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Development and structure of crime in the Czech Republic
Trnková, Michaela ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bohuslav, Lukáš (referee)
Development and structure of crime in the Czech Republic Abstract This thesis analyses the development and structure of criminality in the Czech Republic in the period 2009 - 2018. The main source of information for this thesis are the statistics of Police of the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to analyse current distribution of criminality, its development and to find out its driving forces. The thesis consists of four chapters. In the first chapter, the basic terminology is defined; especially the terms defining main properties of criminality, information sources on criminality and the issues of credibility of statistical data. In the second chapter, the structure of criminality in the Czech Republic in 2018 is analysed. A general overview is presented here, followed by analysis of various types of criminality. Information on criminality are analysed from the perspective of the criminality extent, its clear-up rate, geographical distribution, person of the perpetrator and extent of damage. In the third chapter, the development of criminality in the Czech Republic in the period 2009 - 2018 is examined. The data are analysed in a similar way (as the data in the chapter two). Last but not least there are mentioned some selected specific values, which have been commented separately. The thesis...
Liminality and career termination among professional ice-hockey players
Neuman, Michal ; Numerato, Dino (advisor) ; Háková, Lucie (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of termination of professional ice-hockey career. In particular, it focuses on the period of one's life, which comes after the termination or the decision about the termination of the career. It uses the concept of liminality, which allows focussing on the transition from the sport to post-sport life. Within the analysis, 6 semi- structured qualitative interviews have been done with the former professional ice-hockey players. Those were chosen for different characteristics, for the sample to be miscellaneous. In the transition period, the bachelor thesis focuses on the manifestations of liminality in particular. Those are for example the ambiguity of the individual, the anti-structure, the revaluation, rethinking one's self and the society and the experimenting with the new possibilities, which come to light in this phase of transition. The entry to the new social structure is also dealt with in this thesis. The involvement within the new structure is viewed by the concept of resocialization and the construction of identity. The analysis uses the method of qualitative content analysis with the usage of deductive category application. That means prior formulated categories were used and those were being connected with the text. At the end of this thesis, the...
Properties and functions of agnoprotein of polyomaviruses
Zosinčuková, Tereza ; Forstová, Jitka (advisor) ; Vinšová, Barbora (referee)
Polyomaviridae family includes small DNA viruses with simple structure and a small genome encoding only a few proteins. These proteins include large T and small T antigens, as well as 2 to 3 structural proteins known as VP1, VP2 and VP3. In addition, some members of the Polyomaviridae family encode in their genome a small non-structural protein called agnoprotein. Among human polyomaviruses, agnoprotein is present in BK polyomavirus and JC polyomavirus. These viruses are the causative agents of some serious diseases in immunocompromised humans and therefore, they are the subject of intensive research. Simian vacuolating virus 40 is another example of a virus which encodes the agnoprotein. Agnoprotein is capable to manipulate its host cell, disrupt vesicle transport and is also crucial for viral replication and transcription. It appears to play an important role in the morphogenesis of virions and/or in their release from the cell. This paper comprehensively summarizes the latest insights into the properties and functions of the agnoprotein BK polyomavirus, JC polyomavirus and SV40 virus, focusing on the production of this protein during infection, its structure, posttranslational modifications, cell localization, interaction partners and the overall importance of this enigmatic protein for the...
Conspiracy theories as quasireligion
Hlaváčová, Kateřina ; Kostičová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Gebelt, Jiří (referee)
Conspiracy theories are an old-new phenomenon which has gained its importance and specific character over the last three centuries. Unofficially, they have become an alternative tradition of the interpretation of historical events connected with an alternative form of spirituality, known as conspirituality. This manner of the interpretation usually holds the power when the consensually accepted worldview loses its plausibility for the concrete person or group. Conspiracy theories are the verbalization of a certain way of thinking and action which depends on it. Most often, they are manifested in the form of myths. That is understood as one of the dominant structures, commonly connected with traditionally perceived religion. From this point of view and in terms of the function associated with conspiracy narratives, conspiracy theories are examined as functional and structural equivalents of religion. These functions are especially the defense of the order (nomos), differentiation of the outer reality or the explanation of the presence of Evil in the world. In addition, they can also become a medium or tool of social actors in power relations. This thesis represents the complementary overview of the contemporary approaches in the study of religion discourse, which deals with unconventional religiosity...
