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Ancient basics of utopia and philosophical utopism in selected writings
Dolák, Lubomír ; Hlaváčková Fleischerová, Andrea (advisor) ; Jirásková, Věra (referee)
Analysis and reflection of selected utopian writings with the aim of presenting utopia as a hope for society about the possibility of the existence of better worlds, as well as a valuable historical source from the times when their authors lives. Introducing utopia as a fictious, artificial place with ideal social structure, attributed to its their authors, and focusing, with use the probe of personal choice, especially regarding the social order, property and religion in these "ideal" states. Submitting a comprehensive and well-arranged elaboration of the whole topic from its general characteristics, through the analysis of selected writings to the final reflection. Brief characteristics of the work content: "Fantastic voyage of the barque of emotions and reason under the rudder of ancient philosophers on the vast oceans criticizing the social conditions inside the soul of the ideal states."
Women drug users, their needs and barriers acces to treatment: Study of public opinion
Ježková, Lenka ; Doležalová, Pavla (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
The main topic of this bachelor thesis are women - users of addictive substances. The theoretical part explains why women are a specific focus groups. The starting point is the theoretical knowledge about this specific group and this thesis summarises it. It describes their needs and barriers to treatment and during treatment. It is based, amongst other things, on foreign resources, annual report of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the annual report of the drug situation in the Czech Republic. The practical part examines views of the general public on this issue. The questionnaire answers research questions concerning general opinion, the needs of drug users and possible barriers to entry the treatment, as well as stigmatisation. The purpose of the work is to summarise the situation of women users as far as their needs, barriers and stigmatisation and also to determine public opinion. According to different studies, more men than women enter into a treatment program, that is the problem defined. The partial target of this work is to highlight any potential barriers that can hinder access to treatment. By publishing the work, the subject will be extended to the consciousness of the Czech society, both general and professional. It is believed that as far as the subject will be discussed...
Reflection of the Highland Clearances in Historical Novels
Hejtmánek, Matěj ; Kasáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Tomalová, Eliška (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with historical events of the Highland Clearances. This concept refers to the events that took place in the late eighteen century and early nineteenth century. In this time period Scottish Highlands were going through significant social and cultural changes. The Highland Clearances caused the displacement and dispersion of many thousands of local people from Highlands and Islands of the north of Scotland; mostly it was people with agricultural background who eventually had to move to big cities in the south of Scotland, to England or even abroad. These events still matter to a lot of Scots and are widely regarded as historical tragedy or trauma. This thesis focuses on analysis of 3 historical novels which portrayed these events. Specifically it is Waverley (1814), Butcher's Broom (1934) a Consider the Lilies (1968). These novels are analyzed and compared based on the origin of their author, the selection of the aspects of the Clearances, which they focus on, and its overall contribution and the form of presentation.
The status of teachers in Czech schools since the early 19th century to the present time
Gáliková, Kristýna ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
This thesis deals with the development of education of future teachers with a focus on the history of female teachers' education from the year 1869 to the present. The thesis describes life in the 19th century. Mainlythe greatest sociocultural and political changes that occurred in itform the perspective of economy, industry and commerce, as well as from the changing the point of view on a family, home and population health, and finally, from the point of a shifted vision of citizenship, education and emancipation of women. It also focuses on a detailed description of teacher education in the Czech lands from the 19th century to the present, mainly on the period from Hasner's reform of 1869, the First Republic, post-war education and an overview of contemporary education. The thesis pays attention on the beginnings of women's education with a focus on female teachers. It describes the issue of teacher celibacyvalid for the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the first year of the independent Czechoslovak state. It outlines changes in the numbers of male and female teachers, especially in the last 10 years. The thesis contains medallions of three female teachers, pioneers of women's education and teacher training in our country. It depicts the pedagogical work and private life of Františka Amerlingová, the...
Ethics in social services: Involvement of peer consultants in social services for people with mental illness
Balková, Miluše ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor) ; Hradcová, Dana (referee) ; Páv, Marek (referee)
Involvement of people with experience of disease as a peer consultant in social and health services is a new phenomenon in the care of people with mental illness. The way the peer consultant works and his involvement in the team of experts is related to the different ethical contexts and aspects that each organization must prepare if it wants to implement this position. The experience of peer consultants is also a testimony of the status of people with mental illness in society, stigmatization and the need to help people in a similar situation. Klíčová slova illness, mental, care, psychiatric, altruism, solidarity, society, belonging, ethics, services, social, health, helping, sharing
The position of a social worker in special education in the Southern Bohemia region
This work deals with position of a social worker in the special school, which is the place of education and training of individuals with special educational needs. The work points to the appropriateness and necessity of the interconnection between educational and social dimension of training and education of children with special needs and their families in special schools. The theoretical chapters inform about the possibilities of education training of pupils with special educational needs, special pedagogy, the role of the school, family and society in this process. The merits of the presence of the social worker in this institution is supported by qualitive research carried out in this institution.
A healthy lifestyle and a family with a child with disabilities
This thesis deals with the healthy lifestyle of parents of children with disabilities. The aim of the work, which is divided into four parts, is to analyze specifically set thematic parts related to the lives of families of children with disabilities and to create a relatively comprehensive synthesis mapping and reflecting on the given issue programmatically from various perspectives. The thesis also points out neglected connections in the life of parents of children with disabilities and stereotypes and prejudices of society.

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