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Calibration Estimators in Survey Sampling
Klička, Petr ; Omelka, Marek (advisor) ; Nagy, Stanislav (referee)
V této práci se zabýváme odhady populačního úhrnu s využitím pomoc- ných informací. V práci je popsán obecný regresní odhad a předpoklady, za kterých je splněna asymptotická normalita tohoto odhadu. Dále jsou zde po- psány kalibrační odhady a zmínka o jejich asymptotické ekvivalenci s obec- ným regresním odhadem. Odvozené závěry aplikujeme na data z RADIO- PROJEKTu a porovnáme je s výsledky získanými společnostmi, které tento projekt realizovali. Na závěr pomocí simulací porovnáme skutečné pravdě- podobnosti pokrytí interval· spolehlivosti pro populační úhrn spočítané na základě teorie uvedené v této práci a na základě metod společností realizu- jících RADIOPROJEKT. 1
healthy life years
Ondrák, Jan ; Langhamrová, Jitka (advisor) ; Krbcová, Daniela (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with life expectancy, healthy life years analysis in selected countries. The begining of this thesis is devoted to explanation of individual concepts, which are used in in this thesys, later it aids on healthy life years indicator and its calculation methods, meaning and usi in practice. It ges on with hypotheses verifying or returning influence of natural, demographic, biological, socio-economic phenomena on healthy life years in selected countries. These countries are: Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland, Island, Norway. Comparsion was made from the point of view of the EU 27/28 average, individual type sof disability were also evaluated.
Single-parent families in the Czech Republic from census data and sample surveys
Mazalová, Jitka ; Kurtinová, Olga (advisor) ; Šťastná, Anna (referee)
Single-parent families in the Czech Republic from census and sample surveys Abstract The main objective of this thesis is to comprehensively chart as much as possible what we can learn about single-parent families in the Czech Republic from all publicly available data sources, such as surveys and censuses. Incomplete families are viewed from a historical and the contemporary perspective and the expected development of a structure for the future is also shown. Single-parent families are a contemporary phenomenon because the number of dependent children in the incomplete families in the Czech republic has increased by almost a half in the last fifteen years. The thesis provides information about various data sources regarding single-parent families and it evaluates their use and comparability for the research. It also contains an analysis of the structure of families and households based on the population development and census data in the Czech Republic. The financial situation of single-parent families is examined in detail - their income expenditure, individual groups of cash expenditures. The thesis also focuses on the description of their apartment's facilities. Based on the results of the generated forecasts of the number of nuclear families in the Czech Republic for the period 2015-2050, which comes...
The development of the birth rate and preschool education in the Czech Republic after 1950
Křesťanová, Jana ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kocourková, Jiřina (referee)
The development of the birth rate and preschool education in the Czech Republic after 1950 Abstract The main aim of the thesis is to map in detail the development of preschool education and financial support for families with children in the Czech Republic in the context of the development of birth rate after 1950. The development of birth rate in the thesis is not only analyzed by using basic indicators, but also through deeper decomposition methods. It turns out, that quality and availability of all network preschool institutions in the context has a certain role in the birth rate. The reconciliation of work and family is very important for lots of parents and sufficient offer of preschool care can help it. However, the demand for preschool institutions exceeded supply, as was shown in accordance with obtained data. It was also found out by the insight into the outcomes of surveys that the vast majority of respondents do not think that a preschool child of working mother would be suffering. In the future, should not only expand the capacity of childcare facilities as well as other options for facilitation of reconciling work and family life, such as better offer of flexible working hours. Keywords: birth rate, decomposition, preschool facilities, financial support for families with children, surveys,...
Healthy life years indicator
Illeová, Iva ; Langhamrová, Jitka (advisor) ; Kozelský, Tomáš (referee)
Object of this work was to make the analysis of healthy life years indicator. First, the work is devoted on clarifying the term healthy life years, it is focussed on indicators of life expectancy of the medical conditions, and collecting data from surveys. From which is possible to get data to calculate indicators. There is a particular attention on harmonized surveys in European Union. Work demonstrates methods of calculation and availability of already calculated data. Work continues with analysis of the trend of healthy life expectancy in the Czech Republic by gender and then compares the healthy life years to life expectancy. The work also observes the trend of growth rate of a healthy life years in the Czech Republic for the period between 2005 to 2009. A part of work is focused on the aging population of the Czech Republic. The work also includes the development of selected characteristics of aging such as aging index, the elderly dependency ratio and shares of biological generations on the total population of Czech Republic. Finaly, the work is focused on healthy life years in the European Union. The work shows the basic official English-Czech terminology, describes the European organizations focused on the development of healthy life years indicator and at the end the work compares healthy life years with life expectancy in the EU Member States.
On-line survey method
Dvornáková, Táňa ; Pecáková, Iva (advisor) ; Průša, Milan (referee)
Thesis deals with modern ways of surveys using advancing information technology and internet which makes surveys using web applications more effective. After a short review of public opinion history the summary of principal czech and forign survey organizations engaged in determination of survey rules are presented. Thesis follows with description of classic and modern data collecting methods. Main attention is devoted to on-line survey method. The description of method, possibilities of realization, positives and negatives and use of on-line questionnaire survey are presented. Final part of thesis si focused on on-line survey applying. The quality of this method is considered by sociological survey.

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