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Geographical characteristics of extreme growth depressions of Scots pine in Central Europe
Mík, Milan ; Treml, Václav (advisor) ; Rybníček, Michal (referee)
The presented diploma thesis studies extreme growth depressions of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Central Europe. Examination of significant growth anomalies (pointer year analysis) is one of the methods, which investigates the reactions of forest stands to the ongoing climate change. Dendrochronological data was obtained from Czechia (23 sites) and Slovakia (4 sites). The main hypotheses of the thesis states that the extreme growth depressions relate to climatic anomalies, hence they can be explained geographically. The objectives were to 1) create a Cropper values chronology for each site which describes growth extreme depressions; 2) explain climatic causes of negative Cropper values for each site; 3) define geographical predispositions of a spatial distribution of extreme growth depressions; 4) spatially interpolate extreme growth depressions. The calculation of Cropper values was based on a normalisation in a moving window method with a 13-year window size and the input data detrended by a 50-year cubic smoothing spline. Created chronologies were correlated with monthly climate data (temperatures, precipitation, SPEI). Geographical predispositions of the spatial distribution of growth depressions were calculated using a hierarchical cluster analysis. The cluster analysis was also applied...
Comparison of Nordic and Central European forests for their socio-economic function and measurement methods
Ukkonen, Sami Johannes
This work is focused on the collection of theoretical and internationally agreed-upon information on the range and sources of socio-economic functions and benefits provided by forests and subsequently on the comparison of these functions within set groups of Nordic and Central European countries. The countries chosen for these groups were Finland Sweden Norway Czech Republic Slovakia and Austria. Simultaneously was examined if there exists nationally or regionally different approaches on how these and other forest functions are typically measured or evaluated in general. Through a review of literature and multiple national and international statistical compilations was obtained both quantitative and qualitative data regarding the forests forest policies and forest industries of each country observed. This information was placed within the frames of internationally acknowledged Criteria & Indicator standards for the Maintenance of socioeconomic functions and conditions. Afterwards these standards were then used accordingly as the basis for the comparisons made. Overall it was found that some of the main characteristics of the socio-economic functions and benefits of forests proved relatively similar in the two regions particularly from the social point of view and management-related goals and objectives in each country. Main differences were more identifiable through the economic aspects of forest functions but mostly on national and not so much on regional level. The significance and value of local forest-based industries combined with the political and historical background and cultural traditions of each country contributed strongly towards many of the observed differences. Noticeable discrepancies on the methods of measurement of the forest socio-economic functions were found relatively few and trivial among the countries studied. Significantly different nationally individual approaches to evaluate forest functions in general could not be identified outside of the Czech Republic.
Komparace plnění energeticko-klimatických cílů strategie Evropa 2020 v zemích střední Evropy
Boleloucký, Filip
Bachelor thesis concerns progress made in energy and climate indicators related to strategy Europe 2020 in countries of middle Europe. Main concern is to analyze whether the goals are being achieved. Thesis describes history of energy policies in Europe until Europe 2020. Next part mentions core aspects of Europe 2020 with aim to energy and climate goals. Goal of this thesis is based on comparison of available data and national goals.
Characterization of the permo – carboniferous forests and possible comparison with recent coniferous forest in Central Europe
Krejčíř, David
This thesis is primaly focus on solving of comparison of ancient with recent coniferous forests and peat bogs in Central Europe. Discovered fossil records provide the detailed insight view to functions and interactions among individual components of former vegetation in the Carboniferous and the Early Permian compared to recent period. Another aspect is possible impacts of ancient pathogen activities to timber and foliage in analogy to recent ones.
Three Essays on Central European Foreign Exchange Markets
Moravcová, Michala ; Horváth, Roman (advisor) ; Komárek, Luboš (referee) ; Baumohl, Eduard (referee) ; Pappas, Vasileios (referee)
This dissertation thesis consists of three essays on new EU foreign exchange markets (FX), i.e. the Czech koruna, Polish zloty and Hungarian forint. In the first two essays, the impact of foreign macroeconomic news announcements and central banks' monetary policy settings on the value and volatility of examined exchange rates is analyzed. In the third chapter, the conditional comovements and volatility spillovers on new EU FX markets is examined. The aim of this thesis is to contribute to the existing empirical literature by providing new evidence of the examined currencies during periods, which have not been examined yet (after the Global financial crisis (GFC), during the EU debt crisis and during currency interventions in the Czech Republic). The first essay (Chapter 2) examines the impact of Eurozone/Germany and US macroeconomic news announcements and monetary policy settings of the ECB and the Fed on the value of new EU member states' currencies. It is a complex analysis of 1-minute intraday dataset performed by event study methodology (ESM). We observe different reactions of exchange rates in pair with the US dollar on the US macroeconomic announcements and Euro-expressed FX rates on Germany macro news during the EU debt crisis and after it. We also provide evidence of leaking news, showing...
