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Sociological Aspects of Aritificial Intelligence
Zálešák, Tomáš ; Bureš, Jiří (advisor) ; Tremčinský, Martin (referee)
This text is a literature review with the goal of introducing the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) as a sociologically relevant phenomenon to research. The text has three chapters that together form a basic platform to understand many different aspects of the topic. The first chapter is concerned with the technical aspects of AI and is based on technical literature. These aspects are important for understanding of the current surge of interest in AI that has arisen in the recent years. The technical aspects also help us understand the strengths and weaknesses of AI by understanding its inner workings. The second chapter introduces an overview of sociologically relevant works of authors dealing with the social effects and other aspects of AI. Works of four of these authors are chosen as examples of the breadth of possible ways of looking at AI and as sources for further understanding. The third chapter chooses two examples from the vast amount of areas of application AI in the real world to deepen the overall understanding. This chapter balances out the previous more theoretical chapters by looking at the state of the art in the fields of medicine and transportation and applies knowledge acquired in the previous chapters. The output of the text is a sort of introductory guide through the...
Sustainable Development Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy Panel Data Analysis
Křížková, Alžběta ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Moravcová, Michala (referee)
This thesis analyses the seventh Sustainable Development Goal: Affordable and Clean Energy. Four empirical models are built, each for one indicator. They are then evaluated using panel data analysis for all member states of the UN. The research question it seeks to answer is: "What characteristics have major impact on providing electric energy and other energy related benefits?" We found that in most of the cases, the proportion of urban population and the Human Development Index have a major impact on the indicators. Unlike any previous study dealing with similar topics, this paper analyses the whole goal with its four indicators, not just one particular energy aspect. That allows us to look for interconnection and common features between indicators and their influences.
Welcome in our shop of future.
Hoangová, Nikol ; Strouhal, Jonáš (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
In my diploma work I am dealing with topic of work in one of the world's largest global retailer on the internet - Amazon. In 2015 Amazon opened a new fullfilment centre in Dobrovíz near Prague. Through the statement of one of ex-employee I discovered what it means to work for one of the richest man in the world (2019) - Jeff Bezos. These working conditions I've decided to demonstrate on platform AmazonExperience which consists from e-shop that contains artworks - that apeears as products. They are mostly inspired by company's slogans, stereotypes of work, experiences of Amazon's system and strict or unwritten rules.
Využití dronů v konkrétních podmínkách zemědělského podniku
The thesis deals with the use and utilization of drones, especially in agricultural conditions, where the drones are used more and more frequently in recent years, especially in combination with precision farming, thanks to the great number of advantages that this technology currently brings, not only to agricultural sector. In the thesis there are types of drones that are used for precision agriculture. In addition, there are described the functions of drones used and their distribution according to their deployment on the farm. Finally, questions will be answered about the amount of investment in this technology and the assessment of the effectiveness of the systems.
Possibilities of Implementation of Selected Logistic Technologies and Methods in a Chosen Enterprise
HARANT, Martin
The correct use of modern technology in logistics is an important mean to strengthen the competitiveness on the market and to improve the overall quality of the logistic system. The bachelor thesis provides characteristics and an analysis of possibilities of application of selected logistic technologies and methods with a focus on material and information flows, possibilities of their application in the company Robert Bosch, spol. s.r.o., including an analysis of key factors for their successful implementation. The final evaluation also includes effects that the given method or technology has on the target dimensions. The thesis is based on a previous theoretical preparation and a study of literary sources. The theoretical background of the work is supplemented by a practical analysis and final evaluation of technologies that the author directly followed in the production plant. Furthermore, a structured interview with Robert Bosch's process expert was carried out, along with the suggested recommendation for possible improvements of a current situation.
Legal Design
Kuk, Michal ; Urban, Michal (advisor) ; Friedel, Tomáš (referee)
- j - Legal Design Abstract Legal world found itself in a situation when it is forced by rising demand and new tech- nologies to seek new ways to practice law. It is not sufficient anymore to simply provide bare legal services without acknowledging context and users' actual needs. Some degree of automatization and cost cutting of basic legal work has found its way into the legal practice. In accordance with trends about transparency and publicity of state administration, raises also demand to make law more affordable. Legal world was able to resist changes for a long time due to the lawyers' lack of motivation to do so and clients' ignorance of possibilities base on their lack of legal understanding. However, the situation is starting to change as can be seen on rising numbers of legal innovation start-ups. There are many possible solutions to these new challenges, and one of them is Legal De- sign. This discipline tries to implement design methodology into legal services with the goal of creating valuable innovations. Fundamental is human or user-centered approach in order to provide solutions that better suites them. For example, it aims to develop contract from ex post problem solving tool, into relationship building tool. Also for judicial system to not only decide disputes, but also strengthen sense of...
Building Construction Project - Implementation of Production Hall ADS s.r.o. Větřkovice
Ráb, Jakub ; Diaz, Yvetta (referee) ; Nečasová, Barbora (advisor)
The subject of my master's thesis is construction technological project of the hall ADS s.r.o. Větřkovice. The work includes technical report of construction technological project, facilities of construction zone, solving traffic routes from the production to the place of construction, study of the implementation of the main technological stages of the building SO02, the most appropriate machine assembly, technological specification for drilled piles and for montage of prefabricated reinforced concrete skeleton, control and test plan, schedule of work, itemized budget, plan of the safety and health protection during work, proposals of design of movement mechanisms and time and financial discretion of realization of the reinforced areas of the production hall area.
The face as an index
Helcel, Oskar ; DVOŘÁK, Tomáš (advisor) ; ŠIMŮNEK, Michal (referee)
The bachelor´s thesis Face as an index deals with the relationship between man and machine. It exam-ines this issue through the phenomenon of face recognition technology and its connections with the context of mass surveillance. In the first part, the author introduces the reader to the psychological and brain processes that are associated with facial recognition. Further, on concrete examples of neurosci-ence research associated with these processes, he shows a connection with the development of machine recognition of the face. . In the part about dealing with the historical connotations of the development of face recognition technology, the author discusses the key moments that lead to its implementation into practice. The issue of the database, the change of the technological principle and the relation between the private and the public sector in connection with the use of the above mentioned technology is examined by the author in the next chapter reflecting its state in the last few years. In the last part of the thesis, he reflects the relationship between man and machine through artistic projects focusing on the human face and the phenomenon of machine vision.

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