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The Largest Czech Mountain Resort Špindlerův Mlýn and its Prepared Modernization: Interconnection of Areas Medvědín and Svatý Petr
Krempaský, Tomáš ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Šťovíčková Jantulová, Magdaléna (referee)
1 Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the current plan to connect ski resorts Svatý Petr and Medvědín in Špindlerův Mlýn within a case study. The approval of this plan will not be easy at all, as its realization would involve relatively substantial interventions in the Krkonoše National Park. The aim of the thesis is to find out how the decision- making process is taking place in the case of this plan, which actors are involved in negotiating of its implementation, what are opinions of representatives of the selected actors of the decision-making process and whether residents of Špindlerův Mlýn like or dislike the plan. For answering the research questions that arise from the goal of the thesis, qualitative and quantitative methodology, namely semi-structured interviews and questionnaire survey is used. The theoretical part introduces the reader to a more general context of the realization of the plan, the methodological part describes and justifies the selected research methods and the practical part deals with the results of the research. The conclusion summarizes the main pieces of knowledge. A significant revelation of this diploma thesis is the fact that without many positive side-effects of the project, outside the main motive to allow skiers to ski on both slopes without taking off their skis, it...
Legal aspects of tourism and sport in the Krkonoše Mountains National Park
Kučerová, Anna ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Derlich, Stanislav (referee)
Legal aspects of tourism and sport in Krkonoše mountains national park Abstract This presented thesis analyse law regulation concerning protection of National Parks in against negative Influence of tourism and sport. Assessing impact of tourism on essential pillars (principles) of sustainable development I tried to find out if the preservation and protection of national Parks in The Czech Republic within Czech legislation is adequate. Content of the thesis of eight chapters is definition of terminology used in this thesis, listing of sources of legal regulation and means of protection of nature at National Parks and comparison of specific legal regulation of KRNAP and KPN. At the end of thesis the essential findings of the analyses are summarised. The aim of this thesis is to find a compromise between effective legal regulation and over-regulation of tourist and sport activities in National Parks. Key words: national park, tourism, legal protection, environment
Use of Oral History in Tourism
Vacek, Zbyněk ; Mücke, Pavel (advisor) ; Houda, Přemysl (referee)
(English) The aim of this diploma thesis is to introduce possibilities of oral history, specifically its elements and principles, into services included in tourism. The theoretical part states the essential terms and definitions used in this thesis concerning oral history and tourism. This part also includes a vision of using oral history and its elements within the field of tourism. The empiric part shows the current use of oral history in tourism giving specific examples and supports them by interviews with narrators who work in Open-Air Museum of Mining and a travel agency and their interpretation. A few pages of the empiric part are dedicated for a research of tourist's demand for services in tourism that include oral history elements and a SWOT analysis of integrating oral history into tourism services including tourist guiding and other supplementary services in tourism. The aim is to introduce the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this integration. The diploma thesis also notices the understudying of both tourism and oral history in connection with each other and shows the potential of such connection with the benefits for both subjects, travel agencies' clients and visitors to sights such as museums or open-air museums. Keywords: Oral history, tourism, narrator in tourism,...
Possibilities of second home development in neighbourhood of the former Military Region Brdy
Pojerová, Kristýna ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Kopp, Jan (referee)
Possibilities of second home development in neighbourhood of the former Military Region Brdy Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the topic of second homes in the villages in the outskirts of the former Military Region Brdy in the Pilsen region. These villages got back parts of their cadastral area, which were taken away in 1949 when the military area was established. These villages are specifically Borovno, Míšov, Spálené Poříčí, Trokavec, Skořice, Mirošov, Štítov, Strašice, Dobřív and Těně. The aim of the thesis is to define the state and possible future of second home tourism in the area of interest, in connection with the potential which the area gained with the establishment of the Protected Landscape area Brdy on 1st January of 2016. The first part of the thesis contains theoretical input into the issue, attention is focused on second homes and tourism in connection with demilitarization and in relation to nature protection. In the second part the study area is characterized from the socio and physical - geographic point of view, the potential for tourism is also analysed. Next part is focused directly on the second homes in the area and on the results of field survey, which consisted of questioning the users of second homes and of structured interviews with mayors of studied villages. The...
