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Use of artetherapy in pre-school children
This bachelor thesis deals with usage the art therapy at preschool children. Thesis is divided to theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part contains three main chapters introducing field realized in practical part. Practical part refers about art therapy with preschool children with special educational needs. In the beginning of practical part are defined thesis´s goals. Further, environment where the group took place was introduced. Information about meeting frequency, group division and structure of meeting and ethic´s aspects is defined. Attending children of art therapy group and individual meetings are briefly introduced. At the end of the theses it contains outcomes of used art therapy of preschool children, comparison of improvement in children´s art skills and description of difficulty the author has encountered.
Assessment of the "New speaking" method in the treatment of stuttering
Vlasáková, Jana ; Daďová, Klára (advisor) ; Malá, Michaela (referee)
Name: Assessment of the "New speaking" method in the treatment of stuttering Objectives: Stuttering is a serious speech disorder where the consequences can significantly handicap individuals. Except the common logopedic care, there are also different alternative methods, including group therapy with the name "New speaking". The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate the effect of this method from the perspective of two graduates. Methods: The main used method was exploratory (interview). Two subjects (female - 26 years old and male - 19 years old) participated in the case study. The interview consisted of fourteen questions. Results: Based on the analysis of the interviews it is possible to state that the "New Speech" method is working when the rules are followed. Absolvents perceive a subjectively significant improvement of speech with social and psychological consequences. Improvement in the social area can be supported by the fact that subjects are able to speak under all conditions and also that they perceive increase of job possibilities. The psychological improvement was less visible. It is suggested to work on their self-confidence and hardiness. Key words: speech disorder, stuttering, group therapy
Art therapy group for children in challenging standards of living
KRÁSOVÁ, Kateřina
This bachelor's thesis discusses the theme of the art therapy group for children, which has been taking place in the non-state nonprofit organization for seven months. It is focused mainly on the artworks of children who grow up in a challenging family environment. The main focus is on the non-standart expressions of their artwork and also on their artwork expression development itself during the artgroup therapy attendance. The theoretical part offers an essential knowledge about these areas, based on resources from Czech special literature and foreign experts studies. The practical part is interested in an analysis of the art therapy group, with focused on positive and negative factors, which can influence the group process. There are presented two study cases of children, which were members of the group. Is presented their personal and family anamnesis, their place in the group together with their artworks. Each artwork has a detailed description of its development and it is also describing the manner of the work with each artefact in group session. According to the goals set of this thesis were detected non-standart expressions of children artworks which are growing up in a challenging standards of living. Changes in childrens artworks weren´t catchable. The causes and limits of this conclusion are finally summarized in the discussion.
Proposal for group logopaedic therapy for people with Parkinson's disease
Kochová, Klára ; Durdilová, Lucie (advisor) ; Hádková, Kateřina (referee)
OF THE THESIS This Master's thesis is dedicated to providing a complete account and analysis of activities designed to tackle specific logopaedic difficulties associated with Parkinson's disease. The principal theoretical sections of this thesis are concerned with an in-depth overview of Parkinson's disease and hypokinetic dysarthia (a speech disorder associated with Parkinson's disease), the dynamics of working with a group of senior participants, the Parkinson Society, the place of logopaedic therapy in Society and of specific components of logopaedic therapy aimed at persons with Parkinson's disease. The practical section which follows then proposes and carefully outlines specific activities suitable for such therapy. Activities are classified by their objectives - areas they intend to exercise improve. Designs of two model lessons comprising a combination of the activities proposed in the preceding chapters are included in the final section of the thesis.
An Institution Helping People Being Treated with a Drug Abuse Problem in South Bohemia
The work attempts to bring closer projects whose aim is to help people returning from psychiatric institutions and therapeutic communities (having been treated for dependance) back into the community. Taking into account that such projects do not have a long history, having started in 1999 onwards, there are not many within the Czech Republic. To look into this issue I chose the Centre of Follow-up Care in České Budějovice. I portray their philosophy, aims, day-to-day operations, range of services on offer in terms of theory as well as practice. In the practical part I found out the level of satisfaction amongst the clients with the services offered, and the project as a whole. During my short stay in the project I noticed the level of openness and helpfulness showed by the workers in relation to the clients {--} offered services are carried out with a high degree of responsibility and a more than adequate degree of understanding and support which is mirrored in the answers in my questionnaire. Work is carried out with lots of commitment and clients manage to value it when assessing the offered services.

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