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Analysis of the sports career of the decathlons Tomáš Dvořák
Gabera, Lukáš ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Vindušková, Jitka (referee)
Title: Analysis of sports career decathlon athlete Tomáš Dvořák Objectives: The goal of the bachelor thesis is to analyze biographical materials and literature resources to capture and interpret sports career the triple world champion Tomáš Dvořák in years 1993 - 2008. Within the biographical study, there will be a punctual adumbration of whole of his sports career including his every success and every health issue. Methods: This bachelor thesis is carried out as a review and I am going to use the method of comparison and analysis. The work is divided into two main parts. In first part I focused on theoretical part of decathlon itself, its creating history and psychomotor assumptions of successful athlete. In second part I closely analyzed the results of all races he took part in. I described them and used graphical schemes. I connected a short comment to each graphical scheme. Results: In submitted bachelor thesis by studying obtainable materials I managed to map, evaluate and describe the multisport career of Tomáš Dvořák in years 1993 - 2008 including all his successes and health issues. Keywords: sport, career, athletics, decathlon, world champion
Marketing research of high school students' satisfaction with the offer and quality of sports facilities in Klatovy
Kudrnková, Lenka ; Pecinová, Markéta (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Marketing research of high school students' satisfaction with the offer and quality of sports facilities in Klatovy Objectives: The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate, whether the high school students are satisfied with the offer and with the quality of sporting facilities in Klatovy. Based on the findings of the research, there will be measures suggested in order to improve the discussed factors. Methods: There is used a quantitative method of written questioning in the practical part of the bachelor thesis. The respondents are high school students studying in Klatovy. Results: The outcomes of the research are illustrated using pie charts and bar charts. The results showed that the respondents are rather satisfied with the offer of sporting opportunities. Some specific factors were evaluated as neutral. The worst score was given to the cleanliness of the toilets and showers. Keywords: sport, sports activities, free time, questionnaire, sport field
The History of Physical Education and Sport in Příbram
This bachelor thesis is about the history and current situation of Physical education and sport in the city of Příbram. Primarily it is about the development of individual physical education associations during their activities from the beginning until now. In this thesis I deal with all important sport sections in Příbram. The development of sport is divided into sub-stages according to important facts of historical phases of our country. This work consists of four historical parts. The first part deals with the brief history of our city, the second one describes activities of the sport team Sokol and first sport teams from their foundation to the year 1945. The third part describes the period after the second world war to the year 1989, so called Velvet Revolution. This part is about beginning and continuing individual sport units, sports and organizations in Příbram. The fourth part focuses on the foundation and next progression of the most important sport teams between 1989 - 2018. The oldest facts are taken from preserved cronicles, archive materials of individual sport teams, literature and period articles. The information of the third and fourth parts also contain interesting dialogues with witnesses about the establishment of sport units and sectional sport events.
Physiotherapy of professional mountain bike riders
STOŠEK, Martin
This thesis deals with physiotherapy possibilities of professional mountain bike riders. The aim of my bachelor thesis depicts issues of overstretching locomotor system during everyday training and suggest an appropriate physiotherapy plan. Another aim is to describe options of professional bicycle seat position setting offered by several specialized companies. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first theoretical part is dedicated to history of cycling, disciplines, riders categories, sport physiology and bike setting. The qualitative research is used in the second practical part. Research is carried out with three probands. On the basis of characteristics of each proband and input screening, I suggest therapeutic plan and make output screening.
The discoursive transformations in the rhetoric of sport in Czech culture since thirties to fifties of 20 th century.
BEČKA, Tomáš
Sport is a relatively common topic in the Czech literature. The authors often focus on team sports like football or ice hockey or on the individual competitions, for example, gymnastics. Through sport various stories that include different ideas can be produced. This diploma thesis lay stress on the documentation of the transformation of sport´s image in the 30´s, 40´s and 50´s of the 20th century. The thesis also concentrates on the clarification of the term sport, different outlooks on sport because this topic is also connected with the cult of the human body. The chosen literary works research the image of sport and the ways of the interpretations. Furthermore, the thesis concerns oneself with the film, the representation of the sport and its narrative patterns in it.
The History of Physical Education and Sport in Borovany
This bachelor thesis deals with the history of physical education and sport in Borovany from the beginning of the founding of Local unity Sokol until 2018. In the first part is described a brief history of Borovany. Furthermore, the work is divided into three main historical periods. In the first period, the development of physical education and later sports is recorded from the year 1908 until the year 1945. The second period focuses mainly on the development of sports sectors between the years 1945 and 1989. The third period records the development of significant sports compartments in Borovany, especially in the years from 1989 to 2018. The last part is presented by the most successful athletes in the history of Borovany.
Sport addiction
This thesis is dedicated to the issue of addiction to sport and physical activities. The theoretical part includes introducing and highlights of this problem and the circumstances associated with it (the reasons for healthy lifestyle, relaxation, the influence of social networks and the media to human beings). Then I described the signs of addiction to addictive substances and adapted them to addiction to sport (also focused to treatment and prevention). The last chapter of this thesis was the ethical issue of this topic. The practical part had the main goal (using the poll) to find out whether it is possible to create addiction on sport and physical activities and whether it is characterized by the same signs as addiction to addictive substances. I also try to find out the athletes' expectations and the reasons why they are exercising - health reasons, beautiful body or just to be fit.
Revitalization of Film studios in Zlín
Kolbábková, Martina ; Kopáčik,, Gabriel (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the revitalization of the Zlín film studios, with maximum respect for the principles of the investor, using the area in the long term. Idea thesis consists in consolidating the roots of film history, familiarity with film themes and issues for every generation. It also ensures that the area live 24 hours a day. For this reason, in the area of proposed areas not only public facilities, manufacturing, sport but also areas for housing. Campus should become a place where everyone would like to return, whether for entertainment, recreation, leisure and entertainment
Sanatorium with Speleotherapy for Childern Ostrov u Macochy
Tran, Hoang Long ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
The master thesis Sanatorium with Speleotherapy for Children - Ostrov u Macochy is an architectonical concept which consist of the establishment of a sanatorium with various functions for patients and the public. The compound offers a medical block, administrative and economic blocks, a school, a cafeteria for visitors, a guests house for adult clients and complement. The building site is located on an inclined terrain near Císařské jeskyně (Caesar cave) and it is surrounded by forest from three sides. There is a scenic view to the south from the construction site. The neighboring buildings consist only of family houses. The compound of sanatorium aimed to have the closest interaction with surroundings and the terrain, therefore the estate is divided into three different segments based on the three most important functions of the construction program.
Revitalization of Film studios in Zlín
Myšková, Hana ; Kabela, Miloš (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
This final diploma thesis deals with revitalization of Film studios in Zlín and its surroundings. On the west from solved area is forest cemetery and residential complex Fabiánka. Areal of the Film studios is from residential complex Fabiánka separated by terrain depression. The Film studios in Kudlov which is situated near to Zlín was established in thirties of last centrury, their strong side is interesting history, the natural environment and good availability from Zlin. The theme of the Film survived in the area to the present days, there are film laboratories and film secondary school. Some objects are rentes as office space, there is Zlín radio and on the northeastern part of the area is situated pharmaceutical production. The main new function witch is design is housing in apartment buildings which are completed by offices and public services witch is situated around film pedestrian zone. There is designed a new sports complex and film park with forest amphitheater, therefore it can be used by general public. In areal are functions for all age category.

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