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Senzorické hodnocení medu
Stará, Barbora
The theme of the thesis was "Sensory analysis of honey". The main objective was to carry out sensory evaluation of various honey samples, as well as focus on the composition of honey, honey types, use honey in food and cosmetic products and to study the issue of the effects of honey on human health and adulteration. For samples of honey sensory analysis evaluated the color, appearance, consistency, smell and taste. Sensory evaluation of honey was held from 25. 9. 2015 to 27. 9. 2015 in the premises of leisure centers in Lužánecký park. The Commission was composed of 6 members from the ranks of people who deal with this issue. The total number of samples tasted was 48. It was a single-flower honeys, multispecies flower honeys, multispecies pasted flower honeys and honeydew honeys. I was part of the committee for sensory analysis. The event was organized by the working nástavkových beekeepers CZ, a. S. With financial participation of the Ministry of Agriculture. The results showed that all samples correspond honey sensory requirements for honey. The winner was a single-flower honey from contestants from Roštění for multispecies flower honeys contestants from Prague, for pasted honeys contestants from the Highlands and the winner for the honeydew honeys become a competitor in the sticks.
Fyzikální vlastnosti medů
Slováček, Robin
The bachelor thesis is focused on the physical and rheological properties of honeys and influences on these properties. Physical properties of honeys are very different depending on chemical compositon on honey, sources of honey, climatic and geographic conditions. Crystallization of honey depends on the content of glucose and frucose. Nectar honey crystallize more rapidly than honeydew honey, because nectar honey has got a higher amount of glucose. The density of honeydew honeys is higher then nectar honey. The higher density of honey have a honeydew honeys, it is about a minerals. The colour of honeys depends on botanic origin, processing method and lenght of storage. Nectar honeys are lighter than honeydew honeys. Electrical conductivity is very important feature, because this feature we can find out the botanic origin of honey. Honeydew honeys have a higher electric conductivity, because they have got a larger amout of minerals. Rheological properties of honeys depends on composition of sugar and botanic origin.Viscosity is a reological properties of honeys which dicreases with increasing temperature.
Selected Qualitative Parameters of Honey Bee Colonies Acquired During the Calendar Year.
Topic of bachelor thesis is "Selected qualitative indicators of honey from different bee hives that were obtained during a calendar year." Main aim of the thesis was to conduct a research of topic given and to compare selected indicators (water content, acidity, electrical conductivity of honey, proof of honey samples being disrupted by starch sirup, starch sugar or malt extracts and other qualitative indicators of honey) from samples of honey that has been collected during a defined period of the year (May, June, July). In the experimental part of the thesis, analysis was performed using defined indicators of quality from selected samples of honey of those that were collected from bees of our own bee hives. European norm for water content in honey was satisfied in 59 samples out of 60. Norm for Czech honey was satisfied in May and June in 9 samples and in July in all 20 samples. Norm for honey acidity and disruption by starch sirup, starch sugar or malt extracts satisfied all 60 samples.

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