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Advanced Control Algorithms of Powertrain Units
Špičák, Milan ; Puškár, Michal (referee) ; Slimařík,, Dušan (referee) ; Kučera, Pavel (referee) ; Píštěk, Václav (advisor)
This thesis describes computational control of vehicle powertrains using common variable, engine torque. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first one shows design of methods for torque estimation using known or measured variables on the vehicle. The second part contains design of powertrain control algorithm utilizing the engine torque as a common variable among individual modules. The third part describes experimental optimization of the longitudinal acceleration of a vehicle using torque control.
Cogeneration units for family houses
Pekárek, Michal ; Toman, Filip (referee) ; Kracík, Petr (advisor)
The scope of this bachelor’s thesis is basic design cogeneration unit in family house. The work is divided into three parts. The first part includes a summary of suitable cogeneration units. For each technology is mentioned short description with advantages and disadvantages. Based on this information was made a conclusion, that the most suitable microcogeneration units are with combustion engine, Stirling engine and fuel cells. This section focuses on legal requirements, which are connected with the application in family houses. The last section deals with the application in a specific family house. Heat loss of family house is 12,4 kW, amount of heat we have to provide for heating and warm water is 41,7 MWh and during the year was used 3,15 MWh of electricity. We have decided to design three different variations, all traffic-related cost and revenues are calculated for each design. In conclusion, they are compared with original state of energy supply to the family house.
Automotive fuels and their future in green transport
Mrázková, Kristýna ; Svída, David (referee) ; Beran, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the problematic of currently most used automotive fuels and their impact on the environment. It briefly describes the development of combustion engines and provides an overview of most common automotive propulsions and their alternatives. The final chapter of the thesis deals with the problematics from socially political perspective.
Turbocharger Boosting with Electric Support
Rafaj, Martin ; Doman, Jozef (referee) ; Novotný, Pavel (advisor)
turbocharger, electrical support, turbocharging, efficiency, combustion engine, electric motor
Ondrejka, Filip ; Svída, David (referee) ; Beran, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to acquaint with problems of mechanical losses. It describes their origine, division and substance. Furthermore, it present methods of determining mechanical losses and rating of them.
Piston of a spark-ignition engine for 3-D printing
Zelko, Lukáš ; Dlugoš, Jozef (referee) ; Drápal, Lubomír (advisor)
The goal of the thesis was to design a piston manufactured by conventional method and subsequently adjusted one for additive manufacturing. Beside the designs, thermo-structural model was created for both pistons, considering maximal loading of the engine. Analysis evaluation showed the possibility of further application of the new technology in comparison to current one, within automotive industry.
Design of an Internal Combustion Engine for Small Autonomous Devices
Celý, Martin ; Beran, Martin (referee) ; Svída, David (advisor)
The work deals with the design and calculation of the basic components of a small combustion engine up to 5 cm3 for currently used smaller-sized vehicles. It includes an analysis and comparison of available drives for these devices and a more detailed analysis of the use of the combustion drive. In the next part, it proposes basic engine parameters and then design of individual basic dimensions of piston, connecting rod and crankshaft. The conclusion of the thesis is a basic strength calculation of critical points.
Problematika rozvoje elektromobilů kategorie M1 v České republice
TUPÝ, Ondřej
This thesis deals with the benefits of operating electromobiles in terms of the sustainable development of automobile transportation. My thesis includes the description of basic technical operation systems of electrically-powered automobiles and the possibility of replacing the classical automobiles with combustion engines by electromobiles. In my thesis, there are listed and explained the basic principles and ideas of electromobility as one of the possible solutions of environmental protection in the Czech Republic, as well as ways of ensuring the energetic independence in the automobile transportation.
Selected modern trends in internal combustion engines
This bachelor thesis focuses on combustion engines especially on four-stroke spark-ignition engines and their current modern trends such as downsizing, variable valve timing, start-stop system, hybrid and hydrogen drive in the automotive industry. The first part of the thesis is a brief description of the history of combustion engines, their basic distribution and key parts which the engine is designed together with a cooling, electric and suction system from. The second part describes modern trends, their use and subsequent application in passenger cars.
Combi -cycle with Diesel Engine and Steam Turbine
Bouše, Richard ; Kubiš, Richard (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the possibility of increasing efficiency of energy blocks with combustion engines by the combination of the Sabat and Clausius-Rankine cycle into the combined cycle. In the thesis is briefly described the principle of the function of the auxiliary device, which can increase the efficiency of the combustion engine. This device, which consists of a waste heat boiler and two turbine modules, is designed using calculations. Both turbine modules are prepared with drawing documentation and there are described important structural elements. Each key part of the thesis is given by a brief theory, so the basic theory of combustion engines, waste heat boilers and steam turbine are described.

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