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Time management in construction company managerial work
Jirátková, Marie ; Hub,, Karel (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The goal of the thesis is to find out if manager in the area of building uses the methods of time management for the planning of work and tasks. At the beginning of theoretical part is the basic definition of the „time management“, assessment of the goals and the priorities, explanation of the methods used by time management and how to manage effectively. This part of the thesis deals with the downside as well – procrastination. Shows this downside as inability to manage the time management. The methods of time management are described and history of this methods as well. The second – practical part of the thesis – contains proposed hypotheses what investigate how the time management is in reality used by building managers, how helps the electronics and if managers prefer the working time. The author tries this hypotheses to confirm or to refute using the survey and structured interviews in selected building companies. The results of the thesis are suitable recommendations for more effective planning of the time and avoidance the mistakes in this area.
Thinking of Photographs in the Work of Roland Barthes
This bachelor thesis deals with an aesthetic of photography from the point of view of Roland Barthes. The main work I am going to deal with in this thesis is the last study called Camera Lucida - Reflections of photography by Roland Barthes from 1980. In this book, he deviates from his typical semiological approach to the benefit of wider and more personal gripped concept of photography on the border with phenomenology, semiology, psychoanalysis and personal biography. In this thesis, I am also going to work with Barthes' previous texts in which he was interested in photography. These texts include the Photographic Message (1961), The Rhetoric of the Image (1964) and The Third Meaning (1970). I am going to focus on the characteristic of photography like a photography itself, on its ontology and why the photography is that specific and what makes it that specific from the other kind of Art. Mainly I will focus on two key concepts from the Camera Lucida, the concepts of studium and punctum and how this punctum is connected to time and death.
Daseinsanalysis of Heideggers
Kavková, Monika ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
The diploma thesis tries to outline the daseinsanalysis as such, so that the readers can be better understood. I describe the basic terms that are necessary for daseinsanalysis and without which it would not be understandable to a wider audience. In the first chapters I deal with the history of daseinsanalysis, where the reader is also acquainted with the names associated with this discipline. Then I describe the development in Czech republic and its principles. As the daseinsanalysis is linked to psychology, I do not forget this aspect and the connection with psychotherapy. I devote my phenomenology to the chapter itself, as it is essential for the daseinanalysis to be deepened. I am writing about the principles, development and essence of this philosophical discipline. In the following chapters, I then deal with the interpretation of the time that has been and still is the essence and basic pillar of daseinsanalysis. I describe it from the point of view of Heidegger and also from the philosophical point of view. I also explain concepts such as temporality and succession for better orientation in time. In my work I also distinguish cyclic and linear time and familiarize them with it and its essence. The following chapters are devoted to Martin Heidegger himself. I try to interpret his attitudes, philosophy...
Time in photography
Kubiková, Darina ; Klusová, Katarína (referee) ; Gravlejs, Ivars (advisor)
The content and theme of this thesis is the expression of time in the photographic medium. I'm looking for a way to memories that I don't remember. The result is photo manipulation.
The concept of fleetingness in V. Woolf's novel Mrs. Dalloway
This bachelor thesis focuses on the concept of fleetingness in Virginia Woolf's novel Mrs. Dalloway. The aim of this work is to offer a complete overview of these moments in the story, interpret them and show which techniques the author employs to achieve the sensation of fleetingness; all of this with the help of Henri Bergson's theories of time. Based on this philosopher's thoughts the work will analyse the concept of objective and subjective time, which appears in Mrs. Dalloway. As time is one of the main topics of this thesis, there will also be an overview of the most significant philosophical theories dealing with the issue.
Využití hloubkového kypřiče při pěstování obilovin a řepky olejné v podniku Zemědělské služby Dynín, a.s.
This diploma thesis deals with deep cultivators which are used in companies of agricultural production. Theoretical part is focused on the history of soil proccessing, soil treatement and loosening machines which are being used today. That includes disc cultivators, tine cultivators, chisel cultivators, rod cultivators and machines with driven work gears. Practical part of theses includes comparison of chisel cultivator and plough doing tillage. The quality of keeping the depth invariable is being evaluated, as well as time-consuming nature, consumption of fuel and drain on resources.
The Book Song of Songs as an Answer to Qohelet's Vanity
This thesis is concerned with, in the words of Song of Songs, finding an appropriate answer to Qohelet's vanity - vanity of a human life and things that inherently come with it, as Qohelet himself proclaims in his book. The first chapter introduces the Book of Qohelet and aims to capture the main themes of vanity and transience, while also providing the ways out from this situation, as presented by Qohelet. The second chapter introduces the reader to the Song of Songs book while also describing its content which concerns the interpretation of love between a man and a woman. The third chapter brings forward efforts of the author and the main themes and conclusions of the book are analysed. This allows - in the conclusion of this thesis - to answer the question of whether the love in the Songs of Songs is a possible answer to Qoheleth's vanity - the transience of a human life, as brought out by Qohelet in his work.
Man as a person/time/freedom
The thesis is divided into six chapters. In the first part, man and time were interested i philosophy. In the second part, we dealt with human being and human existence. In the third chapter we deal with context of time and history and their importance for man and human society. The fourth chapter tries to capture the meaning of human existence and follows another chapter that tries to find out possible causes that can lead to a loss of meaning of life. The last part, devoted to free time a leisure education, aimed to show the possibilities and limits of a free time educator in helping to meaningfully live.
Preparation of a prefabricated hall with administration
Schrámek, Martin ; Kučera, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kantová, Radka (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is a preparation of a prefabricated hall with administration in Prace. The production hall will be used to produce glass fiber reinforced concrete. Next part and extension is an administrative part. The text part of the thesis contains a technical report on the building technological project, time and financial plan of the building - object, coordinating situation of the building with broader relations of the transport routes, study of the realization of the main technological stages of the building object, item budget of the main building object, time schedule of the main building, sets of the main technological stages, detection protocols for individual months, limits, balance of resources and personnel, plan of selected material sources, technical report of construction site equipment, technological regulation of precast reinforced concrete frame, technological regulation of precast concrete frame coverings Kingspan panels, Control and test plan of precast concrete frame, covering of precast concrete frame panels Kingspan and ceiling panels of the Spiroll administration, alternative suggestion of the exchange ceiling construction administration and comparison, noise study and thermal technology.
The temporality of the Romantics. Notes on the conception and figuration of time
Hrbata, Zdeněk
The intensive awareness or experience of time is one of the central topics of 19th century literature, particularly among authors considered Romantic. By way of several examples we focus on the poetry of these individuals (e.g. A. de Lamartine, V. Hugo and J. Vrchlický), whose work attempts to confront the irreversible course of time (the ancient, Virgilian subject: „fugit irreparabile tempus“, also dealt with by e.g. Petrarch and Pierre de Ronsard) by invoking and resurrecting the past, conserving and immortalizing the past, and with memories. For example, this penetrates the present of the subject and is involved in the creation of the continuum, when the passage of time, which in the Romantic conception of art is to be resisted by creation itself, does not necessarily entail disappearance and loss. In contrast to this we have Baudelaire's figures and the figure of time as the universal evil, the destructive enemy of the people provoking constant anxiety, the destroyer who cannot be eliminated, but who can, at least temporarily, be resisted by various forms of escape.

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