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The Specifics of Supervision of Hospital Chaplains in the Czech Republic
Vačkářová, Zuzana ; Havrdová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Hajný, Martin (referee)
Professional supervision realized in terms of tripartite contract by trained supervisor is a part of care improvement in helping professions. Although pastoral supervision is manifesting many similarities to supervision in helping professions, a difference can be found in the emphasis on its spiritual and theological richness. There is no concept of such perceived supervision in the Czech Republic. This led to the need for mapping the situation of supervision provided to healthcare chaplains in the Czech Republic and for inquiries as to whether the provided supervision comply with the parameters of professional supervision. Spiritually centered holistic pastoral care, which is presented in their work, comes from biblical sources. Thus, spiritual dimension of human existence is firmly founded in the prior understanding of the healthcare chaplain (pastoral worker) and communication is realized in a specific language within specific discourse. Supervision provided to healthcare chaplains should, therefore, react to these circumstances and reflect them. The second phase of the research is concerned with the possible specifics and demands on the supervisor which lead from it. Key words: supervision, pastoral supervision, clinical pastoral care, spirituality, religiosity, spiritually centered holistic...
Spiritual Significance of the Orthodox Christian Church Chant
Vaňková Filina, Larisa ; Vopatrný, Gorazd Josef (advisor) ; Luptáková, Marina (referee)
This work contains a narrative about a liturgical chant, its history and various genres and styles. A lot of attention is paid to explaining the theory and practice of various ancient chants. All this helps to understand better the meaning of the phrase "spiritual influence". The second part of the work deals with the practice of the choir directors' (regents') work, the choice of the repertoire and the relationship between the choir director, the choir and the priest. It is about the influence of various musical styles, the tempo and power of the sound of the performed works on the spiritual state of a person. Speaking about the liturgical basis of choir singing in the Orthodox Church, I reveal the concepts of theory and practice. I recall the early Christian practice of psalm chant, traditional singing in an Orthodox church and also modern liturgical singing. The Church Charter is of great importance for understanding the choir singing. The essence of church chant is to convey the meaning of the prayers performed by musical means as fully as possible and transmit them to all those participating in the service, as the choir is the mouth of the worshipers. The challenges facing the Orthodox Church at the present time are not less important than those that faced it a hundred years ago. The future...
Spirituality of abstaining drug users
Liďák, Jan ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zachová, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis deals with relationship between spirituality and abstaining drug users, focusing mainly on the level of emotional experience. Lot of this work is based mainly on authors Vojtíšek and Říčan as I try to determine the term spirituality compared to terms resembling it such as religiosity and religion. In addition to this I am drawing from research studying relationship of spirituality, health, and addiction. As a background I am using the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model of addiction and assumption that spirituality was during the time, person used drugs, suppressed and suffering. We can see this assumption in many theories by Czech and foreign authors too. My main aim is to understand the experience of spirituality of drug ex-users given their drug career, recovery, and abstinence. Research questions are aiming at experiencing spirituality at a time most of the research participants are in Follow-up treatment programme and how were they experiencing spirituality during rehab and during the times they were still using drugs and going through addiction. What kind of meaning spirituality has in clients' life without drugs in one of the main focuses of this work. The data were conducted through qualitative research using a semi-structured interview with five clients of Follow-up centers and...
Architectural study of the sacral object Brno - Líšeň
Mádr, Marián ; Žalmanová, Petra (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the design of a new Roman Catholic church with conveniences, which will be located in the city of Brno - Líšeň, in the northwestern part of the cadastral area Líšeň, on a sloping plot, between Horníkova and Molákova streets, near the youth center ("Saleska"). The church will serve the Roman Catholic Congregation of the Selesians, who are attended to the education and work with children and youth. The church will be dedicated to the third Divine Person of the Holy Spirit. The main aim of the church is to be a place of meeting in the community of believers, but also a quiet and peaceful place to meet God. The proposal will also consider the construction of a vicarage, which should be a meeting place for parishioners at various events with the possibility of accommodating the Salesians. The idea is proceeded on the main symbols of the Salesians. The design is based on the idea of a home, a circle, which symbolizes the family atmosphere. It is derived from three pillars. The sense, the religion and the kindness, standing on a triangular background that serve as points to create a community bounded by circles. This fellowship is defined by three circular segments in the form of reinforced concrete framework structures, each of them represents one of the divine persons of the Holy Trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The gaps among the structures serve for such an illumination, which does not distract the attention from the church to the outside environment and preserves the peace and the spirituality in the interior.
