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Revitalizace městské zeleně v podobě jedlého komunitního sadu
This thesis deals with the public greenery, its division, forms, function, protection and revitalization. Public green is displayed, in this thesis, as an integral part of our everyday life, which is necessary to protect and avoid its destruction due to any development and which is necessary to preserve, maintaine and rebuilt as much as possible. The aim of this thesis is to design a revitalisation study of public greenery in Blatná. For this purpose, were used findings from all various literature sources and also knowledge about the town and the location which is solved in this thesis. Thanks to this work it was possible to gather information about the history and present state of the territory and suggest revitalization based on this knowledge. The designed revitalization of the selected locality is designed so that the area integrates and fulfils the requirements of the local community, both in terms of necessary parking and preservation of greenery. The revitalized area reflects the modern concept of the natural creation of public greenery with its functional use in the form of edible trees and herbs.
Zhodnocení úspěšnosti výsadeb a následné péče o dřeviny na vybraných lokalitách v Praze
Neumann, Petr
Evaluation of tree plantings prosperity and their subsequent maintenance at selected localites in Prague
Changes of public green and its cultivation at the turn of 19th and 20th century (case study of the town Kolín)
Michálková, Barbora ; Matoušek, Václav (advisor) ; Pauknerová, Karolína (referee)
The submitted diploma thesis aims to evaluate which transformations of the public green occurred at the turn of the 19th and 20th century with the emphasis on areas primarily used for the cultural and social purposes. One of the most significant subjects creating the specific landscape in the industrial cities in this period are the beautification associations; the objective of the thesis is to point out to their importance. In the introductory chapters the issue is integrated into the historical and social context, the basic terms related to the industrial society are defined. The fundamental of running of the beautification associations together with their activities are introduced. The necessary part of this work is also a treatise concerning the importance of public green, its development and typology. The second part includes the regional probe devoted to the transformation of green space within the city Kolín during its transformation into the modern industrial city. On the basis of acquired archival data, is in the frame of this issue, evaluated the activity of the local beautification association, which enabled the creation of contribution regarding the still insufficiently analysed relationship between the society and public green.
Methodology for assessing the accessibility of green spaces in urban environment
Kubíček, Ondřej ; Temelová, Jana (advisor) ; Fialová, Dana (referee)
In this thesis I focus on assessing the accessibility of public green spaces in urban environment. The paper summarizes some of the problems of measuring the accessibility by analysing selected methods used in previous researches on this topic. The main goal of this work is to propose a methodology, which would deal with these problems and which could be used to measure the accessibility of public green areas in cities as accurately as possible. In the empirical part of the paper I use the proposed methodology to compare the accessibility of public green spaces in two cadastral areas (Motol and Vršovice) and to test the hypothesis that a greater amount of green corresponds with better access to public green spaces for residents. Key words: accessibility, public green space, methodology, urban environment
Old - new urban spa
Hrušková, Ludmila ; Šindlar, Jiljí (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the town spa in Zábrdovice by architect Bohuslav Fuchs. Spaces were inserted into the spa, which did not burden their construction with their functions. The urbanistic study deals with the Zábrdovice area, which will become the Military Campus.
Dlážděnka park - The project of a new design
Kožíšková, Lenka ; Vaněk, Jan (advisor) ; Marcela, Marcela (referee)
Presented diploma theses is focused on revitalization of urban park in Prague. This thesis is composed of three parts. Initial part represents review of selected literature dealing with public space, its meaning, historical development, and qualities. In connection to this theme it deals with one specific form of public space, urban park, and public greenery in general. In this chapter qualities of urban public space are examined together with current issues and trends in new urban space designs and revitalizations. The second part is concentrated on the place of interest and its analyses. The core of this part is to collect wide range of information about the area. Emphasis is put on environmental factors, historical development, and space factors of close surrounding. Analyses of current use was done by field investigation and social survey, which was done by questioner. Other information was collected by personal interviews with local representatives and park users. Requirements of local users were collected as well. Design of selected area composes the last part of the theses. Concept of new park layout comes out from characteristics creating current state and is inspired by historical context. At the same time, it is based on requirements of its users. Presented design is drawn up as case study, which is supported by representative sections and visualizations. This part covers design of crucial details as well. To keep a track of design general cost estimate is presented. The core of this design is to create a space which is attractive to its users, who will spend more time in public space and share it with its neighbours.
