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Warming-up and toning in foolball
Slicho, Tomáš ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Hojka, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Warming-up and toning in football Objectives: The aim of this work is to compare two types of warming-up by footballers. I assume, that the players will have statistically more significant differences after the toning warming-up, than after the static variant. Methods: The research set consists of 17 elite players in the category of U15, who passed four tests by two selected types of warming-ups during a total of three trainings in a field training experiment. In the result part we used the method of analysis to analyze the results of all tests. We used the comparison when comparing the test results after two different types of warming-ups. The measured values were processed by using basic mathematical-statistical methods. Results: The results provide information on the efficiency and difference of toning and static warming-up based on the obtained values of the performed tests. The values of the players in the tests after the toning warming-up were better by 19.1% than after the static variant. The first hypothesis was thus confirmed. The other two were disproved. Summary: We found that toning warming-up has a statistically more significant effect on the results of the tests of football players than the static variant. Keywords: training, testing, analysis, comparison, field training experiment
Analysis of conditional training in czech extraleague and NHL at selected clubs
Kämpf, Eliška ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Feher, Jan (referee)
1 Abstract Title: Analysis of conditional training in Czech extraleague and NHL at selected clubs Objectives: Analysis and comparation of choosen parameters of conditioning training made by interview at selected clubs playing in the best leagues - Czech extraleague and NHL Methods: We used method of analysis and method of comparision in this thesis. Method of analysis was used when we were analysing the conditioning in each club, method of comparision was used in the part when we were comparing the information we got from conditioning coaches. Results: Based on analysis and comparision of approaches of conditioning coaches from Piráti Chomutov and Chicago Blackhawks we can claim that the approach of both coaches is different. Conditioning training in Piráti Chomutov is common, while conditioning training in Chicago Blackhawks is individual. Keywords: ice hockey, differences, year training periodization, best leagues, testing
Mezocyklu effect fundamental changes to the game condition with the progressive nature of the load for youth football players
Bujnovský, David ; Zahálka, František (advisor) ; Votík, Jaromír (referee) ; Zháněl, Jiří (referee)
EFFECT OF THE BASIC MEZOCYKLE TO CHANGE THE GAME CONDITION WITH THE PROGRESSIVE LOAD FOR YOUTH FOOTBALL PLAYERS The aim of this work was to find out whether the use of specific fitness acquisition models (Verheijen, Owen) is more effective as the use of a non-specific model (control group) in elite youth U17 soccer players and whether a player can be equally conditioned in a 4-week period cycle (Owen) compared to a 6-week cycle (Verheijen) or a conventional (non-specific) mesocycle. Methods: The sample consisted of 3 groups of 16 players (n = 48; Age = 16,02±0,78; Height = 178,6±9,8; Weight = 69±10,6; ECM/BCM = 0,8±0,13; FFM = 61,4±9,8). 39 players have completed the whole research and were divided into groups EXP1, EXP2 and KON. The EXP1 group underwent a Verheijen (2000) training program, where large interval games (LSG) also appeared. The sond EXP2 group underwent an intervention program according to Owen et. al. (2012). The third group underwent a training mesocycle with a classic model that was a combination of general and non-specific fitness training. This model consisted mainly of runs (non-specific preparation) and large forms of games at the end of practice. This third group functioned as a control group. Laboratory testing always took place in the Human Movement Laboratory (LSM) of the...
Comparison of tests endurance of the annual examination of czech soldiers in physical training
Gintner, Marek ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor) ; Vágner, Michal (referee)
Title: Comparison of tests endurance of the annual examination of czech soldiers in physical training Goals: The main goal of this work is to compare the values of heart rates during the running test for 12 minutes and 300 metres swimming test. We are mostly interested in the results of subjects, who will accomplish the tests according to standards of the Czech army. Methods: Comparative pair study was realized with 14 subjects, students of Military physical education at Charles University. Every volunteer, who participated in the testing, accomplished two physical tests: 3000 metres of running and 300 metres of swimming with a week-long distance between them. Heart rate changes were recorded during the tests. Results: It was confirmed that there were significant statistical differences between the two tests considering the measured heart rate. Key words: army, testing, heart rate, fitness measurement, swimming, running
Structural and functional asymmetry in golfers aged 12-18
Benešová, Amálie ; Gryc, Tomáš (advisor) ; Prokešová, Eva (referee)
Title: Structural and functional asymmetry in golfers aged 12 - 18 Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine the level of body composition parametres, postural stability, muscle shortening and joint mobility of junior golfers and identify and analyze structural and functional asymmetry. Methods: The 14 golfers participated in this study (n=14, age 15,8 ± 1 year, body height 174,5 ± 10 cm, body weight 67,6 ± 13 kg and HCP 5,4 ± 5,9). Body composition including segmental muscle's weight distribution was tested on a bioimpedance instrument Tanita (Japan). Furthermore, the postural stability was examined on the Footscan (Balance 7.6 software) in 4 positions (USOO, USZO, FL_L and FL_P). The kinesiological analysis made by physiotherapist mainly tested muscle shortening and asymmetry using Janda's muscle function tests (1996). The dependence between the measured data was determined by the Pearson coefficient. Results: The average muscle's weight distribution was 2 % higher in the lower right leg, 3,1 % higher in the upper right arm compared with the left limbs. Asymmetry was also found in postural stability (average difference between stability on the right and left lower extremities was 25.9 %). Muscle shortening was found in more than 70 % of probands in hamstrings and quadriceps femoris,....