Spirituality in nursing
Rybová, Jarmila ; Bratová, Andrea (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
Starting points: A positive attitude towards the provision of spiritual needs leads to better care and to the internal readiness of nurses to meet the spiritual needs of patients. The mere provision and acceptance of spiritual needs for patients, their relatives and colleagues leads to greater quality, satisfaction, comprehensive and holistic provision of nursing care. Objectives: The aim of the investigation was to map spirituality in nursing. Assessment of the need for faith, belief and significance. Finding out the importance of spirituality / belief in the healing process. Verification of the influence of the community or community as support for nurses and the importance of the information provided about spirituality from patients in the provision of health care. File and methods: Own investigation of spirituality in nursing through a standardized FICA questionnaire. The selection of respondents was intentional. The survey itself was carried out at the Motol University Hospital in Prague. A total of 150 paper questionnaires were distributed. There were 59 correctly completed and acceptable paper questionnaires, 18 questionnaires were collected online. There were 77 nurses in the group, of which 90.91% were women (n = 70) and 9.01% were men (n = 7). The average age was M = 41.54 years. The...
Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH ve-hanhagot yesharot: The Influence of Non-Lurianic Kabbalah on East-European Hasidism of Modern Age
Šedivý, Antonín ; Nosek, Bedřich (advisor) ; Beneš, Jiří (referee) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH ve-hanhagot yesharot: The Influence of Non-Lurianic Kabbalah on East-European Hasidism of Modern Age Mgr. Antonín Šedivý This dissertation thesis consists of Introduction, three chapters, and Conclusion. Furthermore, it includes name index, list of traditional Jewish sources used in the second chapter, list of sources, literature and other relevant resources, and four supplements. The Introduction of this dissertation deals with several issues important for its research. First of all, the East-European Hasidism is introduced, then follows very thorough overview of current state of knowledge of Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH ve-hanhagot yesharot, and the definition of goals, hypothesis, and methods of this dissertation, and finally, it also contains technical notes about the dissertation thesis. The first chapter "Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH ve-hanhagot yesharot" is devoted solely to Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH, which is the central point of my dissertation. It is divided into chapters that are dedicated to fundamental information about Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH, to its content, to its place within Hasidic literary collection, and to its reflexion by the opponents of Hasidism. The second chapter "Translation and Commentary of Selected Texts of Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH" contains translation and short commentary of fifty-one selected...
Impacts of alcohol addiction in the relation to spirituality of addicted persons - questionnaire survey
Sobková, Marta ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Barták, Miroslav (referee)
INTRODUCTION - The bachelor thesis deals with the relationship between negative effects of alcohol addiction on a person's life and his/her individual spirituality. OBJECTIVE - The main aim of the thesis is to find the relationship between impacts of alcohol addiciton in different areas of life and the individual's spirituality. Another objective was to clarify the differences in spirituality and other characteristics of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) members and clients of professional addictology services. PARTICIPANTS - 98 respondents participating in the questionnaire survey were members of the AA groups in various regions of the Czech Republic and clients or patients of six addictology health or social care services. METHOD - The research was conducted through an anonymous questionnaire survey, in both paper and online form. The questionnaire was based on the Motivational questionnaire of MUDr. Karel Nespor and Pražský spirituality questionnaire (the Prague Questionnaire of Spirituality, PQS 36). The data were processed in Excel and the IBM SPSS Statistics. The results were subjected to correlation analysis, and other methods of statistical testing (Pearson Chi-quadrtate independence test, t-test, z-test). RESULTS - The main findings include a statistically significant relationship between the...
From folklore to world music: Music and spirituality
Uhlíková, Lucie ; Přibylová, I.
The conference edited proceedings on folk and ethnic music, modern folk music and world music.
Christian motifs in the poetry of Jan Zahradníček
Vašková, Anna ; Pospíšil, Ctirad Václav (advisor) ; Houkal, Jan (referee)
Christian motifs in the poetry of Jan Zahradnicek Abstract The goal of this thesis is to capture development and change of religious motifs in poems of Jan Zahradnicek and reflect on them the phenomenon of faith in poet's life with respect to the life events that shaped it. The thesis tries to define basic spiritual thelogical starting points of Zahradnicek's poetry and to point out the relationship between literature and theology. The aim of this work is to find and examine the constant features and development of Zahradnicek's Christological reflection: biblical basis, christological images, incarnation, mystery of Jesus' life, theology of the cross and soteriology. Keywords Jan Zahradníček, Christology, Soteriology, Systematic theology, Theology and art
The Examen of Conscience/Consciousness of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Herink, Robin ; Červenková, Denisa (advisor) ; Vopřada, David (referee)
Examen: The Examination of Conscience (Consciousness) according to Saint Ignatius of Loyola This thesis deals with the Examen prayer, or the Examination of Conscience, in the context of Ignatian spirituality. It follows the development of the prayer from the Spiritual Exercises of saint Ignatius of Loyola to the Alphonso Rodriguez's commentary to contemporary authors. The Consciousness Examen article by George Aschenbrenner and its historical context is analyzed. Finally this thesis looks for an appropriate contemporary form of the Examen prayer, it deals with its many difficulties and challenges and puts forward some proposals to enrich regular practice of this prayer.

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