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Factors of choice of goods within the purchase of an enterprise
The bachelor thesis analyzes the factors of selection of the assortment when purchasing for a business enterprise.       The theoretical part is devoted to the definition of purchase, purchase as a basic business function, purchasing planning, inventory management strategy, procurement organization, co-operation with other departments within the enterprise and supplier-customer relations.       The practical part is focused on the primary collection of data about the factors of selection of the assortment from the purchasing staff and thereafter these data are analyzed. Based on the results, recommendations are made for a more efficient selection of the assortment and its optimization in a business enterprise.
Vytipování souboru popisných znaků rodu Fuchsia L. pro potřeby evidence genetických zdrojů
Neoral, Tomáš
The diploma thesis on the topic "Identifying of Descriptive Characters of the Genus Fuchsia L. for use of Genetic Resources Evidence" was compiled in 2014-2016 at the Department of Breeding and Propagation of Horticultural Plants at the Faculty of Horticulture, Mendel University in Brno. The thesis was focused on selection of descriptive morphological characters of the genus Fuchsia L. Output of the thesis was a draft of descriptor list composed of 10 quantitative characters, 12 qualitative characters and 3 additional characters which were divided into three groups (habit, leaf and flower). Among the 25 evaluated descriptive characters were 3 characters of habitus, 8 characters of leaf and 14 characters of flower. Evaluation of 25 selected characters was carried out during the vegetation period in 2015 in the months May to September in the area of horticulture at the Chateau Buchlovice. There were 60 selected cultivars evaluated. Elaboration of methods for selected characters measuring was based on morphological descriptors, compiled and published by Ing. Karel Hieke in Acta Pruhoniciana 23/1970. Form of processing of measured values of morphological characters was based on the other existing descriptor lists, e.g. The Descriptor List of the Genus Rhododendron L. which was compiled at VÚKOZ Průhonice in 2002 and it is based on evaluation of the Czech assortment of rhododendrons, published by Ing. Karel Hieke in Acta Pruhoniciana 1984-1986. The draft of descriptor list was compiled to classify cultivars of the genus Fuchsia L. (Fuchsia x hybrid VOOS, Triphylla-hybrids). Triphylla-hybrids make up a negligible part of the vast assortment of fuchsias but they are morphologically very different and therefore the draft of descriptor list was appropriately modified according to the needs of their classification.
Studium a hodnocení vybraných odrůd Aktinidií
Nováková, Radka
This work deals with the study and evaluation of selected varieties of Actinidia. The work may be familiar with some kinds of Actinidia, such as aktnidie Chinese (Actnidia chinensis), hardy kiwi (Actinidia arguta) and aktnidie kolomikta (Actnidia kolomikta). It provides information from selected species come from and their extensions, as well as their habitat requirements, methods of reproduction and the possible use of fruit. In this paper also noted appreciation plantation range on the School farm in Žabčice. When observation was evaluated assortment of planted species of Actinidia and their varieties. The annex includes a range of photographic documentation planted varieties. Individual species of Actinidia differ in basic morphological and anatomical characters. Actinidia Chinese know by larger fruit with hairy peel, hardy kiwi and Actinidia kolomikta have small fruits unlike Actinidia Chinese. Actinidia Chinese, here known as "kiwi" provides a very popular fruit because of its taste. The fruit are rich in vitamin C, also have antioxidant properties and are also used in medicine. Plant cultivation must choose the correct habitat conditions for their cultivation. Plants are consuming plenty of light and planting should not shade each other. Greater fertility will support regular zaštipováním shoots. Harvest fruits takes place in the fall. The best fruit is harvested after the first autumn freezing when it improves taste characteristics. Based on an evaluation, fundamental growth indicators in the range of varieties planted actinides was found that the highest value growth indicators, including high resistance to frost damage, the representatives of Actinidia arguta Praděd, Actinidia kolomikta 'Geisha'. The lowest values of growth indicators including low resistance to frost damage were Actinidia kolomikta varieties 'Vitakola' and Actinidia arguta odrůdy 'Lída Sweet'.
