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Forms of 'empowerment' in the frame of the anti-discrimination agenda in Education
Felcmanová, Alena ; Moree, Dana (advisor) ; Bittnerová, Dana (referee) ; Straková, Jana (referee)
Forms of 'empowerment' in the frame of the anti-discrimination agenda in Education 'Empowerment' - or a state of emancipation, in which an individual is able to achieve their goals, fulfill their needs, and reach their potential despite the structural limitations - should be the result of education. Forms of empowerment include: the capacity of involved actors to make changes, and their ability to influence conditions and structures, in which they move. In my dissertation, I inspect the empowerment found in actors in Education, families, the public sector, schools and other governmental organizations. I conducted my research in the context of the integration of the so-called 'inclusive education' and the associated changes in the system of the Czech elementary education, in the period of spring 2013 until the end of 2017. The method of qualitative research I chose was the stakeholder analysis and in-depth interviews. I analyzed the gathered data from the point of view of the actors' goals and agendas, their experience with discrimination, their involvement in the inclusive education, their cooperation with each other, and last but not least, from the point of view of the power(lessness) and empowerment of the actors themselves describe it. I then link the concept of empowerment with the concept of...
Assessing ecosystem services and the alternatives of their future development in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves
Harmáčková, Veronika Zuzana ; Vačkářová, Davina Elena (advisor) ; Cudlínová, Eva (referee) ; Pechanec, Vilém (referee)
The provision of ecosystem services within social-ecological systems is influenced by multiple environmental and anthropogenic driving forces, affecting natural ecosystems. At the same time, the capacity of ecosystems to concurrently provide different types of ecosystem services is inherently limited. Thus, ecosystem changes and their effect on ecosystem services have direct implications for human existence and well-being. The aim of this thesis is to present a modelling approach to assess regulating, provisioning and cultural ecosystem services and to quantify their potential trade-offs, illustrated by two case studies carried out in selected UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in the Czech Republic, Třeboň Basin Biosphere Reserve and Šumava Biosphere Reserve. Both of the selected case study areas are characterized by high levels of natural and cultural assets and challenges regarding future landscape management. In this study, first the social-ecological dynamics within the study areas was analysed by creating participative scenarios through collaboration with local stakeholders, eliciting their preferences regarding future landscape development to 2050. Second, the impact of the scenarios on ecosystem services and their trade-offs were assessed using a combination of spatially explicit models and...
The project proposal in the enterprise
Klouček, Martin ; Bartošek, Vladimír (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the design of a project for the construction of a new hall. The work includes the identification of the intention, goals and outputs, subsequent planning and assessment of all information obtained. The analytical part focuses on the introduction of the company, the analysis of the current state and the basis of analysis, which will be used in the design of the project.
Project proposal for a new paint shop
Krhovják, Martin ; Špůrek, Rostislav (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the project of proposal for a new paint shop. Thesis includes identification of project’s purpose, target and outputs. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the projetct as a whole, its phases, project management and explanation of all related concepts. The thesis then describes and analyzes the current state of the company, indluding the current way of varnishing of material. According to the results of previous analysis a project of a new paint shop is proposed.
Improving the B2B ordering process
Maršíková, Anna ; Veselý, Josef (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the improvement of goods ordering process through the wholesale system in a small company dealing with import of household products and gift items from Asian countries. Diploma thesis is divided into three parts. The theoretical part serves as an introduction to business processes, information systems and change management. The second part consists of an analysis of the internal environment of the company, a B2B ordering process analysis and a research on requirements for an improved version of the wholesale system. The third part is devoted to a proposal of the ordering process improvement and suggestion of a new version of the wholesale system based on the identified requirements of the process and stakeholders.
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Company
Hodovská, Anna ; Veselý, Josef (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The diploma thesis is about corporate social responsibility and its application in a selected company. The introductory sections summarize the theoretical background and methodologies used. The following are the sections related to the analysis and the research performer. The design part contains the basic concept of the code of ethics, recommended activities and evaluation in terms of risks, time and finances. The result of the work is this proposal of social responsibility in the company.
Návrh materiálového využití pryžového granulátu z pneumatik formou podnikatelského záměru
Hromada, Roman
This diploma thesis deals with methods of used tire management, proposal of utilization of ground tire rubber, market analysis and RAPUR Company analysis and deals with proposal of the production of the rubber floor article. The thesis also deals with technical and technological solution of the product production and analysis of the organization’s environment, external and internal factors and SWOT analysis. Outcome information is then used for the recommendation of the business plan.
'Stakeholder value' as a new phenomenon of company law
Kadeřábková, Hana ; Pelikán, Robert (advisor) ; Zahradníčková, Marie (referee)
99 'Stakeholder value' as a new phenomenon of company law Abstract The thesis deals with "stakeholder value" as one of the approaches to corporate governance. The primary aim of the thesis is to provide a description of the stakeholder value approach and to describe its position in (in particular) the Czech company law de lege lata; the secondary aim is to reflect on the possible legal regulation de lege ferenda and notice of problematic points of legislation in relation with the stakeholder value concept. Another goal is to clarify through the empirical research the position of the stakeholder value and some other concepts related to this phenomenon in the Czech Republic. The thesis is divided into seven chapters. It begins by introducing the concept of "stakeholder value" as one of the corporate governance models, pursuing as one of the goals of a buisness company to satisfy interests of a wide range of stakeholders, i.e. constituencies tied to a business corporation in a certain way. Following is a theoretical introduction to corporate governance. The second chapter deals with the shareholder value model, contrasted with the stakeholder value approach, with an emphasis on taking into account solely the interests of shareholders. The third chapter is devoted to the so-called enlightened shareholder value...
Preparation of the Production Project
Kvarda, Tomáš ; Sedláček, Daniel (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focus on project preparation, that includes identification of project’s purpose, target and outputs, also planning itself and evaluations of each obtained information. The theoetical part deals with project management, explination of terms associated with the management. In addition, the thesis introduces the company and the previous SafeShore project that provides output data for the analysis, wich are the core for planning the whole project.
Společenská odpovědnost ve vybrané společnosti
This thesis deals with the topic of corporate social responsibility in the energy company E.ON, both in the Czech Republic and in Europe. The first part describes the topic of social responsibility in general and related topics closely related to the of social responsibility are mentioned. The methodical part describes the data processing itself as it was done in the practical part and what methods were used for the evaluate-on. The practical part describes E.ON in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe. Activities around social responsibility are described in selected regional units. All activities related to social responsibility were mapped in the E.ON CZECH Group. The second part consists of a questionnaire survey of employees of E.ON CZECH, where the aim was to find out employees' awareness of social responsibility in the company.

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