Analyses of the impact of suburban public space revitalisation
Pihera, Václav ; Halamová, Jana (advisor) ; Andrea, Andrea (referee)
This thesis deals with impact of suburban public space revitalization, in this case is the public space Santos Island, a part of forest park. At first it has been researched from the view of experts, by the type and perception, which is this point of research. This uttered hypothesis, that is researched, tells us, that the revitalization of the river Island had a positive impact on the life of inhabitants and visitors, and positive energetic impacts on image and function of this part of forest park. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate these impacts from several points of view of its users with emphasis on potential of locality and to understand the influence. In between the most important aspects belong the choice to spend your free-time with family here, in forest park, where the sports elements are. This elements lead to more healthier life-style and to generation meetings. The social research is perceived from the owner´s side, from the side of Sušice, which hold the responsibility for.
The Benefits of Green Spaces
Těťálová, Zuzana ; Souček, Josef (advisor) ; Marek, Marek (referee)
This diploma thesis with the theme of The benefits of green spaces deals with the benefits of green space and their value. The main part of the thesis is a literary review summarizing the theme of the benefits of green space and the methods of their evaluation. The first part of the review focuses mainly on the identification of the functions of green spaces in an urban environment and a closer look at their effects, utility and functioning. In this section the effects of the phenomena that occur in urban environments and which are suppressed thanks to green spaces are also analyzed. The second part of the review is devoted to the importance of evaluating green spaces and their benefits and further to methodologies, which are discussed in detail. The following section analyzes the evaluation methodologies and their positive and critical points are identified. This section also divides the methodologies according to their relevance in the Czech environment, which is specific and the methodologies developed in the Anglo-Saxon context cannot be applied without modification. This chapter also compares data sources needed to develop a methodology for evaluating the benefits of green spaces. In the fifth chapter of the thesis, a methodology for calculating the economic value of the benefits of green spaces in the city is created, based on the knowledge gained in the literature review. The methodology combines methods from various sources and adjusts them to the Czech context. It also examines the data sources needed in order to set up the whole balance sheet. The sixth part deals with the discussion, in which is the summary of the data, which arise from the assembled methodology and compares them with the literature and the application of similar methodologies in other territories. The conclusion summarizes the information obtained in the research and suggests other possibilities of their future use.
Revitalization of greenery in the area of Domov Modrý kámen in Mnichovo Hradiště
Paštyková, Iveta ; Bažant, Václav (advisor) ; Janeček, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis deals with the revitalization of greenery in area at the retirement house Modrý kámen and the long term care unit in Mnichovo Hradiště. The aim is to evaluate the existing vegetation in the area, to propose appropriate suitable measures and allow residents to spend their free time and relaxation. There was carried out a survey. During this survey there was conducted inventory of trees. They were assessed according to physiologacal age, vitality, health, stability, orchard assessment and based on the results certain measures were designed. The area was divided into two areas. In total there are 201 of trees, 100 deciduous trees, 83 conifers and 18 evaluated bushes in the rear, which will be mostly retained. Overall, the most abundant type is the white birch (Betula pendula). This work will serve as a basis with a possible solution to this area. This proposal would improve the quality and attractiveness of housing for residents of the retiremet home Modrý kámen, people living in apartment buildings and houses nearby.
Concept of redevelopment of recreational zone on Vítkov hill
Podhradský, Jan ; Novotný, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Anna, Anna (referee)
This thesis is focused on finding a new redevelopment of recreational zone on the Vítkov hill. In the introductory part we are acquainted with basic problems of public spaces and public greenery. In the second part I made analyses of current status of the area. Consequences of analyses point out several problems to solve. In the last part I proposed new redevelopment of recreational zone, which is supposed to eliminate the problems of the area.

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