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The impact of the specific physical activity on the physical fitness of children measured by UNIFITTEST
Beránková, Adéla ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Hana (referee)
This thesis deals with the impact of the specific physical activity on the physical fitness of children measured by UNIFITTEST (6-60). Final results were processed based on the UNIFITTEST standarts and the information about physical activity of the children were taken from the questionnaire which have been created specifically for this research. The stated research questions were compared with results from the practical part of the thesis and were discussed in the discussion chapter. By this research we have found out that children form seventh and eighth grade have reached an average value in motoric tests. Due to this work children have found out their physical fitness and so they could compared it with their classmates. Also they have got to know with the physical tests with which they can be part of during physical lessons. This work was made by research form realised at standard nonspecific elementary school Na Výsluní in Brandýs nad Labem. The total amount of the participants were 194 from 12 to14 years. KEYWORDS Physical fitness, measurement, UNIFITTEST, performance, physical activity, testing
Analysis of sports training of OCR competitors (Obstacle Course Racing).
Faltys, Lukáš ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Brtník, Tomáš (referee)
Title: The analysis of competitors' physical preparation OCR (Obstacle Course Racing). Objectives: The aim of this thesis was to provide the analysis of physical preparation used by the competitors of the obstacle course races. The analysis was completed for all major competitor ability-based classes and then compared among the categories. Methods: For data collection quantitative research was used, provided by the survey method. Its form was an online questionnaire. Results: The research has shown that the competitors of the enthusiast class - recreational athletes mostly value the experience and the adrenalin the obstacle course races bring them, overcoming own maximum, looking for new challenges etc. Those are the type of athletes who do not have high performance expectations, they are not oriented to perform at their highest of abilities. Although, they are still capable of winning. They win over themselves, happy when they manage to overcome own fears. They consider as winning not only expanding own physical and mental capacities, but also just the actual finishing of the race. Performance athletes, compared to the recreational ones, are able to plan their training sessions much more effectively and with better training goals. The performance oriented athletes are much more performance...
Hodnocení výkonnosti komerčních pojišťoven s využitím moderních přístupů
Sobotka, David
The diploma thesis deals with performance evaluation of commercial insurance companies. Literary research focuses on the specifics of the insurance industry. Further, there are presented the issues of financial analysis, sources of information and methods suitable for observation of commercial insurance companies. In a significant part of the literary research economic added value is defined as a modern measure of performance. The strengths but also the limitations of the indicator are listed. In the practical part is performed a classical financial analysis that evaluates the financial situation of insurance companies. Furthermore, there is proposed a methodology for calculating economic value added. Factors affecting economic value added are analyzed by regression analysis of panel data.
Vliv vývoje cen vybraných energetických komodit na finanční výsledky firem
Zborovská, Lucie
This bachelor thesis examines the relationship between coal price and financial performance of the company measured by ROA. The paper focuses on companies conducting business in the energy, chemical and metallurgical industries from 2006 to 2015. The study uses the panel regression and models with fixed effects. The paper has found that coal prices have a significant impact on the performance of these companies.
Využití metod finanční analýzy k zhodnocení finančního zdraví podniku Slovácké strojírny, a.s.
Miklík, Radim
Miklík, R. Use of financial analysis methods to evaluate the financial undertaking's Slovácké strojírny Ltd. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2016. Bachelor thesis is focused on using financial analysis methods to evaluate the fi-nancial health of the company. The aim is to propose possible solutions to the problem of economic health. Thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and prac-tical part. The theoretical part explains the concepts included in financial analysis, traditional and modern financial analysis. The thesis will be focused on implemeta-tion of theoretical knowledge and implementation of financial analysis methods for selected business subject. There will be used casual methods for measuring finan-cial efficiency.
