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Carpooling in the light of private and public law
Müller, Tomáš ; Frinta, Ondřej (advisor) ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
Carpooling in the light of private and public law Abstract The thesis deals with legal aspects of carpooling across the spectrum of the law of the Czech Republic. Due to carpooling not being a legal term, the thesis itself defines it as a phenomenon when multiple people are traveling simultaneously by one road transport vehicle, under the assumption that the transport is not being provided on a commercial basis. The thesis also describes the differences between carpooling and commercial transport of persons. As far as public law is concerned, the thesis discovers which areas of administrative law apply to carpooling and what consequences arise for the subjects concerned. This involves the regulation of road transport and road traffic in particular. The description of tax implications is also included. Furthermore, the thesis deals with criminal and administrative liability. The focus, however, is on private law. After an exploration of the legal history of transport of persons, the thesis answers the question whether or not contractual obligations arise from carpooling and inspects the elements of the contract along with the rights and duties of the parties. International aspects are taken into account - the thesis studies direct legal norms as well as rules governing conflicting laws. The centrepiece of...
Analysis of the Taxi Services in Prague
Dušek, Šimon ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Mach, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the comparison of the Prague taxi service with the alternative service Uber. The theoretical part is devoted to defining the basic terms which are used in this branch. Subsequently the branch of taxi service is defined, together with all the conditions associated with its operation, with a look back on history. Another part contents brief description of main subjects in the field of classic and alternative taxis. In the practical part, the work first focuses on introducing the Uber company, operating conditions within its services and services itself. The analysis of taxi and Uber driver's input costs follows. The last chapter deals with the development of taxis for the future.
Carpool as an alternative to the traditional ways of commuting examined by university students from Písek region commuting to Prague
Kozák, Vlastimil ; Jaroš, Václav (advisor) ; Hasman, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis targets on the topic of carpooling. Under the term of a carpool-journey is understood an alternative to traditional means of transport. This topic has been mentioned in Czechia only marginally and has not been further researched. The thesis aims to get a closer look on carpooling and to cover it as a self-standing complex topic. Main aim is to define the term of carpooling, determine its types and in author's own questionnaire to identify basic principles which are specific for student's carpooling between Prague and the town of Písek. Outcomes of the questionnaire are discussed with literature. It is possible to divide carpooling into internal and external. Furthermore, it can be divided into formal and informal carpooling. The determining factor for a working carpool journey is motivation of participants which forms the carpool-journey's characteristics. Among others it is mainly saving money, saving time and comfort. Main barrier for carpooling is sharing a car with an unknown person. The thesis is an entrance gate into the topic of carpooling and there are a lot of further research possibilities.
Americký pojistný trh a rostoucí vliv spolujízd na pojištění automobilů.
Feshchenko, Anna ; Ducháčková, Eva (advisor) ; Vohralík, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis discusses the United States Insurance Industry, concentrates on automobile insurance, and shows the impact of ridesharing on it, in form of transportation network companies(TNC). The theoretical part of this paper clarifies the characteristics, structure, and purpose of American insurance regulation, and also describes components of private passenger automobile insurance. As a case study for this paper, an analysis of Uber services is provided, and a breakdown of its commercial insurance is given to look for and discuss gray areas of the coverage and evaluate why they occur. This paper also gives a comparison of California state regulations for transportation network companies with Uber's commercial policy in order to find who is responsible for deficiencies in coverage during the rideshare and what is comprehensive in terms of coverage for rideshare drivers.
Low cost travelling: comparison of hitchhiking and ridesharing
Urbanec, Matěj ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Kalousek, Petr (referee)
There are many ways of travelling, but lots of them are, especially for students, too costly. This thesis focuses on low cost methods of road transportation, which are hitchhiking and ridesharing, which anyone can afford to travel by. The aim of this thesis is to compare these specific forms of transportation from different perspectives and try to determine the trends of their future development. In the theoretical part hitchhiking and ridesharing are discussed from a historical perspective and there are also described trips, for which these methods can be used. The practical part analyzes the servers that provide ridesharing and compares the two forms of transport from different points of view.

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