Management of Building Order
Stará, Michaela ; Poul, Pavel (referee) ; Waldhans, Miloš (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is the management of the construction contract. The bachelor thesis is divided on the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part explains the principle of project management, contains information about life cycle of the project, about contractual relations between projectsand its sources. In the practical part describes the preparation and management of the public order for school construction. The output of the practical part is a time schedule is displayed, showing a difference from the original plan.
Static analysis of steel footbridge
Mareková, Adela ; Martinásek, Josef (referee) ; Vlk, Zbyněk (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is static analysis of a steel footbridge. Two different models of this structure are created in RFEM 5.16 software. The first model consists only of the upper part of the structure, the second model includes also the bottom part – columns. The load is calculated manually and applied on both models in the same way. RFEM software was also used for performing the calculation. The results from models are compared between each other and ultimate limit state assessment is carried out.
Static analysis of the office building
Golisová, Michaela ; Mašek, Jan (referee) ; Vlk, Zbyněk (advisor)
This bachelor thesis contains design and structural analysis of monolitic reinforced concrete frame structure of a high rise office building. Spatial bar model was created from my own design using RFEM software, in which it was then linearly statically analysed using Finite Element Method. RF - CONCRETE plug-in was used for prelminary design of necessary reinforcement.
Svatoš, Jan ; Podoba,, Rastislav (referee) ; Mikyta, Svätopluk (advisor)
The work is an author's book of fifty copies. I deal with topics of structures, details and nature - I specifically focus on the forms of ice crystallization. The book is based on knowledge of my own way of thinking and creation and is a representation of my perception of the world that fundamentally influences my work. The book's content is poetic and consists of author's photographs, drawings and texts (except for a few citations).
Design of the circle concrete tank
Šimek, Ondřej ; Chalabala, Jiří (referee) ; Klusáček, Ladislav (advisor)
The diploma‘s thesis deals with the design and assessment of prestressed cocrete tank of biogas station at ultimate limit state and also at serviceability limit state, according to ČSN EN 1992-1-1: Design of concrete structures. Specifically, the design of wall of the tank and foundation slab. The text part contains general information on the desing of the structure, static idealization of the structure, type of load and method for calculation of inner forces. Attachments contain drawing documentation and structural analysis, which completes the text part and solves in detail said structure.
Biomimetic polymer/graphene layered nanocomposites
Dostalík, Petr ; Ondreáš, František (referee) ; Zbončák, Marek (advisor)
This batchelot thesis deals with preparation of biomimetic polymer/graphene layered nanocomposites. In order to prepare nanocomposites, it was first necessary to prepare a suitable graphene material. The Tour-Marcan method was chosen for its preparation, in which the effect of oxidation time on the structure of the resulting graphene/graphite oxide was investigated. From the result of structural analysis was evaluated, that after 4 hours of oxidation structure of graphite was intercalated, oxygen groups were formed (mainly expoxy groups) and inter-layer spacing increased to form graphite oxide (GO). Extension of oxidation time did not lead to major changes in struture of GO. Nanocomposites were prepareted by solution-casting method. The polar polymer – polyvinyl alcohol (PVAl) was used as a matrix with assumption of strong interaction between GO a PVAl. In order to promote GO intercalation, an ultrasonic dispersant was used in the process of nanocomposite preparation, the effect of which was manifested by an increase in the inter-layer GO distance in nanocomposites. It has been observed that the inter-layer spacing of GO and PVA1 is affected by the concentration of the individual components in the nanocomposites, suggesting a possible modification of the PVA1 crystalline structure. Structural analysis revealed that GO layers in composite were oriented in one direction.

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