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Cause Related Marketing in relationship to the public sector
Jurásková, Radka ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Mašková, Pavla (referee)
Diploma thesis "Cause Related Marketing in relationship to the public sector" deals with new phenomenon in area of marketing of companies, which is based on connection of business and public welfare activity. This type of marketing teaches big companies how to be responsible to social issues in certain country and society, how not to be indolent to minorities, interest groups, diseases and to other aspects of social need. Cause Related Marketing asserts on the base of connection of private and non-state non-profit sector by profiting on both of them. Company can on its base differ from competition and enhance the sale of their goods and services. For non-profit organizations it can be the contributions seen from new financial sources and in promoting their cause, which they are trying to solve. Otherwise, Cause Related Marketing is connected with concrete risks and the intervention of private sector into the public sector that can bring problems with definition of public interest. Then in consequence problems with selection of actual public and social issues to solve. Thanks to Cause Related Marketing grows the influence of corporations on the national state policies, what brings higher pressure on political decision-making sphere as a result of expectation of companies that this sphere will decide...
Cross-Sectoral Cooperation in the Field of CSR: A Case Study of the Food Bank for Prague and Central Bohemia
Tomanová, Karolína ; Legnerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Muhič Dizdarevič, Selma (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with cross-sectoral cooperation in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). This topic is researched using a case study of the Food Bank for Prague and Central Bohemia and food chains that have established a cooperative partnership with the organization. Empirical research took the form of an initial fieldwork, interviews, and analysis of websites and other available documents. The thesis aims to introduce the insufficiently- explored issue of food banks and CSR that is created around them by food chains. First, it deals with the types of cooperation that occur within these relationships and proceeds to explore their dynamics. Furthermore, it examines the motivations of chains for cooperation and the appraisal of mutual cooperation both on their part as well as the part of the food bank, a representantive of the non-profit sector. The thesis can serve as an inspiration for further research on the topic of food banks or cross-sectoral cooperation that would involve perspectives of entities from both cooperating sectors as this represents a fact that is often overlooked in research. Keywords: Cross-sectoral cooperation, corporate social responsibility, food bank, food wasting, non-profit organization.
The experience of non-profit organizations with corporate volunteering
Chalupianská, Jarmila ; Pospíšilová, Tereza (advisor) ; Deverová, Lenka (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with corporate volunteering from the perspective of non-profit organizations. The aim was to get practical experience from non-profit organizations that can be used by other non-profit organizations and companies to make more effective partnerships. The experience has been modified through in-depth interviews with representatives of eight non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations are mostly positive about corporate volunteering experiences according to the interviews which were made. The empirical part of the work presents specific experience of organizations and summarizes benefits and negative corporate volunteering from their point of view. At the end of the thesis I summarize lessons gained from all interviews that can serve as recommendations for non-profit organizations and companies.
Use of Jr. NBA League programme for Czech basketball
Němec, Jiří ; Crossan, William Morea (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Use of Jr. NBA League programme for the Czech basketball Objectives: The main goal of the thesis is to completely analyze all four seasons of Jr.NBA in Czech Republic and to suggest specific recommendations for organizers. Methods: To achieve the goal of the thesis there were used methods such as primary external data analysis, in-depth interview, online survey, participant observation and SWOT analysis Results: Aspects of communication of the organizational matters and organization of Draft and The Finals are among the strengths of the programme. Weaknesses such as the number of schools and high competitive game requirements for schools participating in the programme are found to be severe. The biggest opportunity of the project is in getting bigger and more intense cooperation of clubs both within the project and in a way of approaching more kids for their youth programmes or after-school activities. Sport events which will be taking place next year or years after can be significantly used for promotion of the project and Czech basketball as well. Possibly the next waves of global pandemic or some other consequences related to Mother Nature can be considered for real threats.
The perception of corporate social responsibility and its impact on consumer behavior of the generations Z
Časarová, Dominika ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on introducing the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), its perception by the representatives of Generation Z and its potential impact on consumer behavior of members of this cohort. According to many studies, Generation Z wants companies to have values that align with their own and to help address current societal issues. The first part of the thesis outlines the general aspects of CSR and its integration into corporate strategy. The next part explores the problematics of consumer behavior and the factors that influence it. The last part then defines the term generation and introduces current generational cohorts. The empirical part focuses on Generation Z, their consumer behavior and attitude to CSR. The research was conducted in the form of semi- structured individual interviews with representatives of given generation. Its objective was to find out how Generation Z perceives the role of CSR in today's world and whether it somehow influences their consumer behavior.
