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Organization of public administration
Hulínský, Viktor ; Millerová, Ivana (advisor) ; Kryska, David (referee)
The topic and the title of this master thesis is Organization of public administration and its main objective is to provide comprehensive view on organisation of public administration in Czech Republic with closer focus on government administration and territorial self- government. The main sources used for this thesis were literature, legal regulations and case-law. The thesis is divided into four logically arranged chapters. First chapter is dedicated to theoretical overview of public administration, its organization and main principles. Second chapter is called Government Administration and is mainly focused on system of its direct executors, which consists of government, ministries, as well as central administrative agencies and other administrative agencies with national geographical coverage. This chapter also deals with indirect executors of government such as municipalities and regional authorities. Main objective of this chapter is to provide overview of these mentioned executors, theirs scope and relative legislation. Following chapter is devoted to territorial self-government, executed by territorial self-governing units, which is guaranteed by Constitution of Czech Republic and the state can intervene only if it is necessary for the protection of the law. This chapter is divided into three...
Financing of a public contract using a voluntary association of municipalities
Sedlaříková, Zuzana ; Laudát, Marek (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to the financing of public community and voluntary association of municipalities. The theoretical part is focused on Public procurement, public administration, the cooperation of municipalities, the functioning of voluntary unions of municipalities and ways of financing public investments. The aim of the thesis was to analyze voluntary unions of municipalities in the Moravian-Silesian Region and to assess the financing of a specific project built within the voluntary union of municipalities.
Further training of management and employees of public administration
Synková, Jitka ; Pavlov, Ivan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is a systematic treatise on the importance of the process and goals of professional training of employees in public administration with a focus on the specifics of training in computer and language. The first chapter of the latest scientific findings described in the general position of the aims and methods of education employees in all sectors. The second chapter deals with training in computer literacy and language skills as a cross-cutting areas of training required at all levels of administration not only in public now, but also in the private sector, especially in the tertiary sector service provision. While the first two chapters concern the education of employees in general and also submit proposals for the streamlining of the educational process, the third chapter focuses on public law. Given that, in the context of the public being gradually applied system of new public administration (new public administration) are transmitted proven management elements into the administration of the private sector to the public sector, hand in hand with that are accepted and proven methods and forms of education management and employees. The fourth chapter is devoted to the education of management and employees in public administration in countries of the European Union. Closely...
Development of small towns in the Posázaví region
Šulc, Petr ; Perlín, Radim (advisor) ; Vaishar, Antonín (referee)
The diploma thesis is concerned with the development of three small towns in the Posázaví region. Development preconditions are evaluated according to the project implementation and financing and the communication of the town council with the public. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate what projects the towns implemented during the monitored period and whether these projects contributed to the town development. In the theoretical part of the thesis are defined various types of functioning of public administration and development factors with the emphasis on human and social capital. Furthermore, the thesis discusses different approaches to strategic planning as a major tool for successful development. The chapter about the budget with the emphasis on subsidies is also included in the theoretical part. Two hypotheses emerged from the theoretical part. Following analyses try to answer these hypotheses. The practical part is gradually divided into primary and secondary analysis. In the secondary analysis, the internal development factors and the realized projects, which were divided into development and maintenance, were evaluated. Free available resources were used for this analysis. Information for primary analysis was gained from interviews with key participants of chosen towns from the region...
Statements analysis of the municipal districts to the Prague Metropolitan plan
Drápelová, Kristýna ; Perlín, Radim (advisor) ; Svoboda, Peter (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses mainly on the Metropolitan plan- the spatial plan of the capital city Prague. Especially, it deals with the statements from the municipal districts of Prague to the Metropolitan plan. In the theoretical introduction the broader concept of spatial planning and several approaches to it are explained. Further on, the thesis explains the organization of the public administration system and its four types and the connection between it, mainly because it is very important in the whole process of spatial planning. The second part of the thesis pays attention to the analysis of the municipal district. Individual statements are sorted into seven different categories, which covers mostly all of the topics of the territorial development. Additionally, there is the evaluation of each statement's category and the final summary of the work. Key words: spatial plan, public administration, public hearing, Metropolitan plan, actors
The evaluation of investment activity in the municipality
Jakubíček, Radim ; Kolář,, Petr (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the investment activities in a municipality and mainly with its evaluation. There is the public administration in the Czech Republic described. It is accompanied with potential financial sources and the subsidy system of the Czech Republic and the European Union. The thesis briefly deals with the basic criteria for the evaluation of investment project. The second part of the thesis describes a specific municipality, analyses its current financial situation and its financial situation in the past three years. There is also a specific investment project described and its benefit assessed according to the time of payback.
