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Mobile Applications For Human Hearing Sensitivity Aassesment
Tinka, Dominik
The aim of this work is to investigate the human hearing and related audiometric examination methods. Based on the literature research I program mobile Android application for audiometric measurement. To ensure precise measurement of the sound output, I also implemented calibration unit in the application.
Virtual National Phonoteque
Horová, Iva ; Malinová, Iva ; Allen, Anthony
This year, the National Library of Technology of the Czech Republic became the new administrator of the Virtual National Phonoteque (VNP). This unique database is the aggregator of audio documents stored in Czech institutions. The portal collects metadata across different types of institutions: libraries, archives, museums, commercial publishers, Czech Radio, Czech Television and even private collectors, making them all accessible in one location. Visitors to the portal can use it to locate metadata records for the item of interest, thereafter finding themselves with several options: to visit the owner of the audio to listen to it there or borrow it, to buy it in the publisher’s e-shop, or to view and listen digitised version directly. The portal currently contains about one and a half million metadata records and pools data from 24 suppliers. Thanks to our established collaborations we are now undertaking more projects and working towards taking the next steps. In cooperation with Supraphon we are working on a new service for NLT visitors, who will have exclusive direct access to the Supraphon Digital Archive, allowing them to listen music via headphones and on mobile devices from within our library. Our immediate targets for next two years are to involve and cooperate with more suppliers to enrich the VNP´s content, and to develop a new version of the portal to meet all the criteria of a modern, secure database.
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Simulation of Noise Emitted by a Single-stage Gearbox
Motl, Daniel ; Hadaš, Zdeněk (referee) ; Lošák, Petr (advisor)
The level of noise and vibration of gearboxes is one of the most important parameters for today´s customers. This thesis deals with mathematical acoustic behavior modelling and its contribution to the gearbox design using finite element method. The process is presented at three computations models. Two of those were validated with experimental measurement. Acoustic analysis were performed with software FFT ACTRAN.
Analysis of the ICT needs of the South Bohemian University Orchestra
SVITIČ, Daniel
The main topic of this bachelor thesis is to apply the company process management and effectivization on rehearsals of the South Bohemian University Orchestra. With the usage of time frames, my thesis aims to analyse the effectivity of time management during the rehearsals and subsequently to increase it with suggested improvements. The same process is used in the companies when achieving resource optimization. In my thesis I will examine the effect of such analysis on the rehearsals or on teaching. As the words like effectivization or optimization are commonly used especially in the business area these days it may be assumed that these approaches are to be used not only in business area but also in teaching sphere, as my thesis aims to substantiate. Apart from the objectives stated above, my thesis also provides the possible design and selection of the technical equipment which may be used when sounding the orchestra. The thesis also includes a stageplan, i.e. the document consisting of technical requirements for the concert. The stage plan may be used as a basis for external organizers and sound engineers.
Design of wireless microphone
Vičíková, Kristýna ; Haltof, Vladimír (referee) ; Ondra, Martin (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor‘s thesis is design of wireless handheld microphone that transmits speech during presentations. Current design in this area is very uniform. The main goal of this thesis is to create unconventional design using nontraditional material from Matério for surface of the microphone. Important aspect at this type of product is ergonomy. Design aims to create option to change position of hand.
Human hearing sensitivity assesment
Tinka, Dominik ; Sekora, Jiří (referee) ; Škutková, Helena (advisor)
Bachelor thesis aims to evaluate changes of sensitive human hearing through created mobile application. According to obtained teoretical knowledges mobile application provide audiometrical measurements. In connection with this is described adjustments of sound outcomes of mobile, which is set in pursuance of calibrate unit. In the next part is described methodics of measuring and processing measured data. Static evaluation is processed on collected measured data from one proband and group of probands. Measurements on one proband were repeated for couple of days. The end of this thesis discusses about obtained results, which challenges the hypothes about sensitivity of hearing.
Kryl, Ivo ; Schneider, Jiří (referee) ; Tobola, Ondřej (advisor)
The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to achieve modernization of the appearance of the audio equipment manufacturer. Design should respect all structural, technological, functional and ergonomic patterns.
Experimental Electro-Mechanical Musical String Instrument
Blasche, Ondřej ; Mojdl, Edgar (referee) ; Dlouhý, Dan (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to design and build stringed mechanical electrphone with unusual sound characteristics. The end product is an instrument devided into three sections with specific options of sound creation, able to be both plucked and played with a bow. Thesis utilizes knowledge of electric guitar construction and their sound pickup methods. It also deals with experimentation in the field of strig instruments and their development.
Noise Generated by Turbochargers of Internal Combustion Engines
Kříž, Radim ; Novotný, Pavel (referee) ; Doman, Jozef (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on generated noise by turbochargers of internal combus-tion engines. First, construction of turbochargers is described. The next part deals with the term sound and after that the issue of the noise in turbochargers follows. Consequent there are characterized experimental and simulation methods for determining the noise. The last part is focused on design modifications of turbocharger’s parts. The goal of this thesis is make research about origin of the noise by turbocharger during working conditions and design modifications which affect the noise.

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