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Snow cover detection from webcam images
Fišer, Jan ; Brodský, Lukáš (advisor) ; Jeníček, Michal (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibility of using webcams as a source of spatial data for snow occurrence. The aim of this study is to propose a suitable method of snow cover detection from web camera images. From a sample of 6 webcams of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) the snow cover is detected by pixel classification methods. The effect of training file size on the accuracy of classification is examined and the overall accuracy achieved by the SVM method was shown to be 97.46%. This study also aims to propose a system for determining the proportion of snow-covered areas. The algorithm consists of several sub-steps: filtering and registration of images, detection of snow, introduction of a coordinate system, calculation of the size of the surveyed area and the proportion of snow-covered area. The designed model can be used for automatic processing of images for various webcams. The melting curves of the snow cover are generated from the obtained daily values of the snow covered area. The results are validated using data from selected CHMI stations. The proposed and parameterized model confirms the possibility of successful use of webcams as a complement to ground measurement of meteorological stations and for the validation of remote sensing products.
Changes in snowfall fraction in cold season and their impact on spring runoff in selected mountain catchments
Blšťák, Adam ; Jeníček, Michal (advisor) ; Juras, Roman (referee)
The precipitation falling as rain or snow has different impact on regional water resources and their annual distribution. Shift from solid to liquid form of precipitation following the increase of the surface air temperatures could be important because such change could influence the timing of spring runoff and cause water scarcity in summer. In this study, the spatial and temporal variations of ratio of snowfall to total precipitation (Sf), mean air temperature, day of year of melt-out and winter and spring runoff is analysed. Data were examined for 11 meteorological and 6 hydrological stations in the mountains catchment in Czechia for November-April 1965-2014. Data were analyzed using the Mann-Kendall trend test. Major results show that Sf has been decreasing strongly throughout the whole examined area, with the strongest decrease in the foothill area of the northern mountains of Czechia. Stronger decrease is observed in lower elevations, at the stations with meant air temperature close to melt temperature. Strongest decrease was observed in March and the weakest decrease was observed in December and April, The significant decreases in Sf are associated with large increase in mean winter air temperatures. Due to the increasing mean air temperature in the cold season, the total rainfall is...
Modelling the impact of seasonal snowpack on summer low flows in mountain catchments
Nedělčev, Ondřej ; Jeníček, Michal (advisor) ; Šípek, Václav (referee)
This thesis analyses the impacts of winter snowpack and subsequent spring and summer liquid precipitation on low flows in the warm season. Meltwater is an important source of groundwater recharge. From groundwater storage streams are donated during summer months. Snow accumulation during cold season is reduced and snowmelt occurs earlier, which is a result of climate change and leads to lower groundwater recharge rates. That is the reason why change in snow cover dynamics affects summer low flows. Main goals of this thesis are to analyse how snow cover affects low flows I warm season and to compare it with impact of spring and summer precipitation. A conceptual runoff model HBV-light has been used to simulate the snow water equivalent (SWE) and streamflow from three mountain catchments. The integrated multi-variable model calibration procedure was used to calibrate the model. The model was used to simulate the snow and streamflow from 1981 to 2014. Besides the mentioned simulation, two hypothetical scenarios have been performed. These two scenarios accounted for reduced spring and summer liquid precipitation. In the first scenario, precipitation after maximum annual SWE was reduced to 75% of the real measured precipitation. In the second scenario, precipitation was reduced to 50% of the real...
Snow cover at the Čertova louka and the Modré sedlo sites (Krkonoše Mts) in winter 2010/2011
Tryzna, Vojtěch ; Engel, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Nyplová, Petra (referee)
Snow cover at the studied locations in the Eastern Giant Mountains in the winter of 2010/2011 were collected through periodic field measurements of snow cover height. For evaluation and interpretation of measurements was used data from the meteorological station on "Luční bouda" and published the results of previous measurements in the field. In the "Čertova louka" is located nivation hollow, which show an increase in the accumulation of snow, which melted in early June. In the "Modré sedlo" location, which is largely exposed to deflation, the snow lasted until the end of April. The distribution of snow cover at both sites in winter 2010/2011 were consistent with previous observations. Maximum height of snow cover was lowest (about 8.4 to 43.8 %) from the current observation and were recorded aproximately one month earlier (18. 2.). The main reason for the development of unusual snow was warm front with rainfall, which affected the studied area during March. Winter 2010/2011 has been in terms of power and duration of snow cover at the studied locations below average.