History of Central Europe as Joint Region in the Long 10th Century
Izdný, Jakub ; Drška, Václav (advisor) ; Matla, Marzena (referee) ; Sommer, Petr (referee)
The thesis deals with the development of Central Europe in the period of the long 10th Century, trying to describe in general the change of that region in the given epoque. The comparison and interpolation of the phenomena such as the Christianisation, the emergence of the political and economic power and the general transformation of the society aims to define a new view of the whole problem. The preferred vision is the economic and political development of the elites, separated from the existing socio-political formations and constructing its own apparatus of power, that will only slowly and eventually confront and merge the pre-stat formation in the form of an Early Medieval Christian state.
Central Europe as an ideal space (illustrated with the works of Ingeborg Bachmann and Libuše Moníková)
Pelíšková, Klára ; Zelená, Alena (advisor) ; Březinová, Monika (referee)
This bachelor's thesis addresses the topic of myths occuring in the Central European literature. It focuses on two particual myths, the Habsburg Myth and Bohemia lying by the sea, and on the way these myths are used in the literary works of Ingeborg Bachmann and Libuše Moníková, two German-language authors of the second half of the twentieth century. The first section of the thesis includes a chapter that discusses the ambiguity of Central Europe and another one that introduces the theory of myth. The second section offers a general characteristic of the Habsburg myth and the myth of Bohemia on the sea and it describes the historical context of their origins as well as their development and variations throughout the time. Based on the analyse of selected works of Bachmann and Moníková, the author of this thesis seeks to define the function the researched myths fulfil and to expose the potential parallels between them. She also examines the connection between the specific form of the myths in the analysed works and the historical and political circumstances of the time these works were written. The thesis concludes with comparison of both researched myths as well as their adaptations in the works of Bachmann and Moníková.
Pecková Černá, Martina ; ŠTILEC, Jiří (advisor) ; HYVNAR, Jan (referee)
The doctoral thesis The Performing Arts (Music, Theatre, Dance) and Cultural Policy in Central Europe focuses on the relationship of the state administration and performing arts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Germany. It includes an overview of basic strategic documents of the state cultural policy in the Central European countries, on incorporation of the term of performing arts into the concept of cultural and creative industries and the economic classification as well as analysis of statistical evidence of theatre, music and dance in the selected countries. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on the field of culture from the point of view of the state administration, on the structure of state administration responsible for the management of culture as a whole and on state institutions established by state authorities responsible for performing arts. The analysis of subsidy tools for support of performing arts is also included.
An investigation of Foreign Currency loans exposure contribution to the soundness of the Financial System
Özalan, Eda ; Tůma, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Jakubík, Petr (referee)
This thesis investigates the impact of foreign currency lending on financial stability for the case of Balkans, CEE and Balkans and CEE together. Such investigation has been carried out by identifying the impact of foreign currency lending across 3 main channels, which are: 1) households, 2) non-financial corporations, and 3) central government. This thesis was able to prove the foreign currency lending relevance, significance, main impact, and remarkable heterogeneity characterizing the Balkans and CEE samples. With respect to each of the subsamples and the full sample, the results can be summarized in 3 main points. For the case of Balkans, the financial instability has been identified to be transmitted through the household and government channels. Regarding the CEE, the dynamics are completely different as household channel provides mixed evidence, while the non-financial corporation one serves as the main transmission channel. When investigating the full sample, it has been pointed out that the prevailing dynamics reveal the non-financial corporation and government channels as the ones with the largest contribution to financial instability. JEL Classification C33, C36, F34, G20, G21, G32 Keywords Financial stability, foreign currency lending, household, non-financial corporation, central...
Territorial identities and religion in Czechia and Central Europe
Reeves, Daniel Vinson ; Havlíček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kostelecký, Tomáš (referee) ; Majo, Juraj (referee)
Territorial identities are a mosaic of many different cultural elements, from which religion is just one subset. This dissertation explores elements of religion as they are expressed within territorial identities at varying scale levels in Czechia and several neighboring countries. The use of a religiously themed postage stamp or a Christian toponym, the inclusion of a religious site in a hand drawn map of one's hometown or one's position regarding the return of disputed properties to the churches they were taken from years ago, each of these can be an expression of territorial identity. Whether actively practiced or passively acknowledged, religion is bound up in our sense of place. The four separate studies that make up the body of this dissertation present religion's case as an integral ingredient within the territorial identities of Central Europe. In terms of spatial differences, Slovakia and Poland are more likely, as compared to Czechia, to recognize and include elements of religion in their territorial identities. This is true at both national - postage stamps - and local levels - toponyms and cognitive maps. Each of the methods used to explore the presence of religion in expressions of territorial identity - postage stamps, toponyms and cognitive maps - proved effective. The comparative...

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