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Implementation of a tone mapping operator for scotopic viewing conditions
Safko, Martin ; Wilkie, Alexander (advisor) ; Kratochvíl, Miroslav (referee)
Creating night-time images and movies that look plausible has been a problem in the industry since the creation of camera. To capture an image we need enough light to create a measurable quantity on a camera sensor. For this reason, shooting at night was not possible until sensors sensitive enough were developed and even then the captured images do not look realistic. Movie industry circumvent these issues by manually color correcting the footage in post-production. We implement an algorithm presented in a 2011 SIGGRAPH paper capable of solving this problem in a psycho-physically plausible and consistent way for spectral images and also augment it by a technique taken from a paper by INRIA. 1
HDR Image Acquisition on Mobile Devices
Mik, Filip ; Musil, Martin (referee) ; Nosko, Svetozár (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with aquisition of high dynamic range images. The resulting HDR image is created by processing of LDR image sequence - by merging and then tone mapping. This thesis includes description of all issues related to the process of acquisition and displaying HDR image. Whole process is then implemented in form of Android application.
Mobile App for Acquisition and Processing of HDR Images
Michalák, Patrik ; Brejcha, Jan (referee) ; Čadík, Martin (advisor)
The goal of this paper is to create an application that solves HDR image processing problems and focuses to interactivity with the user, offering him more opportunities in clear and minimalistic graphic user interface. Application generate HDR content by merging a series of low dynamic range images with different exposure time values. The solution provides work with HDR photography, four tone mapping methods and various tools for user.
HDR Image Acquisition and Tone-Mapping
Guniš, Erik Anton ; Musil, Martin (referee) ; Nosko, Svetozár (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with HDR image acquisition. Describes and solves implementation of acquisition of low dynamic range images and creating of high dynamic range image. It also deals with problem of displaying high dynamic range image. This issue is solved by tone-mapping.
HDR Image Acquisition on Mobile Devices
Padyšák, Michal ; Nosko, Svetozár (referee) ; Musil, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with high dynamic range in digital photography. This problem is solved by composing multiple images with different time exposure of the same scene into single one including high dynamic range. Method is implemented as an application for Android operating system and the result can be shown on display of the device.
Web for HDR Image and Video Processing
Beran, Martin ; Beran, Vítězslav (referee) ; Čadík, Martin (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is the creation of web system, by which it is possible to convert photos and videos into HDR format and then adjust and display them. During processing and adjusting it is possible to see the actual view in the miniature of subsequent photo. After completing the adjusments it is possible to display and download the final file in full resolution. For interaction with user is prepared interface for uploading photos and a set of operators and filters for their adjustment.
High dynamic range imaging
Kupka, Petr ; Zach, Ondřej (referee) ; Slanina, Martin (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with basic principles of increasing the dynamic range of digital photography. The work also looks for the methods that are used to create high dynamic range (HDR) photography, and examines methods for compressing HDR images for low dynamic range (LDR) imaging. Implemented algorithms for tone mapping are performed in HDR_lab program created in Matlab.
Advanced HDR image viewer
Wirth, Michal ; Křivánek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Wilkie, Alexander (referee)
04.01.17 abstract.txt 1 file:///home/misa/Desktop/dp/abstract.txt The primary purpose of this thesis is to determine criteria for a high- dynamic range (HDR) image viewer accented by computer graphics artists and other users who work with HDR images produced by physically-based renderers on a daily basis. Also an overview of already existing solutions is present. Based on both of them, a new HDR viewer is designed and implemented giving an emphasis on its memory and performance efficiency. For these purposes two alternative image data layouts, Array-of-Structures (AoS) and Structure-of-Arrays (SoA), are discussed and their impact is measured on the speed of an algorithm for changing image saturation which has been selected as a representative part of whole tone mapping process of the viewer. It has turned out that the latter type of layout allows the algorithm to run about 3 times faster or more under the conditions of a defined testing environment. The thesis has two main contributions. First it gives the above users a tool which could help them when working with HDR images. Second it indicates that there may be a potential of significant speed-up of implementations of tone mapping algorithms.
HDR Image Acquisition from Sequence of Images
Staněk, Jiří ; Maršík, Lukáš (referee) ; Musil, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with high dynamic range image acquisition based on composition of ordinary digital photographs. Using this composition method, a program with graphical user interface is implemented. This application is able to save created images with high dynamic range or convert them to figures that are displayable on common displays using tone mapping.
HDR Tone-Mapping Acceleration on Xilinx Zynq Platform
Nosko, Svetozár ; Zemčík, Pavel (referee) ; Musil, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the High-level synthesis (HLS). The first part deals with theoretical details and methods that are used in HLS tools. This is followed by a description of the synthesis tool Vivado HLS which will be used for implementation of an application. In the second part is briefly introduced high dynamic range images (HDR) and tone mapping. The third part is dedicated to design and implementation of the aplication which implements tone mapping methods in HDR images. This methods are implemented in Vivado HLS and language C++. This application is based on platform Xilinx Zynq and it uses multiexposure camera for capturing HDR images. Images are transmitted to FPGA for tone mapping processing.

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