Effect of selected physical-geographical factors on the snow accumulation and snow melt
Pevná, Hana ; Jeníček, Michal (advisor) ; Langhammer, Jakub (referee)
Effect of selected physical-geographical factors on the snow accumulation and snow melt Abstract: This master thesis analyzes the influence of physical-geographical factors on spatial distribution of snow water equivalent, and its evolution. In this work, emphasis is placed on describing the influence of vegetation, aspect and altitude. Measurement was carried out in experimental catchments Zlatý Brook and Bystřice River in western part of the Ore Mountains in winters 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. To evaluate the influence of these factors on value of snow water equivalent there was used one of the methods of multivariate statistical analysis - cluster analysis. The research shows that the greatest influence on the distribution and evolution of snow water equivalent in the experimental basins has vegetation and some dependency was proved also between the points of southern exposure. The measurement results demonstrate the suitability of cluster analysis for analyzing the data of point values of snow water equivalent. On the other hand the results showed the main limits of this method, especially the need for a large number of points with different characteristics. The results of measurements and statistical analysis are compared with results published in technical literature. Keywords: snow...
Snow water content modelling in small catchments
Němečková, Klára ; Daňhelka, Jan (advisor) ; Bercha, Šimon (referee)
Title: Snow water content modelling in small catchments This work deals with modeling of amount of snow cover, snow water equivalent, respectively, on an experimental catchment in the Jizerské hory Mts. Measuring and modelling of the snow cover is an important part of water management practice from the perspective of reservoir operation and flood management. The first part of this thesis describes physical-geographical characteristics of the Jizerské hory Mts.especially from the climatological and hydrological point of view but also other charakteristics and conditions that may affect the dynamic of snow accumulation and melting are described with detailed focus on the experimental catchment of Černá Desná river - Jezdecká. Two modelling approaches were applied to simulate snow water equivalent (SWE) based on observed precipitation and temperature. Beside the well knowen SNOW17 model a simple method based on heat index was developed in this work and its parameters were calibrated based on measured timeseries of daily average air temperature, daily precipitation and observed SWE for winter periods 2001 to 2009. Both methods provided reasonably accurate estimates of SWE over the tested period, however it was found that the results for winters with extreme conditions (very warm or very cold) are less...
Effect of vegetation on snow accumulation and snow melt
Pevná, Hana ; Kocum, Jan (referee) ; Jeníček, Michal (advisor)
Effect of vegetation on snow accumulation and snow melt Abstract: This bachelor thesis analyzes the impact of physical-geographic factors on the physical properties and characteristics of the development of snow cover. Results published in the literature are compared with those obtained from experimental measurements in the upper Byst ice River basin in the Ore Mountains during the winter 2009/2010. The paper compares the evolution of snow cover for the actual land cover, forest and open areas. The research of literature and research conducted in the Ore Mountains proved that vegetation significantly affects accumulation and melting of the snow. The process of accumulation in the forest is influenced by snowfall interception in the treetops. Melting snow in a forest area slowed absorption and reflection of sunlight in the treetops. The bachelor thesis demonstrates that in the open areas the snow melted faster than in the forest growth. Keywords: snow cover, snow water equivalent, vegetation, Ore Mountains
Use of remote sensing data for snow water content determination
Špátová, Zuzana ; Spazierová, Kateřina (referee) ; Kolář, Jan (advisor)
Use of remote sensing for snow water content determination Abstract The aim of this diploma thesis is an integration of remote sensing to snow water equivalent measurement in Czech Republic conditions. The summary of present information of snow parameters retrieval is presented. For snow water equivalent obtaining, radar differential interferometry technique was chosen. The technique was carried out with seven ERS-2 radar images. The result of processing was finished after coherence images creation because of low coherence value at all interferometric pairs. The low coherence values did not enable next processing. Terms of the negative result are discussed. In the second part of the thesis, connection between snow characteristics and radar backscattering is searched. Dependence between snow moisture and backscattering is demonstrated. Factors, which impact values of backscattering and correlation with snow parameters, are discussed. In order to obtain snow water equivalent, the processing of remote sensed data was carried out for the first time in Czech Republic region. Therefore the negative result is still valuable information. Keywords: snow cover, snow water equivalent, remote sensing, radar interferometry
Monitoring of the snow cover using EIS method for possibility of determining of the snow water equivalent
Novák, Michael ; Novotná, Jitka (referee) ; Pařílková, Jana (advisor)
The master´s thesis deals with snow cover monitoring especially in area Orlické mountains. For identification changes, which are related to variable loads on snow cover of temperature, humidity and gravity, has been selected indirect electrical method of measuring electrical impedance spectrometry. This method is described in the work and the results of monitoring are published in graphical form and are commented.
Cold tolerance of mountain and lowland butterflies
VRBA, Pavel
The thesis deals with ecophysiology of overwintering larvae of two butterfly genera, Colias and Erebia. It focuses on identification of supercooling point, survival of various low temperature regimes and composition of cryoprotective substances. Results are presented in the context of distributional limits of individual species, their habitat requirements and their potential endangerment due to environmental and habitat changes.

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