eGovernment from the perspective of interest groups.
Šrámková, Adéla ; Kotherová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Dobiášová, Karolína (referee)
This diploma thesis called eGovernment from the perspective of interest groups engages with the current topic of the usage of eGovernment in the Czech Republic. The main goal of the thesis is to identify the main benefits and drawbacks of used eGovernment services from the perspective of selected interest groups. Supportive goals of the thesis are to identify interest groups that can view this issue differentially and characterize the actual status of eGovernment in the Czech Republic. A part of this thesis also focuses on the comparison of eGovernment status among the Visegrad Group countries. Benefits and drawbacks of eGovernment are identified by multiple methods, mainly by quantitative pre-research and qualitative research performed by the author of this thesis in the form of questionnaires and interviews with the representatives of selected interest groups. Prior to both types of research, the author conducted SWOT analyses of eGovernment services is conducted from the perspective of all selected interested groups. Furthermore, the thesis contains the analysis of settled Czech case-law that relates to eGovernment. At the basis of the research, the main benefits and drawbacks of eGovernment services are identified. At the end of the thesis, the potential solutions to the identified...
Information society in figures - 2019: the Czech Republic and the EU
Český statistický úřad
Basic overview of the state and development in the spreading and way of use of ICTs in the main areas of our society - The ICT Infrastructure, Households, Individuals, Enterprises, eGovernment, Education and digital skills and eHealth.
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Information Society in Figures - 2018: the Czech Republic and the EU
Český statistický úřad
Basic overview of the state and development in the spreading and way of use of ICTs in the main areas of our society - The ICT Infrastructure, Households, Individuals, Enterprises, eGovernment, Education and digital skills and eHealth.
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Utilization and Benefits of Projecting Activities for Public Administration Sphere
The bachelor thesis is focused on project activity that develops and makes public administration within social area more efficient, and on the experience of workers active within this area. The main objective of this thesis was to describe and analyse project activity leading into the area of development and streamlining of public administration for social area, and a partial objective is to find out what experience public administration workers have with project activity within the social area. In accordance with the objective, the following research questions have been posed: ´What is the use and benefits of project activity for the development and streamlining of public administration in social area?´ and ´What experience do public administration workers have with project activity within social area?´ The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is focused on public administration, social area within public administration, project management, and project activity in public administration focused on social area. The practical part was processed using qualitative research together with the methods of secondary data analysis, triangulation, and questioning, using the technique of a semi-structured interview. First, freely available data was used to evaluate projects falling into the area of development and streamlining of public administration introducing projects at nationwide, regional, and local levels focused on the Region of Karlovy Vary, and the city itself. Then, interviews with Ministry of Interior workers, Regional Office of Karlovy Vary workers, and the City Hall of Karlovy Vary workers were carried out. To evaluate the interview data, the method of anchored theory and the process of open coding were used. For the purposes of result presentation, data categorization was used. The results have proven that the greatest benefit of project activity is gathering of sources and their efficient use, development of social area and its modernization, analysis of needs or problematic areas, helping people in need, and cooperation with experts. The survey has also proven that workers in the analysed area do have experience with project activity, however, each at a different level. Some directly participate at project implementation, others work as experts from the position of external workers. Workers may encounter project activity not only due to their superior´s command, they themselves may decide to do so. This thesis may be beneficial and may serve public administration workers, lay public interested in those issues, or students of related subjects.

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