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The evaluation of tennis technique and game level of female adolescent tennis players
Skokanová, Aneta ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Carboch, Jan (referee)
Title: The evaluation of tennis technique and game level of female adolescent tennis players Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to evaluate and compare tennis technique of selected strokes and game level of adolescent female tennis players. Methods: For my diploma thesis, I have chosen methods of testing, participant observation and scaling. The research group consisted of four players aged 16-17. I had tested these players using the ITN test, based on which I determined their game level. I used a method of participant observation in order to collect data for the evaluation of selected strokes' technique. Specifically, I observed the players during their training and sessions and made video records of them. Collected data were evaluated based on Likert scale, which contains of six levels. Results: Based on testing, the players were placed in three ITN categories (ITN 5, ITN 6 and ITN 7). The game level of all players is intermediate. According to the ITN test, the strongest part of their game are groundstrokes. On the other hand, the weakest spot of their game are volleys and serve. The players were able to estimate their strengths and weaknesses in almost all cases. In terms of technique, each player has a different stroke as their best one. It does not apply that the player with the best...
Prediction of sports results using neural networks
Šipoš, Daniel ; Kuboň, David (advisor) ; Vidová Hladká, Barbora (referee)
This thesis focuses on creating models of two different types of neural network used for predicting results of selected football and tennis matches and comparing these two models in terms of their accuracy and potential profit, if we had bet on those games in an average betting agency. Compared types of neural networks are feed-forward and recurrent neural network. Predicted football matches consist of league matches of three European leagues. Specific feature of this thesis is tracking accuracy in predicting matches, where neither team is a clear favorite to win according to the bookmakers. 1
Sports and Relaxation Centre Vsetín, Ohrada
Németh, Ondřej ; Vostrejž, Dušan (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
The design of the sports and recreation center in Vsetín solves the complete revitalization of the unused territory on the periphery of the town in the Ohrada district. The aim of the project is to revive the poorly accessible and neglected area and its use not only for a wide range of sports activities, but also for leisure activities and recreation. The whole area should be freely accessible and open to a wide range of public. Four main buildings are designed in the complex: a multi-purpose sports hall, a hotel, a tennis club and a snack bar with a bicycle service. There is a football field, a basketball court and a small football pitch on the open spaces between these objects, as well as two climbing walls, an outdoor gym and a parkour area with many obstacles. The rest of the areas are pavements and free grass areas intended for leisure and recreation of visitors.
Sports and Relaxation Centre Vsetín, Ohrada
Kuklínková, Klára ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
Diploma thesis of was preceded by a specialized studio focused on the development of urban-architectural design in the area of "Vsetín - Ohrada". The newly created objects have the a task of transform the whole territory, which nowadays deteriorate. The solved area is separated by the highest industrial zone from the edge of the city and after the connection to the urban area. The whole sports complex is conceived as an independent urban complex, mainly linked to the surrounding nature. These are cycle paths that are designed for the entire area. The center is designed for the needs of the population of Vsetín and its catchment areas. Sports, recreational options for all ages. The grassy wall divides the river from the city and reflects the calm zone by the river, and at the same time divides large flat areas. In addition to sports, the area offers wellness, gastro and meeting places. The advantage of this place is cycling trail parallel to the beautiful nature. Moreover, the grassy wall is used to hide service roads and parking spaces. This ensures excellent transport accessibility and supply, but does not interfere with the sports complex. Wall created from excavations of single buildings and demolition works of the original stadium will achieve a safe transition from one sports ground to another, creating a natural observation post and incorporating buildings and sports facilities to become part of the wall and form a single unit. By embedding buildings in the wall, the buildings visually diminish. The embedded sports ground is bounded on two sides by a rampart and the third by a staircase. It can be used as a grandstand, or to enter the ridge of the dike. This minimizes the need for unsightly fencing on each pitch. With the new concept we will meet the requirements of visitors in the given locality and, above all, the attractiveness of the whole area will be increased.