Využití ukazatele EVA při hodnocení výkonnosti podniků ve zpracovatelském průmyslu
Kamarýtová, Sabina
This diploma thesis deals with performance evaluation of a selected group of twenty companies from metalworking and other manufacturing industries from 2008 to 2015. The main goal is to draft relevant recommendation to increase performance of the selected companies and identification of key performance factors. The base is financial analysis of these companies and calculation of EVA indicator. Indicator of economic value added is determined on the basis of EVA equity using INFA, a publicly accessible methodology of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. By using mathematical and statistical methods, especially correlation analysis, it searches for the factors with most significant relationship with the indicator EVA. The summary of key performance indicators and their reliance on each other is the result of this correlation analysis. This is followed by prediction of future EVA value evolution. On the grounds of the analysis results, suitable recommendation can be created.
Dopady financování venture kapitálem na výkonnost cílových společností
Kadubec, Václav
This diploma thesis deals with the impact of venture capital financing on the performance of selected companies. In the theoretical portion of this paper, an analysis of foreign studies is performed. There are also several reasons discussed for government support and the impact of venture capital on the macroeconomic level. In the practical part of diploma thesis, the performance of Czech VC-backed firms is calculated. Then the impact of venture capital on Czech and foreign companies is commented on. In the following portion of this diploma thesis, multiple linear regression is made in order to discover which factors have the most significant impact on the performance of the selected Czech companies. In the closing segment, the results and findings are discussed as well as the recommendations for policy-makers that should be made.
Analýza chovu a výkonnosti koní v České republice z hlediska soutěží všestrannosti
Fikesová, Veronika
This work deals with riding competition: eventing. In the literary section is described historical development and current form of eventing competitions. The work describes breeds, which are used in this discipline. In the work are referred our most important riders and horses. The work includes statistical evaluation of the effect breed, age, year of start and sex on the performance of the horses. Data was used from the Summary of sport horses of 2005 and 2015. These data are issued by the Czech Equestrian Federation. Data was further processed and statistically analysed in the program STATISTICA 2012. Sport performance is evaluated by the auxiliary points (PPB) Statistically conclusiveness effect on performance was found for breed, age and for year of start. The most performance breed was Irish sport horse with PPB 17,4. The best results were achieved by horses from 13 to 16 years old (PPB 11,81). The most used breed was Czech warmblood and English thoroughbred in the Czech Republic. Better performance had imported breeds than horses born in the Czech Republic. Horses in 2015 had better performance than horses in 2005. We can see increasing tendency of performance. At the conclusion of the work is to compare the situation in the Czech Republic for the past ten years, where we compare the gradual change in their representation of the sex, breeding and country of birth.
Zhodnocení chovu westernových plemen v ČR
Nováková, Barbora
The goal of this diploma thesis is to evaluate the actual performance and actual status of American western breeds in Czech Republic. The statistical analysis is based on data from the Central register of horses, breeders associations and on the results of one of the accredited discipline by ČJF and FEI, reining. The results were collected between the years 2013 and 2015 from ČJFs archive. The analysis uses the GLM, dependent variables were points earned in the competition and placement in the competition, the effects were breed of the horse, age of the horse, year of the competition, level of the competition, the rider and the equestrian association. Also in the case of signification effect was Scheffes and Tukey-B multiple comparison test used. Through the analysis of data mentioned above it was found that the amount of bred western horses in Czech Republic has an increased trend, also their efficiency in reining competitions improves. The most popular breed of western horses bred in Czech Republic is American Quarter horse which is also in reining represented most often, followed by American Paint horse and Appaloosa.
Analýza výstupních parametrů souprav na zpracování půdy
Němec, Lukáš
The thesis introduces and briefly describes an overview of tillage's technologies which are applied in modern agricultural operations. These are the technical resources by which it is possible to achieve maximum productivity values, with minimum impact on the environment, which are requested by their users these days. It further approaches on trends in the area of the precision agriculture and provides a list of innovations which have the potential to streamline systems of tillage and crop production. Finally, the thesis analyses the output of parameters of the kit Case IH Quadtrack and Horch Tiger Lt. This is in particular the dependence of values such a performance and hectare consumption on the operating mode of the engine. This analysis was based on data collected during field measurement on 30th March 2016 on land owned by company called Roštenice a.s.

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