Sortimenty severoamerických aster rodu Symphyotrichum a jejich hodnocení v podmínkách středoevropského termofytika
Komárek, Pavel
This thesis deals with the evaluation renge of North American asters species Symphyotrichum Ness. Furthmore by their history, morphological, physiological, cultivation and introductionhistorical aspect. In this thesis was evaluated 85 kind and varieties of the genus Symphyotrichum Ness and existing range of collection ZF MENDELU expanded to 138 pieces autumn asters. Part of this work is to compare varieties of these specials and recommendations for the best of them, for gardeners, and for use in urban greenery.
Rod Anemone L. - historie a současnost pěstování
Zourková, Štěpánka
The work is briefly described the characteristics of the genus Anemone L. botanical classification anemones, their morphological description, including a description of the rhizomes, stems, leaves, flowers but also the fetus. The paper also presented demands for light, soil, water and fertilizer. There are also growing technology, from soil preparation, over the possible forcing after planting itself. There are also mentioned the possibility of using representatives anemones in a gardening practice. The second part describes itself assortment of wildflowers, their appearance, habitat requirements and space expansion.
Hydrangea - minulost a současnost pěstování
Zapletalová, Hana
The bachelor thesis deals with the characterization of the genus Hydrangea L. The thesis includes historical development of cultivation and breeding, botanical description, methods of propagation, and requirements for cultivation. Hydrangea has spread to Europe, mainly from Japan and China in the early 19th century. Naturally hydrangea grows in eastern Asia and eastern North America. The most important species of the genus Hydrangea L. belong Hydrangea macrophylla (Thunberg) Seringe, Hydrangea paniculata Siebold and Hydrangea arborescens L.
Sortiment a hodnocení jakosti masných výrobků
Jeřábková, Dita
Bachelor thesis Assortment and evaluation of the quality of meat products is concerned mainly with history and present of treatment of meat and meat products, their division into separate kinds. Further it is concerned with division of meat products according to the technology of profuction, their traditional and legislative division. Next part deals with analytical setting -content of separate parts of meat products. The thesis also discusses flaws of meat products and hygiene of their production and control system of critical points of quality HACCP. The thesis also describes the supervising offices that control correctness of production and sale of meat and meat products. The last part offers possibilities of innovation in this area.
Jakostní požadavky na dříví smrku pro stavby na bázi dřeva
Nevřela, Josef
The Bachelor thesis is focusing on issues of quality requirements of spruce-wood for wood-based buildings in Czech Republic. It contains detailed description of qualities which are valid for spruce-wood range of products in Czech Republic. The thesis also depicts the usage of spruce-wood range of products in wood-based buildings, furthermore comparison of qualities used by companies in terms of various markings. The thesis contains survey of companies from the field of wood-constructions showing which spruce-wood range of products they use in their constructions. Resulting qualities of used range of products are compared and evaluated.
Product range analysis of Skechers company
Nguyen, Tuan Anh ; Vávra, Oldřich (advisor) ; Kuzmiaková, Zuzana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with a topic of product range analysis of the American footwear company Skechers. The first part is theoretical and is devoted to the methods which focus on analyzing the product range and the product mix of the company. The second part is practical and is devoted to the company´s product range itself. With the help of the internal data of Skechers, the author uses the analysis of sales volume and revenues to determine the strong and weak sides of the company´s product range and also suggests the possible solutions for the weaknesses as well as the possibilites for the future development of Skechers mainly in the Czech Republic.
Product assortment decisions in online retail
Kšíkal, Daniel ; Mejdrech, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Koliš, Karel (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of category management in online retailing. Its goal is to identify the assortment factors that affect a company's financial performance. The result of the thesis work is a model applicable in strategic decision making on assortment. The first part consists of basic concepts of retail, marketing and strategic management. The purpose of this part is to provide the reader with the theoretical background for the following practical part. The research for the practical part is conducted on the basis of interviews with experts in the field and the author's own research in business. Each chapter presents a group of metrics that are based on analysis of business data in online retail market. Metrics describe the specific features of a product category and their impact on a company's revenue or costs. Each metric comes also with an assessment of the given category based on business data. The aim of the thesis is to give a comprehensive overview of assortment decision making. The thesis should also help the reader gain basic knowledge useful for managing an online retail store.

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