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Evaluation of the Financial Situation in the Firm and Proposals to its Improvement
Bašo, Pavel ; Skácel, Milan (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
Bachelor thesis assesses financial health of the company. It tests financial wellness on the basis of chosen calculation methods of financial analysis and submits proposals for measures leading to improvement of financial and economic management and suggests financial strategy of the company.
Business Plan: Software Development
Machová, Dominika ; Staněk, Jiří (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
The final thesis deals with the process of designing a web application for companies that have multiple branches in order to simplify the system of storage and distribution of inventory. The bachelor thesis contains a description of project planning, but also anticipated revenues and expenditures connected with software creation. An integral part is the use of available analyzes to identify aspects that may affect the current or future course of the project.
Business Plan: Software Development
Machová, Dominika ; Součková, Markéta (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
The final thesis deals with the creation of a web application for companies that have more branches to simplify the storage and distribution system. The bachelor thesis contains a description of the planning and implementation of the project, but also the predictable income and expenses associated with the creation of the software. An integral part is the use of available analyzes to identify aspects that may affect the current or future course of the project.
Process Improvement of Stock Record in Production Company
Macháček, Ondřej ; Čajan, Tomáš (referee) ; Bartošek, Vladimír (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on improvement of evidence of tools in company Dakin Device Czech republic s.r.o. In the theoretical part are characterízed basic concepts and methods of stock management and processes. The next part of thesis is focused on the analysis of current process with use of appropriate mehtods. In the final part of the thesis new process is proposed.
Design Study of Lean Production Process withLlinks to Purchase
Vřešťál, Michal ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis solves problems of design study of lean production proces withlinks to purchase in ROYAL PRESS Ltd., which is engaged in the development and manufacture of promotional items. After analyzing the current state of processes, I will focus on shortcomings and suggest their solution. Furthermore, I will focus on benefits andputting them into practice. The result of this work should make manufacturing process more efficent and working with supplies.
The needs of expectant mothers in the first stage of childbearing time with focus on the psychical and social needs.
Koblitzová, Svatava ; Kulhavá, Miluše (advisor) ; Dynáková, Šárka (referee)
The work focuses on the issues and needs of mothers giving birth in the first stage of labor. Specifically on the needs of mothers from the beginning of the first stage of labor until the birth itself. In the theoretical part, the author focuses on the history of obstetrics, access to pregnant women in the past and in the present obstetrics. Furthermore, in the context of theoretical described childbirth and individual stage of labor, including a focus on mental and physical and social aspects of childbirth. For practical implementation, the study is the use of quantitative methods and techniques of data collection is questionnaire. The main objective of this thesis is to investigate how mothers themselves the approach of the nursing staff in relation to their needs.. Within the sub-objectives of this thesis were: Determine whether a woman in labor was at all times a feeling of privacy and intimacy. Determine whether the approach of the nursing staff to bring forth empathetic. Determine whether the mother worked on environmental obstetrics department reassuring. The results show that the addressed respondent deemed most appropriate by the presence of a loved one during the antenatal and childbirth. Another important need that presented in the research investigation was needed pain relief,...
Proposal Lean Manufacturing, with Products ICT
Janošec, Michal ; Piska, Vojtěch (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the implementation of production management tools in the form of modern ICT technologies. The final solution, divided into software and hardware part, assists the company in applying the principles of lean manufacturing and the theory of constraints. The work includes a proposal that helps to increase enterprise productivity and eliminates excess inventory in the organization.
Proposal of Internal Guidelines for a Municipality
Pandulová, Petra ; Martina,, Újezdská (referee) ; Zábojová, Lenka (advisor)
Bachelor thesis „Proposal of Internal Guidelines for a Municipality “ deals with the internal guidelines of the village Brezina and focuses on their updates and creation a new internal guideline. The first part of the thesis contains the theoretical basis of the work, which define the basic concepts of accounting and internal guidelines. The following section involves a brief description of the village Brezina. In the third part of this thesis I propose three internal guidelines of the accounting. These are the guidelines on: The system of process the accounting, Supplies, and on Checkout management.
Warehouse Information System
Imrich, Libor ; Varjan, Matúš (referee) ; Videcká, Zdeňka (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is focused on analysis selected production process for company PRACE INVALIDU, s.r.o., design and implementation information system modules for inventory control, joining with current system and evaluation of solution benefits.
Possibilities of companies advertisement on fairs
Fusková, Michaela ; Klasová, Jana (referee) ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis is focused on promotion of TONDACH Česká republika, Ltd. company on the fairs. It includes informations of different kinds of advertising on the fairs, possibilities and exhibits how efektively turn fairs into a profits. Also which forms are effective and which aren’t. Above all this the bachelor is focused on proposition of the optimal structure of advert on the fairs.

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