Marketing communication of the selected tennis amateur league
Sochorová, Nikola ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Janák, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Marketing communication of selected amateur tennis league Objectives: The objective of this thesis is to find out and evaluate the current state of marketing communication of amateur tennis league. The main aim is to create effective marketing communication enriched with new ideas that can be used by the tennis league to increas interest and attracting new potential members. Methods: The thesis combine quantitative and qualitative research with using analysis of tennis league documents. Quantitative research uses electronic and written questioning. Qualitative research uses the method of in-depth interview in the form of semi-structured interview. The obtained informations are processed by data analysis and serves as a basis for creating a marketing communication proposal. Results: The result of the thesis is a proposal of marketing communication, which is intended for amateur players Babolat ATTour. The proposal was created on the basis of marketing communication data, which is operated by the tennis league at nowadays. Key words: communication mix, promotion, communication plan, tennis
Evaluation of selected aids used in tennis training for chldren of early school age.
Roth, Jiří ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Carboch, Jan (referee)
Title: Evaluation of selected aids used in tennis training for children of early school age Objectives: The main goal of this thesis is to assess the efficiency of gathered tennis aids used in tennis training for children of early school age (6-11 years). Methods: The selected methods for achieving the established goals are research of available literature and sources and their consequent analysis and synthesis. Results: A well-arranged description, classification and efficiency evaluation of tennis aids were created in this thesis based on the examination of available sources related to tennis A process of putting aids into the training plan according to the relevant principles was introduced. The result of this work is a classification of the selected tennis aids to aids for beginners, intermediate and advanced users based on their usage. The main criteria for putting the aids into training are age and sport level. It mostly depends on the experience of the trainer to put the aids in the training unit according to the sport training rules appropriately. Methods created based on the research of available literature are justified and analyzed in detail in the analytic- descriptive part of this work and its conclusion. Keywords: tennis, aids, aids classification, aids efficiency, early school age,...
The pace of the game in the women's tennis singles at the US Open 2018
Petrskovský, Martin ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Carboch, Jan (referee)
Thesis name: The pace of the game in the women's tennis singles at the US Open 2018. The purpose of thesis: The purpose of this thesis is finding the pace of the game in rally at the US Open 2018 in the women's tennis singles and comparing the pace of the game in rally after the first serve and after the second serve. Also we want to compare the pace of the opening and closing games, similarly we want to compare the pace of the game in rally in matches with the participation of the selected player. Method: The basic method, which has been used in this thesis, is the notational system analysis. The subject of this method was the indirect observing of video recordings 11 women's singles matches at the US Open 2018. The variables monitored were the replacement time and the number of beats in rally. There was a condition for the minimum number of strokes played in rally, which was four or more strokes between players. Based on the recorded data, the pace of the game was calculated by dividing the rally time and beats. Results: The average pace of the game is 1,48 ± 0,06 seconds. The average number of strokes in rally is 6,68 ± 0,9, the average rally time is 9,86 ± 1,35. The average pace of rally in the post-filing session was 0,11 seconds slower than the pace of rally in the second post. The...
Marketing research of selected tennis Brand Value
Soumar, David ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
Title: Marketing Research of Brand Value of Selected Tennis Brand Objectives: The aim of this work is to identify and interpret present perception of the Pacific brand value by its most common users - tennis players of any skill level, focusing on professional players, using the marketing research. Try to find possible improvements of the brand value. Methods: The method of quantitative electronic survey was used in this thesis. Data from respondents were collected with use of electronic questionnaire. The research sample consisted of respondents interested in tennis. Those who were familiar with the brand's products were also able to evaluate their quality. Results: Based on the research data we can state, that Pacific's brand awareness is still relatively small among tennis players. On the other hand, positive founding consequent from the research is that quality of the products was perceived as slightly above average. Respondents also informed, that after trying a product they remained faithful to the brand. Keywords: tennis, branding, goodwill, corporate image, brand management
The History of Physical Education and Sport in Příbram
This bachelor thesis is about the history and current situation of Physical education and sport in the city of Příbram. Primarily it is about the development of individual physical education associations during their activities from the beginning until now. In this thesis I deal with all important sport sections in Příbram. The development of sport is divided into sub-stages according to important facts of historical phases of our country. This work consists of four historical parts. The first part deals with the brief history of our city, the second one describes activities of the sport team Sokol and first sport teams from their foundation to the year 1945. The third part describes the period after the second world war to the year 1989, so called Velvet Revolution. This part is about beginning and continuing individual sport units, sports and organizations in Příbram. The fourth part focuses on the foundation and next progression of the most important sport teams between 1989 - 2018. The oldest facts are taken from preserved cronicles, archive materials of individual sport teams, literature and period articles. The information of the third and fourth parts also contain interesting dialogues with witnesses about the establishment of sport units and sectional sport events.

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