Sport tourism in regional development
Soukupová, Lenka ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Novotný, Jiří (referee) ; Perlín, Radim (referee)
Title: Sport Tourism and its Influence on Development of Regions Objectives: The objective of the thesis is to introduce the sport tourism as a convenient tool for the regional development, to find out if the regions think about it in this way nowadays and how the sport tourism is incorporated in the strategic documents if so. The finding if the sport tourism is considered as a separate branch or if it is still divided into sport and tourism industry is also remarkable. This thesis sets the target to outline the different ways of the sport tourism application in a regional development and to determine certain recommendations as well. Methods: The methods used at research are qualitative content analysis and semi- structured interview. The analysis is used for the strategic documents of regions and the interviews are held with the regional representatives and the private institution agents chosen by a snowball sampling. Subsequently, a holistic analysis and an interpretation of discovered results are made. Results: I have revealed that sport and tourism are both part of the strategic documents of the regions, but no region uses the term 'sport tourism' in these documents. Sport and tourism are still two separate industries in the conception of the regions. Basically, it is possible to say that sport...
History of mauntain rescue service
Fejfar, Aleš ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Bobrík, Miroslav (referee) ; Baláš, Jiří (referee)
Summary The aim of this thesis is to describe the history and development of the Mountain service in Czech countries as well as in available archives look for documents giving evidence of its history and development. Another target is to point out the associations connected with the mountain terrain or associated with the origin of the Mountain service. Another goal was to monitor the development of the symbol, membership cards and technology which was or stil is used by the Mountain service. The thesis also contains an overview of commencement of rescue associations in selected European countries where the organized rescue of people in mountain terrain has a similar period of origin and similar circumstances. Those organizations, which mostly helped to create mountain rescue service, were Alpine clubs, tourist clubs, conservationists or gymnastic associations. From the territorial prospective we speak about Austria, Germany, France and Italy. From the time point of view the formation of rescue service dates from the middle of the 19th century. The greatest reason for an increasing amount of people (tourists) coming to the mountain terrain in Europe was mostly the scientific-technical progress in the second half of the 19th century. Due to the construction of railways throughout Europe, development...
Products of Tour Operators and Travel Agents for selected customer segments
The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to conduct a product portfolio analysis that is currently being offered by travel agencies and the agencies focusing on the targeted group of customers. The selected segment of customers for the purpose of this thesis are college students aged between 20 and 29, due to their likely specific tourist behaviour patterns, needs and demands that set them apart from other tourism participants. Basing on the synthesis of the acquired data, another aim of the thesis is to suggest new original forms of tourism products and discuss their economic competitiveness.
Eco-friendly tourism complex Strachotín – urban and architectural study.
Panáčková, Miroslava ; Borecká,, Eva (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the urban design of the selected area in the village Strachotín and the architectural design of the building in the given locality. The aim of the proposal is to connect the building with regard to the surrounding landscape and to make the locality more attractive to tourists around the northern shore of Nové Mlýny reservoirs. The design concept is based on the modular arrangement of the individual parts of the object. Functional layout is represented by a hotel, wellness, restaurant and cosmetics production.
Using Selected Methods of Economic and Strategic Analysis for Identifying Risks in a Business Entity
Kavková, Karolína ; Závodný, Ondřej (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
The main purpose of the thesis is to analyze the travel agency Bolsa travel, using selected methods of economic and strategic analysis to identify risks. The thesis consists of four parts. Where the first part works with theoretical work. The second part puts the theory into practice. The risk analysis and the RIPRAN method interpret the results in the third part and in the last part there is a discussion of the appropriate measures.

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