Determination of the occurrence of poor posture and muscle imbalance of female students aged 15-19 and possibilities of influencing that by elements of health physical education
Grundová, Michaela ; Prajerová, Květa (advisor) ; Prokešová, Eva (referee)
Title: Determination of the occurrence of poor posture and muscle imbalance of female students agend 15-19 and possibilities of influencing that by elements of health physical education. Objectives: The aim of this study is determination of change in posture and muscle imbalance due to regural health exercise for the period of 3 months Methods: Klein, Thomas and Mayer test method was used to determine posture of each proband. Functional tests of muscles with tendency to shorten were performed according to Bursová (2005), Hošková and Matoušová (2000), Pernicová et al. (1993). Functional tests of muscles with a tendency to become flabby were tested according to Hošková and Matoušová (2000). The method of theoretical analysis and synthesis was used for the chapter "Piece of knowledge" (Štumbauer, 1990). The chapter "Knowledge of data" was processed by Microsoft Office Excel. One-piece non-parametric Wilcoxon test was used to verify the results. Results: In the chapter "Results" we find detailed information about probands, which we have gained from the questionnaire and from a personal interview. Each proband is discussed and evaluated by means of testing posture and muscle imbalance. Keywords: posture, muscle imbalance, muscle balance, testing, tight muscles, flabby muscles, health physical education,...
Infrastructure for Testing and Deployment in the Field of Containers
Ormandy, Adam ; Lengál, Ondřej (referee) ; Turoňová, Lenka (advisor)
Znížená efektivita spôsobená robením repetitívnych a manuálnych prác je častým problémom v IT. Vývojári často testujú a nasadzujú svoj software manuálne, čo je nielen náročné na čas, nezáživné a náchylné k chybám. Táto práca sa snaží v rámci jedného DevOps tímu, vyriešiť tento problém pomocou zjednotenia vývojárskych a testovacích nástrojov, a pomocou aplikovania pricípov CI a CD do produkčného prostredia. Zároveň sa sústredí na software využívajúci Python, Jenkins a kontajnery. Hlavnými použitými nástrojmi sú GitLab CI, OpenShift a Tox. Vďaka tejto práci sa podarilo zvýšit počet projektov, ktoré používajú CI/CD zo 7 na 50 percent, zvrátiť rastúci trend v počte porušení štýlu v jazyku Python, opatriť kontajnery metadátami, zautomatizovať proces tvorby kontajnerov, ušetriť čas nerobením repetitívnych úloh a pod.
Generating of Testing Models from Source Code
Kraut, Daniel ; Malík, Viktor (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
The aim of the masters thesis is to design and implement a tool for automatic generation of paths in source code. Firstly was acquired a study of model based testing and possible design for the desired automatic generator based on coverage criteria defined on CFG model. The main point of the master theis is the tool design and description of its implementation. The tool supports many coverage criteria, which allows the user of such tool to focus on specific artefact of the system under test. Moreover, this tool is tuned to allow aditional requirements on the size of generated test suite, reflecting real world practical usage. The generator was implemented in C++ language and web interface for it in Python language, which at the same time is used to integrated the tool into Testos platform.
Self-Testing of Microcontrollers
Denk, Filip ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This Master's thesis deals with functional safety of electronic systems. Specifically, it focuses on self-testing of the microprocessor and its peripherals at the software level. The main aim of the thesis is to design and implement a set of functions written in programming language C or assembly language, which automatically test the selected areas of the microcontroller. Resources and methods used in the implemented solution also aim to meet the requirements according to the safety standard IEC 60730-1, Annex H, Software Class B. The microcontroller NXP LPC55S69 was chosen as a hardware platform. It consists of two ARM Cortex-M33 cores. As a result, the example application is provided, which uses implemented test functions at the run-time. Example application also contains a graphical user interface with fault injection ability.
Test Case Management with Support of BDD
Bložoňová, Barbora ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Smrčka, Aleš (advisor)
This thesis focuses on test management tools and automated testing. The project covers analysis of existing open source tools and proposes its own BDD orientated test management tool in the form of a web service. The project aims to specify and design this application based on the process of Behaviour driven development. The resulting application TestBuDDy allows for test library management. Changes on the test library are projected onto a remote repository of software under test (SUT) and triggers a test run (the test library is being run against SUT by the BDD framework). TestBuDDy is able to save the test run results, parse them into a report and generate and group found issues. The application also allows requirement management and user management. The application is integrated with the CI/CD tool Gitlab CI, the BDD framework JBehave and the issue tracker JIRA. The application is designed to help testers during their work and also to be expandable within the open source community.

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