which is being prepared at the time of writing this paper and which could bring solutions to many problems arising out of the effective legislation. In the special part, which I assume to be the key part of this paper, I analyse the collision of regulations of released share and share pledge. To begin with, I describe the rights of the pledgee to the released pledged...
To what extent are financial statements applicable for settlement among the owners?
Radová, Karolína ; Skálová, Jana (advisor)
This thesis is focused on settlement with shareholders leaving a limited liability company. The process of dealing with leaving shareholder is based on determination of so-called settlement amount, which expresses the reward belonging to the shareholder for his business share. Settlement amount is defined by czech law and there are also several precedents issued by courts, which help to specify interpretation of the law. The aim is to define how a company should settle with a shareholder in order to do it fairly and honestly.
Termination of Participation in the Partnership of a Limited Lability Company
Vozdecká, Eliška ; Kalášková,, Zdeňka (referee) ; Musilová, Helena (advisor)
The aim of this work is to prepare the financial, legal and tax considerations, the termination of a shareholder in a company with limited liability in case the shareholder has an interest in maintaining the business participate in society. Work is focused on the situation in a particular society and analyzes the suitability of the shareholders. In conclusion, as specified by a variant of possible situations. Work may benefit shareholders who wish to terminate participation in society.
Creation and Cessation of Membership in Producing Co-operatives including the Calculation of Settlement Amount
BÖHMOVÁ, Kristýna
The aim of this bachelor?s thesis called ?Creation and Cessation of Membership in Producing Co-operatives including the Calculation of Settlement Amount? was to compare membership Creation and Cessation with Creation and Cessation of membership which is conditioned by work relationship, rights and obligations of members and ways of settlement amount calculation. Literature search has been written on the basis of obtained information from available professional literature. Theoretical facts regarding the topic can be gained from this part. The practical part was written in accordance with hypothesis setting and regulations analysis of the selected production units. For better orientation this part follows the previous literature search point by point. The given topics and aims of this bachelor?s thesis are dealt with here on the basis of information resulting from units analysis. I have tried to point out the difference, range and content of regulations´ adjustments in which the law enables units to make self - adjustments.
Member's ownership interest in a limited liability company
Fuksová, Daniela ; Kalinová, Miluše (advisor) ; Žák, Květoslav (referee)
The thesis focuses on a member's ownership interest in a limited liability company. In the introduction, we provide an outline of the basic institutes of a limited liability company such as its incorporation and creation, composing of memorandum of association, the way of member's liability etc. Then we define the legal nature of an ownership interest as another property value. The main stress is put particularly on a member's rights and obligations arising from the ownership of his/her interest, and on different changes of members. To illustrate the issues described in the thesis, we also provide relevant judgments rendered by Czech courts in appellate and appellate review proceedings related to ownership interests in limited liability companies.

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