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Animal Asisted Activity and Animal Assisted Therapy in Context of Social Services
This bachelor thesis maps the provision of activities and therapies with the assistance of animals in the kontext of social services. It deals with activities and therapies assisted by animals in the Retirement home TEP, the center of social services in Veselí nad Lužnicí and examines the benefits of activities and therapies for its users. There are defined old age and aging, retirement home, activities and therapies assisted by animals, thein contribution for retirement home and organizations operating in this area. The practical part of this thesis consists of research. Its main goal was to map the provision of activities and therapies with the assistance by animals in the Retirement home TEP, the center of social services in Veselí nad Lužnicí. The qualitative research strategy, the method of questioning and the technice of semi-structured interviews were choosen. Participant observations and secondary data analysis were also used. The research group consisted of five users who used animal-assisted aktivity and therapy for more than 1 year and were over 65 years old. The results were processed into case studies. The research shows that activities and therapies assistanced by animals in the retirement home take the form of a visitor and resident program. Users can see the benefits of animal in improving their mental condition, communication with employees, practicing memory and fine and gross motor skills. Most of the pensioners think that this therapies has no straight impact on making new friendships. This work can be used primarily by retirement home workers who practice animal-assisted activities and therapies to bendit users. Finally it can help bring this activities and therapies closer to the general public.
Změny v telomerázové aktivitě u dlouhověké zimní generace dělnic včely medonosné (\kur{Apis mellifera})
BREJCHA, Miloslav
Telomerase activity was compared between the long-lived winter generation and the short-lived summer generation of Apis mellifera workers. Transcription levels of endocrine signaling determinants associated with aging were compared between these generations. Effects of photoperiod and egg laying rate on the telomerase activity of the winter generation of honey bee workers were tested.
Properties of polymer modified bitumen for warm mix asphalt
Zábranský, Ivo ; Koudelka, Tomáš (referee) ; Dašek, Ondřej (advisor)
The Diploma thesis is focus on polymer modified bitumen for warm mix asphalt. The theoretical part of the thesis describes additives which influence the properties of bitumen for their use and reduction of production and service temperatures. Further, the theoretical part describes the conclusions from the researches. This part also describes empirical and functional tests of bituminous binders. The practical part presents the results of individual tests. Tests were performed on samples of non-aged, aged by RTFOT and RTFOT + PAV methods. The results of the work and the assessment of the suitability of bituminous binders are summarized at the end of the thesis.
Leisure activities of seniors in retirement home
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe the area of offered leisure activities and their connection with individual planning. The bachelor thesis contains 6 chapters. The first part describes the old age, aging and age-related changes. It also describes social services, the above mentioned leisure activities, quality standards of services and individual planning. The fifth chapter focuses on Home for the Elderly in Strakonice. It presents basic information about this facility, describes individual planning and leisure activities in the Home for the Elderly in Strakonice. The last chapter is devoted to the research survey us in the method of content analysis. The aim of this research is to find out to what extents the offered free-time activitie correspond with activities in individual plans of seniors in the Home for the Elderly in Strakonice. The research results show that this facility provides a lot of leisure activities that agree with activities described in the IPs of seniors.
The reasons for refusing involvement of seniors into the occupational activities
HEJNOVÁ, Miroslava
This bachelor thesis focuses on the reasons why seniors using home care services can not or do not want to participate in activation programs. General nurses were also approached to map the problem, which identified the overall knowledge of activation programs and their involvement in various activities. This work is composed of theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part there are outlined changes that occur during aging, suitable technique of communication with seniors and possible activation programs, which can be applied in the homes for seniors. The empirical part consists of four objectives. The first objective was to find out why seniors are unable or unwilling to participate in activation programs in the home for the elderly. The second objective was to find out what activation programs are provided to seniors in homes for the elderly. The third objective of this work was to find out whether the seniors participating in the activation programs were satisfied and whether they wished for new activation programs. The ultimate goal was to find out how nurses are involved in activation programs and how deep is their knowledge of activation programs. Subsequently, five research questions were identified. For the research, a qualitative survey technique was chosen using a semi-structured interview. Altogether, eight nurses and ten seniors were approached. The interviews were recorded and then rewritten into text. In the chapters, the results and discussion outline possible reasons for not involving seniors in activation programs. Research shows that seniors who attend at least some of the activation programs are satisfied with these programs. Some said they wish that the new programs would move into the home for the elderly. Most seniors have said that the benefits in these activation programs could be seen. Research from nurses has revealed that they have good knowledge of activation programs used by seniors. Surprisingly, only few nurses are involved in these programs. The chapters of the discussion and conclusion contain the results and possible recommendations for increasing the interest of seniors in activation programs.
