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The influence of welding parameters on the quality and mechanical properties of the weld joint
Vlach, Jan ; Stejskal, Ondřej (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
The Master´s thesis focuses on the possibilities of using MAG welding on carbon steel 1.1221(C60E) without using preheating. It researches the effect of basic welding parameters on the final characteristics with the goal being to find a welding seam without defects, without using preheating.
Renovation of wood flaker rotor blades by flux cored wires
Soldán, Jan ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (referee) ; Sigmund, Marián (advisor)
The bachelor thesis presents a state of renovation of wood flaker rotor blades by flux cored arc welding. The theoretical part of the thesis presents posssible ways of renovations with materials included. Subsequently, in order to find out, which one of two flux cored electrodes are more suitable for this specific renovation, the experiment was made. The flux cored electrodes were compared in heat input, price, micro and macro structure and final hardness of welded material. Due to very high hardness results, the flux cored electrode named Megafil A760M was chosen to be used in the renovation. At the end of the thesis, the specification of welding process was according to EN ISO 15 609-1 standard.
Design of the trough with respect to hygienic requirements
Venc, Jan ; Staněk, Vojtěch (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
The thesis presents a proposal of a hygienic trough. The trough is made by the company ACO Industries k.s. from stainless steel 17 349 of thickness 1,5 mm. Literary studie is focused on respect to hygienic requirements, which are defined by EHEDG. The trough was valorized and necessary adjustments were proposed to meet the conditions. Based on proposed profile and on the main volume makes custom production, was selected Bending as the most favourable technology for construction and WIG method for welding.
Optimization of manufacturing process of tubes
Kohout, Jaroslav ; Staněk, Vojtěch (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
Elaborated thesis presents a proposal to increase welding speed in the process of production of stainless steel tubes 1.4301 and 1.4404. Based on analysis of the existing method was evaluated, that performance improvement would be most appropriate by adjusting the welding technology. Four methods have been proposed, describing the principle, andvantages and disadvantages. The most effective and cheapest was the modification of the existing TIG method using two torches, with the possible improvement of using another shielding gas.
Loss of strength during welding aluminous alloys AW 6060
Sklenář, Martin ; Vaněk, Mojmír (referee) ; Sigmund, Marián (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to qualify the welding procedure according to the standard ČSN EN ISO 15614-2. At the beginning of the work is introduced a company with which was this thesis made. This is followed by an assessment of the issue of aluminum. Furthermore, the mechanical properties of aluminum are discussed. Follows by part about welding specially about aluminium welding. In the practical part the samples were welded and subsequently evaluated, then the design and qualification of the welding process was made. In conclusion, the possibilities and results that have been achieved are summarized.
New directions for waterproofing of underground transport
Čech, Tomáš ; Čížek, Luboš (referee) ; Šťastník, Stanislav (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the implementation of waterproofing of underground constructions using an LLDPE membrane hinged on anchors. In the future, this method will replace the commonly used waterproofing system in Scandinavia with extruded polyethylene foam. This method of tunnel construction and waterproofing is compared with the NRTM method, often used in Central Europe. The thesis describes the installation of a waterproofing system, especially materials, accessories, welding devices and auxiliary installation equipment. The main focus of the thesis is to verify the reliability of the individual types of welds and to assess the waterproofing system in terms of implementation and environmental demands.
Photonic Services Testbed
Kubica, Matěj ; Škorpil, Vladislav (referee) ; Horváth, Tomáš (advisor)
Bachelor thesis focuses on the theoretical analysis of optical cables and it‘s fusion splicing and distribution. This thesis deals with basic difference between different types of optical fibers. Importance is put on singlemode fibers and it‘s standardization. Following by analysis of different techniques of uniting optical fibers and distribution of cables inside buildings. In the practical part the realization of individual joints with measured values is described. Next part describes connection of individual fibers into optical bath. This connection is completely documented and certain services are realized on selected fibers
Welding of pipes made of CrMo steel
Matějek, Martin ; Sigmund, Marián (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to compare mechanical properties of welded joints on tubes from 32x2 mm. Tubes are made from 25CrMo4 steel, which is used for production of racing kart chassis. The steel has a tensile strength of Rm = 800 MPa and up to 1200 MPa after refinement. For welding of samples are used technologies MAG and TIG.
Dependence of fillet weld seam geometry in laser welding with wobbling on stainless steel
Vaverka, Jiří ; Horník, Petr (referee) ; Mrňa, Libor (advisor)
Laser welding is one of the most developing methods of connecting materials and that’s the reason, why it is necessary to explore all possibilities of this method. This bachelor thesis is focused on laser welding of fillet welds with wobbling on stainless steel. Five testing pieces were made with different diameters of wobbling circles. Study of dependence of seam geometry on welding parameters was executed on these welds.
Study of the influence of process parameters on welding properties of ferritic stainless steel and carbon steel in laser oscillation welding
Hála, Kamil ; Sigmund, Marián (referee) ; Mrňa, Libor (advisor)
The Master thesis is focused on the influence of procedural parameters on the properties of heterogeneous weld in laser welding. The literature review section offers an overview of the industrial application of the laser welding technology as well as it explains the issue of heterogeneous weld creation. The experimental part of the thesis aims to describe how six carbon steel samples have been welded together with ferritic stainless steel by usage of several different beam oscillation configurations. Tested samples have been used to create trial ensembles that were subjected for a tension testing, Vickers hardness testing, metallographic testing and corrosive resistant testing. As a result of the experiment, there is a suggestion of the study that could be used for an industrial using of a combination of these materials.

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