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Measurement of (anti)immigration Attitudes from the Methodological Perspective. Quality of Measurement with the Special Focus on Measurement Equivalence
Šarapatková, Anna ; Remr, Jiří (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
Opportunities that we have in today's world are sharply evolving, and the world is changing all together with these changes. This development is noticeably observed within the topic of global movement of (not only) population, which has changed fundamentally, both economically, politically and socially. Today's so much diversified form of migration, which has lost its transparency it used to has, is a very up to date and debated topic currently almost all over the world. Because of high importance of the topic "migration" it is often subject of research and number of surveys. One of the most examined area within the topic migration is attitudes of people towards immigration and immigrant, oftentimes together with investigating cause leading to particular attitude. Due to the international reach of the topic, these attitudes are often subject of cross-national research or national research, which, however, use data from international surveys. There is a clear disparity across European states in these attitudes towards immigration and, above all, the immigrants themselves. Given this nature of cross-national surveys measuring attitudes towards immigrants, it is important to focus on the measurement quality, which is becoming increasingly complex in the perspective of international research. It is...
The attitude towards addictive substances by high school and university students from Ostrava and factors that can have impact on this attitude
Běnková, Hana ; Rössler, Jan (advisor) ; Záleská, Eva (referee)
Tato práce rozebírá problematiku návykových látek, konkrétně tedy postoj návykovým látkám studentů ostravských středních a vysokých škol. V práci jsou rozebírány pojmy, které jsou spojovány se samotným výzkumem. Dále obsahuje informace o opatření problému ve zkoumaném městě. Také se soustředí na již provedené výzkumy, a to jak zahraničí, tak v České republice a základě jejich výsledků pak byly položeny výzkumné otázky a formulovány hypotézy. Kromě zjištění postojů ostravských studentů středních a vysokých škol se práce snaží zjistit, jaké faktory by samotný postoj mohly ovlivnit. Tyto faktory byly rovněž stanoveny na základě již provedených výzkumů. Samotný výzkum bakalářské práce byl prováděn pomocí strukturovaných anonymních dotazníků a následné analýzy získaných dat v programu SPSS. Na základě výsledků analýzy byl vyvozen závěr, a to sice že ačkoliv mají vysokoškolští studenti větší zkušenost s návykovými látkami, jejich postoj k nim je negativnější než u středoškoláků. Postoje středoškoláků jsou také více ovlivňované vnějšími faktory. Oproti tomu postoj vysokoškolských studentů je zkoumanými faktory ovlivňován minimálně.
Management of training courses of technical staff in an out-of-school organization
Louč, Milan ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
This thesis focuses on creating a draft proposal for the qualification paths for two specific technical professions in accordance to the modern and increasingly popular trends in e-learning methods. The draft proposal deals specifically with the new structure of the qualification paths and compares the ways in which the qualification paths are managed within the scope of technical personnel training performed by the extra-curricular department of After Sales Training. This department provides training to importer delegates and the Czech dealer network. The comparison study focuses on the currently used structure of fixed learning/qualification paths performed mainly in the form of presence training (which joins profession-specific training with general and shared basic content), and on the newly prepared training concept consisting of an individual and personalised training plan based on personal preferences and knowledge levels, which is completed by a final knowledge test. Therefore, the objective of this thesis is to propose a new structure of personnel training for two professions which is to be delivered in an extra-curricular training organisation. The proposal assumes that training will be based not only on blended learning methods, but also on a certain level of voluntariness and the completion of...
International interlibrary loan in a changing environment: results from the 2019 RUSA STARS international ILL survey
Munson, Kurt ; Thompson, Hilary H.
In 2019 the American Library Association (ALA) Reference & User Services Association’s Sharing and Transforming Access to Resources Section (RUSA STARS) International Interlibrary Loan Committee conducted its fourth survey of international interlibrary loan policies and practices. This survey was widely distributed to libraries worldwide, in coordination with IFLA’s Document Delivery & Resource Sharing Section, including for the first time translations in six of the seven official IFLA languages. While reusing questions from prior survey instruments allowed for longitudinal analysis of quantitative data, the 2019 survey also included new open response questions that delve deeper into how the global library community can build upon its success in sharing resources across borders in order to improve this service for future users. On behalf of the committee, the authors will present select survey results, focusing on the evolving role of international ILL in an increasingly complex resource discovery and delivery ecosystem. Data-informed strategies to overcome challenges currently facing this service and to optimize global delivery solutions will be shared.