Work with families with clients with special needs in the aoutreach services Milevsko
This bachelor thesis is focused on families with clients taken care of in the home environment with the help of field care. Nowadays, if a family member falls ill and in consequence of this illness their motion is limited, they are unable to take care of themselves, thus they are dependent on the help of another person. Sometimes, the family are unable to manage taking care of their relative. Being able to find help as well as knowing where to find it is significant for the nursing individual. Many families cannot or do not want to take care of their relatives, and thus, clients end up in retirement house, where their health condition deteriorates. I chose this topic because I had worked within field care Humanica, and my professional practice took place in Social Servces in Milevsko. The aim of the theoretical part is mapping out information about old age, how it is classified, what changes occur in old age, the most frequent illnesses, and a brief overview of social services in Milevsko. The main aim of the practical part is to find out how working with the family is integrated within field work. To reach this aim, I have chosen another, partial aim. To collect data, I have used a qualitative research of open coding. A standardized interview consisting of 8 respondents made up the main method. Further, I had the option of viewing personal documents to approach clients´ anamnesis. The research was carried out in spring 2018. Results were processed also using literal transcription and tables. The research has found out that families are unable to manage their situation without field workers who, according to care-taking individuals, are emphathic, and are able to fulfill almost all of their requirements. A family, cooperating with field service, is able to take complex care of a client in their natural, home environment. Taking care of an ill individua within home enviornment is very demanding, and it influences the operation of the whole family, thus it is necessary for the family to stick together and help each other, always. Results may be used mainly in given field services, leading to the improvement of services in Milevsko. Further, they may be useful to students, experts in social services, and to family information about the significance of field service cooperation.
Changes in Lifestyle of the Elderly in Selected Housing Facilities
The thesis titled Changes in lifestyles of seniors in selected residential facilitis is focused on changes of the elderly after entering to the facility. The theoretical part summarises demographics of an aging population in Czech republic with mention of the aging in the South Moravian region. Furthermore the terms related to aging as for example gerontology, geriatrics, ageism, senior, old age and aging. I am describing here the changes caused by aging and changes in physical and functional, psychological and social sectors. Another chapter is lifestyle that is generally described as the way, how we live in young age, so it is reflected in our old age. And finally I mention a few programs for a healthy and active life for senior citizen. In the practical part the results of my qualitative research are presented. The goal of this thesis is to try to find out in which aspects the lifestyle of seniors surveyed has changed significantly. Given the target group a qualitative analysis of semi-structured interview, observation and questioning was chosen. Data are retrieved through interview with a client. The interview was divided into seven areas, which included various points which I questioned during my research. The areas consist of introducing the communication partner, physical and functional changes, changes in eating habits, leisure activities, sleep, quality of life, and finally I asked about programs for a healthy and active life of seniors. That was part of its investigation questioned. Circuits are made by introducing communication partner, physical and functional changes, changes in eating, leisure activities, sleep, quality of life, and I finally interviewed on programs for a healthy and active life of seniors. The research group consists of twelve seniors who live in social facilities, homes for the elderly. The average age of the communication partners is 81 years. According to the results, the biggest changes are observed in the area of leisure activities and eating habits. None of the respondents knows of seniors programs for a healthy and active life of seniors.
Current life of "superwomen" after primary family breakup
Hanáková, Šárka ; Kobová, Ĺubica (advisor) ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to women who were called "the super women" during the communist era. Their mission was to combine their profession with taking care of their children alongside of being a housewife. Even though the traditional model of the men supporting the whole family changed to more democratic model with the both man and woman supporting the family, the housekeeping and taking care of children still stayed the wive's responsibility. In the period of communism, women were "double burdened". They dedicated their lives for their families and the free time they had, which was less then what men had, mostly corresponded with the interests of children and the whole family. In this thesis I focus on how these women live nowadays. They have already retired and after losing their partner they now live alone. I also focus on how they deal with this different life situation and changes in their social roles. I work with the theoretical approaches of emancipated femininity and active aging as a way to cope with changes in social status. I chose the qualitative approach as a research method. It is implemented in this diploma thesis by analyzing thorough interviews with widowed seniors.

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