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Company
Hodovská, Anna ; Veselý, Josef (referee) ; Putnová, Anna (advisor)
The diploma thesis is about corporate social responsibility and its application in a selected company. The introductory sections summarize the theoretical background and methodologies used. The following are the sections related to the analysis and the research performer. The design part contains the basic concept of the code of ethics, recommended activities and evaluation in terms of risks, time and finances. The result of the work is this proposal of social responsibility in the company.
Odporučenie rozvoja společenskej zodpovednosti internetového obchoda s kozmetikou
Zámečníková, Iveta
Zámečníková, I. Recommendation for development of corporate social responsibility in e-shop with cosmetic products. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. The bachelor thesis deals with corporate social responsibility. The aim is to create recommendations for development of socially responsible activities in e-shop with cosmetic products Notino. The literary research describes the concept of social responsibility and terms related to it. The second part is focused on the analysis of corporate social responsibility in Notino, which is based on available information and information acquired in the qualitative interviews. The specific activities leading to development of social responsibility are created with the help of information acquired from analysis and the results of questionnaires.
Doporučení rozvoje společenské odpovědnosti v podniku AŽD Praha s.r.o.
Večeřová, Michaela
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to make suggestions concerning the corporate social responsibility in the company AŽD Praha, s.r.o. The theoretical overview covers the following topics: the concept of the corporate social responsibility (CSR), its impact on society, the approaches to CSR, and its development in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, I mention several companies that are socially responsible and that have been awarded for their activities in this area. The main body of the work focuses on the company AŽD Praha, s.r.o, specifically on their production plant in Olomouc, and its aim is to analyze the current condition of CRS in this company and to come up with recommendation for its development, including a detailed overview of the costs.
Návrh GRI reportingu pro malý průmyslový podnik
Šulová, Veronika
Šulová, V. Proposal of GRI Standards for a small industrial company. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. The bachelor thesis Proposal of GRI Standards for a small industrial company is thesis which processing for enterprise., which is from category small and medium enterprises. The main goal is creating report and evaluate if this methodics is correct for this particular company and what can offer surroundings up. In the theoretical part is approched the corporate social responsibility concept and ways of creating reports from this field. More text is devoted to the GRI methodology, which is crucial for this thesis and the emphasis is on the history of this methodology, how was originated and how it gradually changed to its present form. It is explained the functioning of social responsibility in small enterprises, how it differs from large and on what principles does it work. Results part is focused directly on the selected company, an introduction to various activities, functioning, and routing of the company. Based on this information is created the report. It is based on the company's strategy, as well as a modified SWOT analysis that it is adapted to the needs of reporting in small and medium-sized enterprises. It concludes with recommendations for the future and a proposal to improve, in this case put options to the reporting enterprise may move further. It was found that small enterprise can generate reports according to GRI methodology. Must be properly set goals and procedure must be elected on the basis of available information. The enterprise may be advised to monitor data from areas in which they act, but they do not monitored. For communications with stakeholders the report is sufficient.
Návrh strategie společenské odpovědnosti pro ruské lékařské diagnostické centrum
Shilkova, Nadezda
Shilkova, N. recommendations for the development of social responsibility of the medical center in Russia. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. This thesis deals with the issue of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on the society in which it operates. The main objective is to develop recommendations for the future development of CSR for the Russian medical diagnostic center UGMK-Clinic. The methods were analysis of the existing socially responsible activities of the clinic and its competitors and analyzes the specifics of health care in Russia. According to the analysis, it was found that UGMK supports only two pillars social responsibility (social and economic), there is scope for improving relations with stakeholders and employee involvement in CSR communication. In accordance with the company UGMK-Clinic was considered socially responsible, and four-fifths of employees attended at least one CSR project, a medical center, where awareness of the concept of CSR is independent of gender. The opportunities are in raising awareness about the concept, development plan for CSR activities and cooperation with other companies in this field. Formulated proposals are designed to improve the concept of CSR and comprehensive strategy for the company UGMK-Clinic.

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