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Administration and Maintenance Safety Culture Indicators at Nuclear Power Plant
Bukva, Michael ; Števanka, Kamil (referee) ; Katovský, Karel (advisor)
Bachelor thesis focused on the issue of safety culture. Explain the concept of safety culture and its properties. Define possible measurements of this culture. Implementation of measurements at Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. Interpret the results and compare them with the 2017 survey.
Engineering geological survey of the dam of the Šeberák pond end a recommendation for remediation methods
Zimola, Petr ; Malát, Richard (advisor) ; Košťál, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the dam of the Šeberák pond. This water reservoir is included in III. category of historical water works. The dam is currently showing minor defects, but could be seriously damaged by extraordinary circumstances. The aim of this thesis is to accomplish an engineering geological survey of the dam, to assess its competence and recommend remediation measures. For the purpose of the survey, core boreholes and dynamic penetration tests were performed. Soil samples were taken from the drilling cores for laboratory soil tests. Geomorphological, geological and hydrogeological conditions were described, one longitudinal geological section of the dam and four cross-sections were constructed. Based on evaluated field works and obtained data from the pond manager, the engineering geological conditions of the dam body were described. The most serious concern is the intensity of water seep throught the dam in flood situations. Solution options have been recommended for each part and problem of the dam.
Pre-industrial and post-industrial landscape in Moravia: concept and reality
Kolejka, Jaromír ; Batelková, Kateřina
The paper deals with the scientific concept of the terms the post-industrial and the pre-industrial landscape and presents available data sources needed for their identification in the Czech Republic. The overview shows the current state of knowledge and the research progress in the study of such historical landscapes. In brief, the methodology of their identification, mapping and classification is given. The post-industrial landscape Rosice-Oslavany and the pre-industrial landscape Bělečsko are presented as examples from the historical territory of Moravia. Their significance for cognitive, educational and conservation practices is emphasized.
System of the development of employees in the chosen organization
Main target of the diploma thesis is to provide proposals how to improve the current system of the development of employees in the chosen organization. For this purpose, the unnamed organization based in South Bohemian region has been chosen. The diploma thesis consists of two parts - theoretical part includes information dedicated to the topic of the system of the development of human resources which were found both in Czech and international sources. Practical part includes the analysis of the system of the development of operators in the chosen organization - necessary data were provided by the employees of the human resources and production departments. Another data has been collected from the survey that was focused on operators. Analysis has provided the base for proposals for improvements of the current system of the development of operators.
Zootherapy experience of primary school pupils
The bachelor thesis deals with zootherapy experience of primary school pupils. Zootherapy, history of zootherapy, types of zootherapy, organisations dealing with zootherapy and information about animal breeding in schools are described in the literature review. Methodology of the thesis deals with questionnaires of primary school teachers and pupils. It was found that most pupils know what zootherapy is and what is her purpose, mainly because of media. Most pupils also said that they would like to know more information about zootherapy. In questionnaires of primary school teachers was found that teachers do not like the idea of involvement of zootherapy in teaching process and animal breeding in schools as well.
The Role of Marijuana Use by People with a Physical Disability
Müllerová, Petra ; Oravcová, Anna (advisor) ; Kawulok, Josef (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the role of marijuana use by people with a physical disability. Research suggests that marijuana may not only serve for recreational purposes, and its use can provide significant relief to the physically disabled, such as relaxing muscles during spasms. This topic is an integral part of the discussion on the medical use of marijuana and its legalization as such, which the author considers as still up to date. The aim of this thesis is first the theoretical introduction to the examined topic by the mapping method - distinction among marijuana species, specification of the studied group of people as marijuana users and at the same time physically disabled, describing the therapeutic effects of cannabis and outlining the current legal position in the Czech Republic and a number of other states. In the practical part, the semi-structured interview method was used for the research, which focuses on the reasons of the use of marijuana by the respondent, the role of his family and the environment in the intensity of marijuana use, and on the potential importance of legalisation marijuana for the respondent. The thesis provides a basic insight into the use of marijuana, knowledge on the positive effects of marijuana use by physically handicapped people, the relatively low...

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