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Intercooler for the CDS SEMI-PRO combustion engine
Novozámský, Richard ; Bazala, Jiří (referee) ; Svída, David (advisor)
This diplom thesis describes design of new pressured air cooling system for trubocharged Diesel engine used in CDS Semi-Pro competitions. First part is focused on analysis external conditions influencing the desing. Second part pays attention to simulations of performance. Third part describes design of two systems and possible testitng method. In last part, the real parametrs are put into the computing model followed by verification of the results and evaulation of the designed systems.
Methods of Space and Spectral Characterization of Light Sources used in Car Industries
Guzej, Michal ; Černý,, Pavel (referee) ; Samek, František (referee) ; Horský, Jaroslav (advisor)
Automotive headlamps work in very variable operating conditions during which the producer have to guarantee their primary function of seeing and being seen. During the development stage of the new headlamps the manufacturers want to eliminate defects which could led to malfunction in operation. The numerical simulations along with the test procedures are appropriate tools for detection of problematic areas. The most appropriate approach is designing of experiment with a view to the subsequent simple implementation of the measured data into numerical simulations software and carefully choosing a measuring method of the monitored physical quantities. The thesis deals with phenomenon of condensation in headlamps, which has a negative effect on the light distribution and their life expectancy. Due to this experimental defog methodology was developed based on evaporation of a specified amount of water into the headlamp and then condensation on the inside surface of the headlamp lens. Pictures are taken during the measurements and the fogged and defogged areas are automatically detected. The results from experiments are used to adjust and verify a numerical model. The next part is devoted to the thermal load of the headlamp components which are mostly heated by waste heat from light sources. This phenomena depends mainly on the type of source, emissivity and thermal conductivity. A methodology of temperature measurement, thermal conductivity measurement, non-stationary method for emissivity determination and spectral characterization of thermal source based on their thermal fluxes to the surroundings has been developed.
Climate of the foothills of Krkonoše mountains according to archival sources
Přívratská, Jana ; Soukupová, Jana (advisor) ; Jačka, Lukáš (referee)
The Bachelors thesis Climate of the foothills of Krkonoše mountains according to archival sources is concerned with the study of climate in the northern lower part of The Giant Mountains, it describes important climatic events of this part and focuses particularly on extreme weather changes including atmospheric events. The information provided in this work is predominantly gained from historic sources and meteorological yearbooks. The main focus is on two periods. It briefly describes the period before the Second World War From whitch exist only a few resource, and in much greater detail the period of the years 1945-1995. The purpose of this Bachelors thesis, based on examined data and figures, is to generally summarize climate and development of the northern lower part of The Giant Mountains. The work might be later used as one of the many bases for another examination of the influence of. And then you can add touristic manual and books about region.
Verification of fenological model of Ips typographus in the Czech Republic
Haramul, Michael ; Boublík, Karel (advisor) ; Holuša, Jaroslav (referee)
During the months of April and June 2014 the spruce bark beetle (Ips typographus L.) capturing was conducted into the pheromone traps followed by the verification of phenological model PHENIPS altogether at two study locations in the Czech Republic: Horní Planá in the southern Bohemia and Lipník nad Bečvou in the Olomouc region. The trapping was performed weekly with the help of pheromone tabular traps Theysohn which were equipped by pheromone-type evaporators Pheroprax from Chemipan. The aim of the study was to verify the validity of phenological model PHENIPS for the spruce bark beetle in the Czech Republic and verify whether the model is applicable for the Czech Republic. At the end of the 2014 season with the help of phenological models PHENIPS and the number of trapped bark beetle specimen the term of swarming and the term of colonization of host trees were determined. The sister generation activity was probably recorded in the several traps.
Statistical Analysis of Temperature and Precipitation Time Series in the Czech Republic in Period 1961-2008
Helman, Karel ; Pecáková, Iva (advisor) ; Čermák, Václav (referee) ; Žák, Michal (referee)
The present dissertation deals with an analysis of monthly time series of average temperatures and precipitation sums recorded at 44 sites in the Czech Republic over the period of 1961--2008. The main research purpose is to acquire deeper knowledge of regularities in the climatic time series development, using an appropriate set of statistical methods. A secondary objective is to search and find correlations between the research outcomes and basic geographic coordinates (altitude, longitude and latitude) of particular measurement stations and comparing all the results achieved for the selected climatic elements. There are two major contributions of this work. In the first place, it presents new knowledge in the field of climatic time series, particularly in connection with the strength and development of their seasonal component, further for instance analysing the relation between the distribution of a residual component and the geographic coordinates of the measurement stations. Another contribution lies in an extensive application of statistical methods of climatic time series analysis. Several types of methods were used, having employed both widely and rarely applied statistical tools (linear trends analysis and Box-Jenkins methodology respectively) as well as those used for the very first time (moving-seasonal time series).

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