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Communication Mix of the Company for Entering the Foreign Market
Kollár, Robin ; Janča, Tomáš (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
This Diploma thesis is focused on the communication mix of a manufacturer and a seller of glass products and decorations named Royal Crystal, s.r.o. during its expansion into the global market through an online shop. This company was founded in 2011 and belongs among the largest glass manufacturers in the Czech Republic. This thesis describes elements of communication, that will help to increase the efficiency of communication of this company in the global market.
Development of Business Activities in LenovoShop
Hrubešová, Markéta ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with development of the business activities of M Computers s. r. o., specifically with development of the business activities in Lenovoshop, which the company manages. Based on the theoretical knowledge, the analysis of the external and internal environment will be carried out in this work. The reason is to assess the current market situation and the company. The result of the work is to provide suggestions and recommendations for the awareness raising and increasing sales turnover of the Lenovoshop.
Technology and Society - Online Addictions
Sarbassov, Timur ; Baumgartnerová, Alena (referee) ; Smutný, Milan (advisor)
Cílem této práce je prostudovat problematiku závislosti na internetu. Samotná práce je rozdělena do 3 částí: úvod, hlavní článek a závěr. Úvod vysvětluje globální posuny v komunikační technologii a jejich negativní a pozitivní účinky. V hlavní části se zabývám některými typy závislosti na internetu a způsoby, jak s nimi zacházet. Závěrem jsem shrnul tezi o příčinných a souvislostních vztazích závislých na internetu.
Celebritization of czech youtubers and bloggers as part of marketing of czech food companies
Soukupová, Patricie ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is "Celebritization of Czech Youtubers and bloggers as a part of marketing of Czech food companies" and tries to define four research questions (one main question and three secondary questions) using qualitative research. The introductory part of this work provides an explanation of why it differs from the original thesis, in which it is explained that the name Youtuber or blogger is summarized by the unified term micro-celebrity. The thesis focus on research of only one social network - Instagram, because of the complexity of this platform and its great popularity among young people. In any case, adolescents are not the only age group that it is focused on, the research also focuses on the cross-section of age groups. The theoretical and practical part of the thesis focuses on ways of interaction between micro-celebrity - followers - product (or company, which is by micro-celebrities promoted). Individual ways of interaction are described separately, for example how the company establishes cooperation with micro-celebrity. The practical part of the work contains description of the main monitored product Coca-Cola, research questions and the course of qualitative research, which includes a graph representation. Several research methods were needed to complete the research -...
Facebook and Instagram in Media Education at the Lower Secondary School
Smola, Lukáš ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Janovec, Ladislav (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on social networks and their usage in media education at a lower secondary school. The thesis exclusively deals with Facebook and Instagram and is divided into two parts, the theoretical one and the practical (empirical) one. The theoretical part studies both types of social networks and presents their development. Moreover, it focuses on the specifics of electronic communication and alludes to other topics such as media communication, media literacy, media education etc. The concluding passages of the theoretical part then focus on the relationship between media education and the curricular documents of the Czech educational system. The following practical part applies the outcomes of the theoretical part. Firstly, it takes into account works of several Czech linguists on whose findings the empirical analysis rests. Secondly, the reasons why media education should be present in education are listed. In its main part, the thesis then presents an analysis of selected material related to media education and offers possible methodological suggestions relevant to media education. The outcomes of those suggestions for the curricular documents are present, too. Finally, it also copes with research conducted on Czech language teachers and their stance towards Facebook and...
Principles of News TV Channel Communication Aside the Screen
Nevšímalová, Aneta ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Jirák, Jan (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA FAKULTA SOCIÁLNÍCH VĚD Institut komunikačních studií a žurnalistiky Katedra mediálních studií Diplomová práce 2020 Aneta Nevšímalová This Master's thesis analyses ČT24 communication on its website and on social media in order to assess the effectiveness of ČT24 network's communication strategy in the online environment as well as to answer whether the ČT24's online presence aims at drawing in younger audiences. The theoretical part addresses the means in which ČT24 communicates in the online environment as well as the content that ČT24 publishes on its website and on social media. This part also includes information obtained on the basis of interviews. The empirical part is based on a comparative analysis of TV broadcasting posts as well as online posts. The aim of this part is to determine the effectiveness of of ČT24's communication strategy on its website and on social media. The empirical part reveals the ways in which ČT24 public broadcasting TV modifies content to reach users of these various digital platforms. The empirical part also includes a survey, which addresses the question of attractiveness of ČT24's online platforms for younger audiences.
Algorithmization of social media and its effects on online media
Zítko, Tomáš ; Kasík, Pavel (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
The thesis Algorithmization of social media and it's effects on online news consumption examines the transition of social networking sites from chonological display of posts to automatized system of relevance assignment. This assesment is realized through algorithmic filters, which uses predefined criteria and processes to assign relevance to individual posts. Main goal of this thisis is to define compare a theoretical model of mechanized selection with traditional editorial model, together with user understanding of Facebook algoritmization. The thesis combines a theoretical part, which presents the specifics of both models, with qualitative research with aims of the conceptualization of user's understanding of the algoritmized nature of Facebook. The theoretical section also integrates algoritmic filters with the current gatekeeping theory, compares news and algorithmic values and describes the basic biases, which may occur in the two models of information selection. The second part of the thesis explores the user understanding of Facebook algorithmization. The methodology is based on qualitative research with case study design through semi-structured interviews with seven Facebook users. Interview analysis is based on predefined body of subjects: general information, understanding of algorithmization and...

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